Costa Rica - San Jose and Manuel Antonio

Published: March 14th 2009
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We have been in Costa Rica for four days now, and i have to say... its amazing.

The first night was spent in a brilliant little hostel in San Jose called Hostel Bekuo. It was much cheaper than the one in New York, but so much nicer. Double beds, nice shower, clean floors! It was brilliant.
The following morning we chatted to some other backpackers over a breakfast of pineapple and pancakes and mused over where we should head off too.

We were recommended a town called Manuel Antonio which is said to have great beaches and jungles so we headed to the San Jose bus terminal ´Coca Cola´ in the midday sun with our big backpacks weighing us down. We stood out in the crowds of Costa Ricans, all with brown skin and jeans on, as we were as white as very white sheets with typical tourist attire, but ah well!

The wait for the bus was pretty horrible, neither of us felt well and the heat was intense. The bus ride was 4 hours too Manuel Antonio, and there was no air conditioning. But at 6,000 Colones, roughly $6 it was a better choice than a taxi driver who kindly offered us the ride for a mere $130 special price just for us!!

We arrived at night, and after a stroll, a bite to eat, and a meeting and chat with a few costa ricans, we went to sleep in our very cheap hostel / someones spare room in his house.

The best way to describe Manuel Antonio is that it is THE tropical beach paradise. The white beaches are covered in either hermet crabs or surfers, and the adjacent jungles are bustling with monkeys or birds. Iguanas stalk over the hot sands towards the sea, and the waves crash against the beach impressivly. Cold beers are never too far away either. Its brilliant here!! Honestly I recommend this place to anybody who is thinking of coming to Costa Rica, because its the best place I have ever been too by some way!

We are moving onto Monteverde tomorrow to more jungles and a few volcanoes. We´re hoping to meet a friend of a friends here too, and see if she can show us some of the more local aspects of this beautiful country.

We have decided to give Venezuela a miss as Costa Rica is too good to stay for just seven days.

This has been a long blog so if you have read the whole thing... thank you!

Over and out amigos!

Pura Vida


14th March 2009

have you seen and costa rican prostitutes yet... cleeeek... today i watched a football match, liverpool won 4-1.
16th March 2009

haha i love how dom is telling you of his exciting adventures as well

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