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Hola! Well, after about three weeks it’s time to say adios to La Selva Biological Station. Time went be really fast here. And in spite of being here for such a long time, I feel like I didn’t get to explore enough. Maybe that’s because it’s the second largest field station in the world. Or maybe it’s because we had a lot of school work to do here – it may have monopolized our time more than I realized. If I got the chance I would definitely come back here. Apparently, yesterday, a regular researcher here saw a mountain lion! She was conducting her research really early in the morning like 4:30, when she came across it on one of the trails. She was by herself and it was dark – yikes! She had to walk ... read more
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Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » San José » San Pedro September 20th 2012

Hola Amigos and Amigettes! I reckon I've been rather busy with classes, friends, spanish and being in another country. I think my last update was about the earthquake which seems to have passed a million years ago. Last Saturday was La Dia De La Independencia, Costa Rica's Independence Day. Four friends and I headed out around noon to see what cultural spins were in store for us. Here, they celebrate Independence Day for about a full month. Flags go up and they shoot off fire works nightly. We sauntered through the streets until we found a Costa Rican marching band going ham. These guys were no joke. Eventually, we took a taxi into San José, which I expected to be the epicenter of cultural exhibition and parties. I guess we missed the boat because everything was ... read more
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Maybe on the MOON! Costa Rica doesn’t have street names or numbers. EN SERIO! The address would be something like this: From that tree that was there 15 yrs ago, head north about 100 meters to the white house with black little dog. From there turn left and walk south-east 200 meters until you see a Pharmacy. My house is the pink one with white columns. Early in the morning after having a cup of delicious Costarican coffee and a plate of gallopinto (rice and beans) I went for a short walk. Good thing I remembered that I passed a random green house and our house had white flowers in front. If not I would be still walking in the neighborhood of San Jose until someone would ask if I were lost. And even then I ... read more
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So here we are at 4am at the Portland airport with two huge backpacks ready to depart. It was a pretty nice smooth flight until we started the boarding in Houston. Everyone was required to check their boarding pass and passport to make sure they were legit. Apparently, and from my previous experiences in flying to Madrid and London in 2009, I was not legit enough to fly to Costa Rica. I was so excited about my one-way ticket and what a good deal I got back in April that it didn’t cross my mind that ticos might question my willingness to leave their country. As it appeared, that I had to have a return ticket back home. And I learned that at 5:47pm, 12 minutes before the take-off. What could I do? Not ... read more

Here are some pictures from the first day... read more

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been fooled more than once by a day that starts out gorgeous and sunny, only to experience a downpour in the afternoon. After being caught in the rain a few too many times, we now carry our raincoats everywhere. These, and our waterproof hiking shoes, have proven to be our best purchases for the trip so far, especially since we will be spending the next week in an even wetter area of Costa Rica - Monteverde! After 3 weeks of teaching we decided to try something different for our last week of volunteering, so we will be living and working on a coffee farm just outside of Monteverde all next week. We leave tomorrow morning bright and early so that we can enjoy the weekend there as tourists ... read more
Last Day of School

Finally some photos! These pics don't have a whole lot of relevance to this blog post, but they give you a little taste of what we've been up to - enjoy! Rio Azul - November 8th Yesterday we woke bright and early (before 5:30!) in order to make it to our school by 7am. Escuela Francisco Gamboa is in a poorer area called Rio Azul (blue river), and we take 3 different buses to get there and it takes about an hour. The bus system here is good, but there is no such thing as transfers! We arrived only a few minutes late (had to wait for 2 of the busses) but it wasn't a problem - Costa Ricans are (we're told) notorious for their tardiness! We met Gabriella (Gabby) the English teacher and introduced ourselves ... read more
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This is a long one! Much has happened in 2 short days and it already feels like we've been here forever (yet at the same time there is still much to get used to). Our flight from YYZ to SJO was good and relatively uneventful. We watched 2 movies - Bad Teacher (not great) and Friends with Benefits (pretty cute). It's funny... throughout our time in transit it still felt like we were in Canada. We proceeded through customs and immigration without issue, and even collecting our bags at the carousel felt familiar. When we stepped out of the terminal however, we finally started to feel like we were someplace new. It was a bright and sunny 20-ish °C - quite different from the 0°C weather we had left a few short hours before! We were ... read more

Här kommer bilder från San José och utflykter därifrån, en till en nationalpark på den karibiska sidan av den centrala bergskedjan, och en annan till nationalparken vid vulkan Barva rakt norr om.... read more
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"Korall"-giftorm Micrurus spp.

Hej, idag börjar bloggen om från Costa Rica. Jag kom hit för ett tag sedan nu, nästan 2 veckor, och det har hänt en hel del sedan dess, men det är många dagar då kameran glömts. Första helgen gick jag ner till centrum från San Pedro där universitetet ligger. Stadskärnan i San José var inte så märklig, ett perfekt rutnät där gatorna som går norr-syd heter avenue 1,2,3,4 osv och de som går öst-väst calle 1,2,3,4 osv. Det fanns knappt några fina hus kvar från tidigare, men det var ett mycket intensivt folkliv speciellt kring marknaden. Jag gick och vaccinerade mig mot gula febern och på nationalmuseet. Museet var från början ett fort, i vilket armén avskaffades 1948 efter att presidenten slagit ner ett av bröstvärnen med en slägga och hållit ett tal vilket därefter ristats ... read more

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