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Today I woke up some ridiculous time like 6:30 am. I spent the first half of the day wandering around San Jose. It was much better than I remembered, and expected (no dead guys this time). The downtown is very walkable (except that I was breaking in my new shoes and have blisters). There are several portions of streets that cars cannot drive on. At least two open markets. Of course there were the usual areas that smell like pee. There was not tons of trash. I saw an area for recycling too! The hostel isn´t in nearly as an accessible area as it was made out to be, but it is walking distance. My favorite meal of the day was a fried plantain with grated queso fresco (a type of fresh cheese) in sprinkled on ... read more

Ana was nice enough to bring me to the airport at 7 am. When I reached the front of the check in line the woman asked about how I was leaving the country, since I had no return ticket...oops. She left me at the desk to while she spoke to her supervisor Needless to say this FREAKED ME OUT. I told her I had reservations on my computer (not true), so she let me proceed. The flight from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale was not full, no problems. The flight to San Jose was jammed packed. Since Spirit Air is super cheap no bevererages or anything is free. The flight was mostly white Ameicans. None of the flight crew spoke Spanish. Everyone could have been from Sarasota (slightly dissapointing). I took the cheaper option and found a ... read more

We have been in Costa Rica for four days now, and i have to say... its amazing. The first night was spent in a brilliant little hostel in San Jose called Hostel Bekuo. It was much cheaper than the one in New York, but so much nicer. Double beds, nice shower, clean floors! It was brilliant. The following morning we chatted to some other backpackers over a breakfast of pineapple and pancakes and mused over where we should head off too. We were recommended a town called Manuel Antonio which is said to have great beaches and jungles so we headed to the San Jose bus terminal ´Coca Cola´ in the midday sun with our big backpacks weighing us down. We stood out in the crowds of Costa Ricans, all with brown skin and jeans on, ... read more

hiya again, i´m writing this from a very nice hostel in san jose where ty arrived yesterday after lots of delays flying out of the us. had a lovely weekend with two women from my language school in manuel antonio which is on the coast. lovely weather and beautiful beach. the director of our school sorted us out with an amazing hotel really cheaply so it was lovely to have a night in luxury! We´re currently staying in san jose waiting for the iron maiden concert which is this evening. some others from our hostel are heading there too so we´ll go together. after that we´re gonna get out of san jose asap as its really not very nice! after seeing my manuel antonio pictures tys keen to go so that might be our first destination. ... read more

trying to post some pics and videos lets see if it works... read more
San Jose
san jose

recap can´t remember everything... ended up spending an extra night on the carribean coast, biked 30 k with a new friend went to an odd dance club where only women are allowed b4 12am and the liquor is free tried to get to volcan arenal in la fortuna today but my bus to san jose took twice the time and i missed the next one so i´m stuck here for the night a few notes about costa rica gorgeous beautiful place, very clean with hardly any bugs, friendly people and not too dangerous. however if your backpacking don´t expect clean clothes... ever... if u do laundry it takes more than 2 days to dry. if you have clean clothes they magically become wet and start to smell. good points. coconuts are edible. with a handy night ... read more

Helloooo!! So finally the adventure has begun. Yesterday departed Toronto, leaving the loved ones was harder than I thought. You bloody little buggers you. As the plane descended into San Jose and I saw the sporadic city structure, I began to think... what the hell am i doing? after customs bla bla i actually feared exiting the airport, where was my interbus?? nobody knew. just had to face a crowd of eager taxi drivers, all your best friend. one offered me his cell phone to call the company which i did. no answer. than when i mentioned interbus he said oh interbus this way. leading me down the drive way.... but luckily in few moments i saw a kid with a sign with my name and interbus. ok paranoia for no reason perhaps.. senor hill took ... read more

back at hostel bekuo. last night jenna and i attempted to drive up the volcano but were unsuccessful due to a flat rear tire. this morning we left arenal backpackers to head back down to san jose. now here, i am preparing for my return flight while jenna attempts to change her's so that she can stay another week. costa rica is a wonderful place. the people are very friendly and you feel a sense of community when you are here. they really go the extra mile for the visitors here during tours by adding more than you thought you had paid for. all the little surprises are a joy and cause you to fall in love with the country. i would love to come back here and visit some of the same places but add ... read more

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