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I am working 10 month a year on a cruise ship sailing around the world the other two month I am on vacation, usually exploring the world in a little more depth. While I usually visit the family in Germany for a few weeks, I also tend tp pick a random country every year to volunteer in. This summer I spend a month in a small village on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Matapalo is a small village in between Quepos and Dominical, right on the ocean. Here I stayed a local house with about 20 other volunteers. The accommodation was fairly simply, but cozy. We had small rooms to share, with outdoor showers and an outdoor kitchen, were local meals were prepared by the staff. The house was surrounded by coconuts and mango trees ... read more
Just a sloth chilling in a tree
Jungle views
Costa Rica sunset

From Manuel Antonio, moved up north on the coast to Tarcoles. Didn't stay in the village itself, but rather in a jungle village along the Tarcolitos river. This place is splendid: little units among big trees covered in Ferns and other plants; the Tarcolitos river with its cool river from the mountains; very nice gardens and more. During the trip I was at the end of the rainy season. Some people told me that rainy season lasted longer this year and that interfered with some of animal behavior. Started in Osa peninsula, I really thought that it would be a good time for frogs...but no!! They were very hard to find. You know, reptiles and amphibians are my favorite animals, so I was a bit disappointed But this changed in Tarcoles, especially in the jungle village. ... read more
cute red eye frog
villa lapas

It's one of the classics of Costa Rica tourism: along with la Fortuna/Arenal and Monteverde, there's Manuel Antonio. It's the smallest national park, and it's very beautiful with forest, mangroves, beaches, islets and fauna. The road from Quepos (5km as crows fly), is filled with hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of activities, (zip lining, atv locations, horse riding, etc...). On the way, many wonderful views of little bays surrounded by greenery. Our hotel, was the last one before the park. We arrived on a Saturday, so the beach in front, (Espadilla), was full of tourist and locals. The day after, we visited the park. You need to reserve your ticket in advance online, to make sure you can enter as there's a maximum number of persons allowed per day. The park, is very well maintained. If ... read more
Pair of parrots
Little dinosaur

Central America Caribbean » Costa Rica » Puntarenas » Uvita December 6th 2022

We arrived in Uvita. I visited that region 16 years ago. The village is much more developed than before, especially the new richer part. Land is being sold mainly to strangers all over the place. You can see signs about it all along the main road. Talked with a local about it. People from richer countries can afford to buy a very small piece of land for 50 000-100 000$ US dollars. But with more pieces of properties being sold to strangers, and big houses being constructed, the cost of living rise accordingly in the region, and some locals can't afford to live there anymore. That's a reality that can be seen all over the world. On one side, a quiet little paradise is hard to access to, with almost no infrastructure, but real cheap prices ... read more
View from the tombolo

The boat arrive to Drake Bay. No dock, so you need to walk barefoot in the sea to reach the coast. This adds to the experience. :-) Drake Bay village is not compact as many little hills and ravines are interspersed all over the place. Our transport brought us inland in Los Planes little village, close to one of corcovado's entrance. We rented a small hut, directly beside the forest. Gardens are splendid and full of birds!! I also saw tapir's tracks near my hut. They sometimes come in the night to graze on some of the plants garden's. One thing I noticed is the abundance of big birds like toucans and macaws which you can see and hear all day. I got good shots of toucans. For the macaws, it's a bit different: they are ... read more
female tapir and young
spider monkey

After 2 years, the covid pandemic was slowing down. Here in Canada, with the start of school year, and the weather getting colder, cases are on the rise. Good news is that the severity of cases is rarely severe, especially if vaccinated. We then, decided to travel abroad, but not too far at this point, avoiding connection flights. From where I live, I checked the direct flights. Decision was made to return to Costa Rica, my little paradise, and concentrate on South Pacific Coast, a section of the country I visited very briefly, 16 years ago. I especially wanted to visit Osa peninsula and Corcovado national park. In this park, many rarer animals, can be seen. I stayed 6 days on Osa peninsula and wasn't deceived, but more on that later. :-) Next stops, would be ... read more
Street in San Jose near the bus terminal
Cute frog near my hotel window in sierpe
Heron just beside my bathroom window

Le 11 août 2022, Ce matin, nous nous octroyons le luxe d'une grasse matinée. C'est qu'on a eu droit à une pluie torentielle toute la nuit, avec de violents orages. Moi et les filles n'avons eu connaissance de rien, mais Carl a passé la nuit à sortir sur le balcon afin de vérifier que les filles se portaient bien... C'est que nos chambres sont uniquement reliées par une galerie extérieure, alors difficile de savoir si tout se passe bien, à moins d'hurler dans les salles-de-bain qui se partagent un mur commun... Il mouillasse encore au matin, alors on en profite pour se baigner un peu pendant le déjeuner. Vers 9:30, le ciel s'éclaicit enfin, nous nous dirigeons alors vers la Playa Linda- belle plage- en espagnol. Sur le chemin, à quelques mètres à peine de la ... read more
Une merveille du Pacifique
Singe capucin

Le 8 août 2022, Enfin, c'est le jour du départ! Un voyage tellement attendu après ces dures années de pandémie! Mais c'est néanmoins un drôle de départ. La situation est totalement cahotique depuis quelques semaines dans les aéroports: annulations multiples, délais interminables à la sécurité, bagages perdus, etc. Ce qui nous a amené à partir avec seulement des bagages à main... Et oui, c'est possible même en famille: 4 petites valises, 1 sac-à-dos, 3 petits sac pour enfants et la sacoche de maman. Et oui, on est pas mal champions! Aussi, j'ai fait quelques changements à nos plans de vols initiaux pour rallonger notre temps d'escale à Toronto, le tout en devançant de quelques heures notre vol initial. Afin de jouer sécuritaire et d'être vraiment, vraiment, vraiment en avance, nous dormons à l'aéroport la veille de ... read more
Enfin, #3 dort!
Fier bolide!

This day was another beach day – in order for Lauren and Daniel to have their surfing lessons at last at noon. It wasn’t very sunny in the morning but it was still lovely and warm and the ocean is amazingly warm. No one lost glasses or hats or goggles today, but the waves sure were high! We had stopped beforehand at the supermarket and for lunch we had a very typical Costa Rican sandwich of white bread, cheese, and a spread of refried beans. To me it tasted a bit like braunsweiger. It hit the spot. The kids did really well in their 2 hour lesson, which took place in the last 3’ of water. Just like yesterday, the shelf of the beach went on forever, very sandy, and we never felt a drop off. ... read more
fun in pool 2
fun in pool
Golden-naped woodpecker

We got to sleep in until later this morning, but the HOWLER MONKEYS right outside the house woke up many of us. We left the house at 7:30 in order to get the kids to their surfing lesson, but then we couldn’t find the location, and the company did not answer their mobile, so we just spent the morning enjoying the beach in the national park called “Parque nacionale Bellena” – the whales tail. One of the photos will show you the whales tail from our house before it is visible at low tide. Then the center and the tail show up. The center is completely fine brown sand, and the tail flukes are rocks. David and Jean brought their goggles and snorkels (no fins) and tried to snorkel, which was supposed to be on the ... read more
Breakfast yesterday
Delicious pizza
Great beach 2

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