Photos from Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Central America Caribbean

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Land crabs
Costa Rica is just beautiful
Owl Butterfly Caterpillar
Dutchman's Pipe
Lost Bobbie!
Cocos is all about....sharks...and a lot of Hammerhead ones...
That female tiger shark has killed a diver in November 2017!
howler monkey - the sound of horror
so simply perfect
osa Peninsula and Lapa Rios - Heaven is found
A Macaw.. so hard to catch:)
a room with a view
iguana's hangin around
dead palm trees
women walking across street
scorpion on a tree
Quepos, CR
Quepos, CR
superman ziplining (video clip inside)
The Eyelash Viper
The Hanging Bridges of Rainmaker 9
Hotel Costa Verde 1
A Capuchin Monkey From Our Balcony
A Squirrel Monkey
Fruit Market on Road to Uvita
Bob's Favorite Spot
Please take my photo!
Just chilling out
Mandibled Toucan
Love love love.
Have you got my best side?
Monteverde National Park
Red-eyed tree frog
Capuchin looking for food to steal
Look out for crocodiles!
Spot the sloth
Agouti in the undergrowth
Pura vida
Three would be bungee jumpers trying to hide their nerves!!
Zip-lining through the canopy
Anteater - looks like he'd had a tough day!!
Yellow bellied snake
"The hole tree"
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