Published: May 23rd 2005
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Hello fellow fans of Costa Rica!

Yes, I am still here in Washington, DC just aching to get the heck out of here! Only 12 days until I leave for Costa Rica and start running my Bed & Breakfast!

I've packing, made my lists of things to finish (and checkin' it twice!). Now all I have to do is sell my truck, close on my house here--Wednesday--yea!!!--and I'm done! Oh, I have to pack my bags too!

So, what will happen when I arrive in Costa Rica on June 4 you ask? Not much at all! I close on the B&B on June 6 so I will spend the weekend just relaxing and sitting in one of the hammocks. Oh, my partner in crime Beth and I will need to decide who will get which room because we will live in the B&B along with our guests for several months. I've offered her the master bedroom, yes I am the gentleman, if she likes it. I know the room that I want but it may be too nice and I'll have to use it for guests. The guests do pay the bills!

After we close on the B&B and it's officially ours, we'll take a week to chill and make our plans for some renovations, a web site, marketing, new business partnerships and so on and so forth. It'll be busy but will be in great shape for the upcoming high season I think. We'll have to do a marketing blitz to make sure we get maximum revenue during that time--so we can pay our staff and vendors, etc!

That's all for now!

Pura Vida!



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