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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 13th 2007

Narrowly avoiding another missed flight connection, I made it onto the Cubana flight to Havana - the first Soviet airliner I've been on and also the first plane with a built-in smoke machine... As the (loudest ever) engines went into full thrust for take off, the cabin filled with cold water mist for added atmosphere... Havana is an amazing city, much of it the crumbing ruins of somewhere grand but with life going on regardless. Opulent houses with marble staircases and the remains of ornate plaster ceilings, apparently unpainted for decades. The famous 1950s American cars mixing with battered Ladas and Moskviches rattle along the pot-holed streets. Once-chic shops with huge cracked windows with nothing in them. And everywhere the hussle of people trying to sell you charlie, cigars, spliffs, girls, accommodation, restaurants. Music spills onto ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba December 12th 2007

Hello!! Sorry I haven't written anything in a little while..... But I will make a little summary of the last days in Cuba now. I will try to upload some picture's as well soon, but I've had some problems with that so it can take a little while. (I'm not responsible for any mistakes in this text, such as bad language or grammar; ) ) Last I wrote, I was on my way to Trinidad. This was a nice little city on the south coast in the middle of Cuba. I went to "casa de la musica" in this town and watched a great performance in "son" dancing by the local's and good musician's. The next day I spend on the beah with an Australian I met. After some days in Trinidad I took a bus ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba December 10th 2007

Hei og hopp! (I will try to write a summary of this in english soon.... It's from the last week and a half in Cuba) Da er det paa tide aa avslutte skriveriet om Cuba, da jeg naa setter kursen mot Cost Rica og nye opplevelser. Det er jo en liten stund siden sist jeg skrev naa, saa det kan fort bli en del. Sist jeg skrev var jeg i Santiago de Cuba. Etter noen dager her satte jeg kursen vestover igjen, med foerste stopp i Bayamo. En stille og rolig by 2-3 timer unna Santiago. Bayamo ligger i Granma Provinsen. Provinsen er forovrig oppkalt etter baaten som Castro og hans menn brukte paa turen fra Mexico til Cuba. Baaten het selvsagt Granma, og det var denne turen som ble starten paa den "endelige" revolusjonen. Det ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero December 7th 2007

Hey everyone, although the trip to Cuba ended a few days ago, I wanted to say that everything was great and launch my TravelBlog beginning there. The people of this Central American country are top notch. Although they may not have most of the material possessions that we all take for granted, most seem to achieve a level of happiness that many in the West can only dream about. If you are a cigar enthusiast (I am just budding), chances are you have already been here or will come at some point in your life. If not, then watcha smokin bud? Beautiful Country, Beautiful People. Here's to meeting great new people, and appreciating those that you already love! Cheers ... read more
Stick It To The Man!
Viva Ernesto "Che" Guevara
Cuban Taxis

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Este » Santiago de Cuba November 29th 2007

Hei alle sammen! Da har jeg funnet en pc som virker temmelig bra (i forhold alt annet jeg har vaert borti her....) saa jeg tenkte jeg skulle skrive litt igjen! Det blir litt info dere faar google videre hvis dere er interessert... dette er jo ikke noe undervisningsforum! Var i forrige uke i Vinales (som tidligere nevnt). Vinales ligger i provinsen Pinar del Rio som blir kalt "the garden of Cuba". Det er den eneste provinsen med to Unesco biosphaerer. dalen Vinales inneholder kompliserte hulesystemer, mye jordbruk og flott limestone-klatring! Provinsen inneholder ogsaa noe av den fineste tobakksproduksjonen i verden. Playa Maria la Gorda i vestenden har noe av den beste dykkingen paa Cuba, og nordkysten har noen av de beste strendene. (Rakk desverre ikke aa besoke noen av disse stedene....) Pa lordag gikk ferden til ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba November 25th 2007

Wellcome to my travelblog! In July 2005 an April 2006 I travelled through Cuba. The following pictures´ll give you an impression how amazing a Cuba trip can be. Enjoy the pictures!... read more
la habana1
la habana2

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad November 25th 2007

Hello! Then I finally found some time to write something for you! I´ve been in Cuba for one and a half week now and I´m starting to get into it. It´s not the easiest system (especially when I don´t speak any spanish) in the beginning, but after a couple of days it´s getting better. Cuba it´s a crazy place! I can´t compare it with anything I´ve seen before! It´s like being in a big museum. After 3/4 days in Habana, I took the bus a bit west to a place called Vinales. That was a nice little village, surrounded by some nice valley´s and loads of great crags! Adam, Steve... everyone: Save up some money, learn some spanish and go to Cuba for a different climbing experience. check out (or something like that) The best ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales November 20th 2007

So… after lots of false starts the Viñales adventure eventually takes place! Other adventurers joining the tenacious little English blonde: an equally tenacious German, (housemate of aforementioned blondie), suffering from a sore throat but determined not to let that stop the fun; another German who should be nicknamed “que lindo!!” for frequency of usage of said phrase, and completing the pack - the Denmarkian, único hombre who packed in such a rush he forgot toothbrush and anything warmer than a t-shirt. Viñales could be another country from Habana. Its is a small countryside town which benefits from the tourism which the natural beauty of the area attracts. Its in the Valle de Vinales, a UNESCO wolrd heritage site and a national park. Almost every house on the main street is a casa particular, yet it ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 18th 2007

Heisann! (An entry in english will follow later.... Hopefully within a couple of days) Naa er jeg i gang for alvor! Reisen over gikk forholdsvis greit bortsett fra at bagasjen min ikke kom!! (selvfoelgelig) Men naa er i alle fall den ogsaa trygt paa plass! De to foerste dagene har vaert temmelig rare. Det aa forlate alle der hjemme og naa sitte her helt (i alle fall foles det saann) alene, er jo en opplevelse i seg selv. aa vite at jeg ikke ser dere foer om 8 mnd!! Det er vel ikke saa mye aa rapportere herfra ennaa.... Har egentlig bare surret rundt i byen for aa faa litt oversikt. LItt praktisk info til slutt - Internett er ikke noen selvfoelge her paa Cuba.... - Internett er VELDIG tregt her paa Cuba.... - Internett er ... read more

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