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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 21st 2005

Again, beautiful and magical if you stay out of the tourist traps. The people are so wonderful!... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 18th 2005

45 days and counting! This group will leave the frozen upper plains for Costa Rica on March 5. This travel blog is a place to introduce yourself to the group, post packing and travel tips and share your thoughts as our departure approaches. Once we depart, it will serve as a place for family and friends to follow our adventures, see pictures of the group and post their own greetings. I look forward to traveling with each of you, Kristin ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 16th 2005

16.01.2005 - Continue only with toothbrush and camera? Costa Rica Yesterday, after 14 days, again, I ended up on the road. I felt like it were my first day of travel. With the difference, that I had much less luggage on me. The night dawned on earth and I was alone, without knowing where will I sleep, where will I eat and even where am I going. I stood on the road junction in Escazu in Costa Rica and I couldn't feel like on my adventure again, as part of the world, with trust and freedom. I stared at the road and hundreds of cars passing by without paying attention to me and I started feeling cold and hunger. I started doubting that God will take care for me, when I trust him. Maybe everything is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica January 14th 2005

In January 2005 myself and my 2 friends Gerry and Scott made a trip down to Costa Rica. First time in Central America and we all enjoyed it immensely. Originally we had an ambitious plan to see Lago Arenal and Volcan Arenal before heading to Samara, Malpais and Montezuma for a few days and then finishing up in Santa Elena and Montezuma. However, after we made it to Mystica Resort (very nice place but not really a resort) on Lago Arenal on our first evening in Costa Rica, we found out that there had been a land slide that was blocking the road to La Fortuna so we elected to head for Samara the next day. Our plans to see Malpais and Montezuma soon fizzled after we arrived in Samara. Things were so nice and laid ... read more
Costa Rica2
Costa Rica3
Costa Rica4

Sorry Guys it seems that some ppl are still having troubles getting here or would rather have e'mails. So I guesss I will go with that! ... read more

Hey! OMG I can't believe that I'm leaving in less than 24hrs! My bags are all packed, come on it's me, they have been packed for 3 days. I'm so worried about carring them though. I managed to fit everything into one big hiking backpack, but I think it weights as much as I do! Then I have a carry on and a purse. Wish me luck. The worst thing about traveling is having to say good-bye. I am horrible at good-byes. I had to say bye to baby lexi this morning and it was so hard! At least she is comming to visit me in 2 months! But still, I will miss her starting to walk and talk! Still I'm so excited! ... read more

03.01.2005 - Sun burnt and drunk from happiness... San Jose, Costa Rica I believe I am ready. After 5 months and 12 days of traveling, I believe I am finally ready. I don't remember ever being sun burnt in January. I spent the New Year's Eve on the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica. It was the first night that I spent outside (apart from Camino in Spain). I wanted to be alone. I wanted to get away from the World for one night, eating mangos and grapes and observing the waves as they gently reach the shore. I found a small bonfire, sat there and watch the fireworks and all the drunken people, situated on the beach. Soon people started gathering around me and started asking me what's wrong. 'Nothing. I'm fine. I'm very fine." Obviously ... read more

The comforting thing about the timidity I had about traveling solo is running into people who are even more clueless than I am. I don't know how many people I met that didn't speak a lick of Spanish or who had never even made it out of the country before starting out on a 6 month journey...I felt quite reassured that I need NOT be so concerned. Anyway, yes, I actually did make it to San Jose alive after a very long layover and customs line. Once arrived I searched for someone resembling a backpacker type to try to split a cab to the center of town. I lucked out and found some girl staying at another hostel and we thought the cab driver said that I would have to pay the full amount anyway, but ... read more
Surfer Ticos taking a break
Towards Manzanillo
Can this place possibly get more spectacular?

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » San José December 24th 2004

Saturday 11 December Saturday we started to make our way down to Los Angeles. The weather beautiful and we truelly enjoyed the sights. A magical place is the city of Monterey, the author John Steinbecks home town. Set right along the coast line, and has lately become a haven for rich retired people (se photo) So has Pebbles beach, and it is not hard to understand why... In tine for sunset we reached Restaurant Nepenthe, Johns favorite along Highway 1, and sure it lived up to John's description. We drank a wine from the Pablo Robles wine region,so delisiouc it made us change our planes for the following day. Sunday 12 December Next day we headed for the Pablo Robles wine yards, this time our expectations was exceeded. After having visited six different wineries this is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica December 20th 2004

Here are some photos from an amazing semester in Costa Rica. I lived with the best host family in the world who was patient enough to teach me spanish from day one when the only word i knew was" Gracias".... read more
Bribri Shaman
Saturday Market in Heredia, Costa Rica
Amigo Mono doing yoga

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