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Saturday the 16th of October was World Food Day and in Carpio it was celebrated with an event called Eat So They Can - which I keep mistakenly referring to as 'You Are What You Eat' which is both wrong and wildly inappropriate considering what we are doing there. Eat So They Can was an event organised primarily by two people, one volunteer called Jamie who attends Carpio in the same way I do every day and the other, a lady called Hazel who works for the company we are all here with. The basic idea was for it to be a massive soup kitchen feeding somewhere upwards of one hundred and fifty children (as opposed to our normal weekly one which is attended by about sixty). As well as the food, the plan was that ... read more
A sack race that got a little competitive
An orderly queue forms for the food

Last Friday night, about half 7, while I was sitting on my bed minding my own business the earth started to move. As I understand it there are several things that can bring this about, being in love, being drunk, standing up too quickly and beating Manchester United on penalties at Wembley, to name just a few. This was none of those, however. This was an earthquake, and quite a big one at that. I will assume that most people reading this have never been in one so I'll do my best to explain how it feels. Initially, being the quick witted cat that I am, I had no idea what was going on. I heard a loud noise that I assumed was thunder and then became aware that I was rocking slightly from side to ... read more

Four weeks in and San Jose feels like a totally different city to the one I arrived in on the 12th September. In the last few weeks we've visited a few of the markets, the Teatro Nacional, a few bars in the city centre, (I still haven't got the hang of this idea of 'downtown'. I don't know if downtown is a place like an actual area of a city, or if it's more of general thing like 'down the road' or 'over there'. Can you ever actually be 'downtown' or is more of a fluid concept than that?) a brilliant cafe/cake shop and various other places around here that so that now I feel like I know it a bit more and it feels a bit more like home. One of things that scared me ... read more
Teatro Nacional

Hello everybody. First blog entry and I'm already about two weeks late with it, promising start, eh? The plan was to start this about after a week of being here (I'm now in my fourth week) but a combination of many power cuts (we haven't had any water in the house for two days due to a big storm), disorganisation on my part and basic laziness, there will be three posts going up within a day or so of each other. Being English, I guess the first place to start is with the weather here in San Jose. I have been leaving the house at about 8 everyday when it is usually sunny with a few clouds. These clouds increase in number and density through until about 2oclock when it goes incredibly dark, there is a ... read more

Howdy. As I mentioned last time, Carpio is the name of the town we work in. It is the rubbish dump for the city of San Jose and also has 35,000 people living there. It apparently started with several thousand Nicaraguan refugees from various conflicts across the border and has grown from there. It is a huge settlement of row after row of corrugated iron shacks that there is no way to get an idea of the scale of without walking round it, which is not-advisable given that we need an escort from the bus stop through to the centre and back again simply because it isn't safe for us to be there alone. Our escort is the Pastor who runs the centre that we are based at. One thing that is striking about all of ... read more
The view from the top
Manuel the photographer
A couple of Carpio chickens

A brisk five hour coach journey South East from San Jose is the town of Puerto Viejo. It is on the Caribbean coast and we timed our visit to coincide with the arrival of Hurricane Billy (something like that anyway) a little bit up the coast, meaning the weather probably wasn't at it's best but the waves were massive! I don't say that in any kind of cool surfer dude "The waves were unreal, man. I was boarding all weekend" way, but in a more childish voice - "I want to spend so much time getting knocked off my feet by these things that I can taste nothing but salt for the rest of the day." And that's exactly what happened. I grew up five minutes from Crosby beach near Liverpool so I see myself as ... read more

So I decided this time REALLY to say fuck it, all the shit that is going on with the states...I'M DONE!! Bought My plane ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica where I will chill out for 3 months and gear up for Nicaragua,Panama,Colombia,Venezuela,Ecuador,Peru,Bolivia and Chile...MY DREAM IS TO TRAVEL AND SEE OTHER PLACES/PEOPLE/CULTURES AND FOOD! I am not traveling around Costa Rica as the prices to do anything worthwhile can be done in other countries for half the price! I will post some pics of the friends I meet here though... STAY TUNED!!... read more

Oh my god i'm tired. I went out with a few new friends to some bars last night. First to a local place with live music and i fell in love with a forty year old costa rican man named manuel. He spoke very little english hhaha. He gave us these crazy blue shots that you light on fire and drink through a straw. And to think i wasn;t planing on getting drunk... hahaha We also had LOTS of shots of the costa rican liquor guaro, it tastes like vodka but watered down and the after burn was different. We had a great time, got home after 3, had trouble finding my way to my family stay house because streets have no names here haha. seriously. the addresses will say the color of the house and ... read more

San Jose has really been quite amazing! I can't believe we only have 5 days left! Yesterday we went to a 5 star resort with hot springs (absolutely free...amazing). It was so lovely and relaxing! Its unfortunate that it was so cloudy though because we couldn't see the volcano. The nice thing about the rain was that it made the hot hot hot water tolerable! It was really amazing and very romantic (too bad I didn't have anyone there)! Now I am working on my final composition and presentation for spanish as well as on my independent research proposal (ready for it to be done!) I am also working out courses for next semester. Busy busy busy!... read more

So this weekend was amazing! We went on a rafting trip to Pacuari on the Caribbean side on saturday. Max class IV, it was nice and relaxing. There were so many beautiful views and waterfalls! I got lots of comments like "Rastafari!" and "Rasta, rasta!"....always fun. Anyways, afterward five of us decided that we wanted to take an impromptu trip to Cahuita for the night and next day, so our bus driver dropped us off about 300 meters from a bus stop and we jumped on the next bus to Puerto Limon. That city, by the way, is really gross and the pollution is absolutely horrendous, probably because it is a a major port city. After we arrived we walked another couple hundred meters and jumped on a bus to Cahuita. We got to Cahuita after ... read more
Anthony and Miho
Kayla and Gabe
La playa Cahuita

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