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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas February 26th 2019

The beginning of a long waited travel. After waking up and a quick breakfast we went to Amsterdam/Schiphol airport for a long flight. Cuba is waiting for us. The check in and custom checks went quite smoothly and there were no delays. We were flying with a Tui fly Dreamliner. As most of our flights were not too long, we never experienced such a comfortable airplane as this one. The service and entertainment was excellent. 10 hours passed and we landed at Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport. The passport check was not much different than any other passport checks. We had to fill in a tourist card, which is a replacement for a visa for a stay of max 30 days. Apparently they are registering everyone who are entering Cuba. We had to take our glasses off ... read more
Varadero Beach
Classic Cars
Classic Cars

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Matanzas February 1st 2019

Day 11. Cuba. Playa Larga Thursday 31 Jan 19 33 miles of flat country. Another bright day and a look around the local souvenir market setting up on the street before we go by coach to our start point. We left a scruffy village in 42 degrees and headed out through the swamp to an oasis selling soft drinks and coffee (out of a flask) which tastes good and not like the drip coffee of Oregon. It was good to see everyone cycling today for the first time since the first day, all illnesses banished. Next stop was a museum of the ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion by the Americans of 1961 at Playa Giron. There were old tanks, trucks, guns and aircraft on display outside with large photos and narrative about the battle. Unfortunately only in ... read more
Coconut chopping .

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas February 1st 2019

Day 12 Matanzas. 1 February 2019 36 miles of flat roads today. But what a night. Awoke at 4am with severe stomach cramps which continued on and off until 7am. Here we go again. John is the same. I have never been almost all over the world and never experienced the quantity of people falling ill like this. Three more days and back to our own food and water should settle it. The riding was heading north west to Matanzas through arable country with some newish big tractors and machinery mixed in with the old. The crops were vegetables, sugar cane, grain and acres of fruit trees. Lunch was at an Eco Farm, which was the same standard of loads of vegetables, rice, beans, salad and a variety of meats. Great but much too much food ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Varadero February 17th 2018

We left Buenos Aires in the early hours of the morning and flew to Havana, via Lima, Peru. Arrival at the airport was organized chaos, as are many aspects of Cuban life; money and internet being two examples. As the world becomes a cashless society, Cuba is basically cash only and for tourists they even have their own currency, which is tied to the US dollar (even though US dollars themselves are not wecome and despised in Cuba). Sterling and Euros rule the roost here. Since the revolution the country has seen many changes. Now there is education and health care for all. However before the revolution there were trains and a decent bus service. No trains now and the buses are inconsistent and appear to run when someone feels like driving one. You see many ... read more
The ballet school, opposite hotel
The museum of the revolution
The Cretins

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Varadero December 25th 2017

Headed through the tropical tourraine with our guide Jannout and his classic 1955 Chev Belair, we crossed the highest bridge in Cuba the Mantanzas the city of many bridges. Crossed over the Rio Caminar into Veradaro. Visited market place and the beach but being a socialist country all the outside Taxis are not allowed to stay long only workers within the city limits can take you around. Even the tyrones make history visiting Al Capones Casa was rather exciting to see how the bad boys could live in luxury..Passed through yet another fishing town Canaradu full of friendly happy people. Stopped at the reef p excellent for playa de corral for diving. Visited Rio Caminomor the local favorite for swimming in the summer. Returned back through Matanza passingthe Canadian oil refinery taking crude oil from Venezuala ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas December 25th 2017

Just a relaxing day on the beach. 28 deg rolling waves and white sand.... read more
Office work
The beach memories Jibocoa
Neil on the pedal boat

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Matanzas December 25th 2017

Havana the capitol of the republic of Cuba and the largest city with a population of 2.1 million inhabitants. It spans 728 sq kms, the 4th largest in the Caribbean region. It stretches westward to southern with 3 bays. The Almendares rivers traverses the city. The city attracts millions of tourists and is very safe with a lot of history.The tunnel entering the city under the sea is 18m wide & 1800 meters long. Plaza Vieja History at stand with art fro the past, customs from past and presant. Everything you need is here including the Hemmingway bar & Hotel 100 years old. Mercado de orient spices from India from Marco Polo days. Museum of guns. No guns allowed on the street of Cuba AT ALL. Camara Ciscra hotel, Plaza de la revolutionary is the largest ... read more
Plaza Vieja
Manger in the Plaza

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas » Matanzas December 23rd 2017

Adventure to thd by of the pigs is an inlet of the gulf of Cazones on the southern coast of Cuba. By 1910 it was included in the Santa Clara province. The invasion was a failed attempt from the CIA April 1961. The invasion was defeated within three days by the cuba revolutionary Army. We left the hotel on a beautiful sunny day on coraterra centro libre highway rd running north to south. Plentiful farmland of lush crops, oranges, corn, bannanas, onion, yuka,beans, sugar cane, guava, lemons, peanuts, coffee, beef, dairy, pigs, chicken, and egg farms. Also soap factories, bio medical labs for human and animals medicine development. The town of Cornia was an army training center every male after graduation must take 2 years in the army. Drove through Colesel, Isabel, and San Marco's and ... read more
Senote at Cazones

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Matanzas June 8th 2016

Here we are in Playa Larga, Matanzas, Cuba and all is well. In fact all is great. We spent 2 nights in Havana and since then have so far put in about 200km on our bikes. This will not be a long post and sadly it may be one of the only and even worse, there may be no photos documenting this trip. It turns out our phones don't really like the humid, rainy tropics, so yeah, neither device is working and those were the only cameras we brought. To make things more complicated, for this purpose, access to leisure goods (like cameras) is quite limited here, so no photos past Havana. Immediate thoughts: -people are amazing here and the lifestyle simple -somehow all 200km so far have been flat or slightly up hill and against ... read more

Ola, We woke up early and jumped on the Viazul to Varadero, taking in the beautiful scenery of the Bahia de los Cochinos once again. Once in Varadero, we went to our Casa Particular, Beny's House, and checked-in. The place was nice, but it felt much less like a home than any other place we had stayed so far in Cuba. We then decided to go out and explore the town. There is very little to see in Varadero. The town is very ugly and seems to exist solely to sell generic souvenirs to unsuspecting tourists who escape their minimum security prisons... I mean all-inclusive resorts. However, we did find a good restaurant for lunch that served us an excellent meal, complete with the forbidden ingredient that is salt. Afterwards, we headed out to the incredible ... read more
Sunset in Varadero

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