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December 25th 2017
Published: December 26th 2017
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Havana the capitol of the republic of Cuba and the largest city with a population of 2.1 million inhabitants. It spans 728 sq kms, the 4th largest in the Caribbean region. It stretches westward to southern with 3 bays. The Almendares rivers traverses the city. The city attracts millions of tourists and is very safe with a lot of history.The tunnel entering the city under the sea is 18m wide & 1800 meters long.

Plaza Vieja History at stand with art fro the past, customs from past and presant. Everything you need is here including the Hemmingway bar & Hotel 100 years old. Mercado de orient spices from India from Marco Polo days.

Museum of guns. No guns allowed on the street of Cuba AT ALL.

Camara Ciscra hotel, Plaza de la revolutionary is the largest 72000 meters cuadros. Monument for Jose Marti.

The monnk Hostil a beautiful building once a hostil for the monks, now a quality hotel.

Square of San francisco immediately inland of Havana Harbour Plaza de Sanfrancisco laid out in the 17th century. The spacious cobbled square which was restored in the 1990's takes it's name from the Franciscan convent built there. Formerly a small inlet directly to the bay. In 1575 the land was drained. From the start it was a place holding galleons of water dis charged to unload millions of slaves.

The Castle was fairly small , each room has cains and arour. Castillo dela. Real Fulerza along with La Cabana on the east side of the harbour were constructed from corral limestone which was abundant in the area.

Travelling now through the new city past the spanish embassy, central park and the Opera house of 1928. Alongg Queens ave, the Botanic gardens, the univercity and the Parliment buildings (Revolution square). Now on Presidents ave passing the USA Embassy & Hotel National. Melecon avenue all around the water front, past the main Army base ending up at the famous Jesus square, Christ off Havana is a large sculpture representing jesus of Nazarath on the hill top of La Cabana overlooking the bay of cuba. It is the work of a Cuban sculpture Jilma Madero who won the commision for it in 1953. The statue is 20 meters tall and weighs 320 tons.

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The main churchThe main church
The main church

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