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Buenos Noches...My name is Terrance Bradley Merrell and about 3 months ago I decided that pensacola Florida was getting to me and booked a flight to what I now know as my escape. Simply put I never expected what I have seen in the 3 days that I have been here. Day 1 I arrived in San Jose, CR..really alajuela but close enough. I was greeted by my shuttle I arranged to take me to hostel Pangea(crazy place). On the way there I feared for my life as the driver wizzed in and out of cars, pedestrians and motocicletas on a what is suppose to be a 1 lane road turned into 2 lanes. Not to mention windy, bumby and in desperate need of some TLC. After arriving there we were let into this gate that ... read more

Hola, Here it is, our next travelblog again from a different location. This time we have spent some time in the best National Park of Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio. This relatively small park has everything you can imagine: green forrest, nice trails, the ocean and loads of wildlife. While going through these pics keep in mind that this is not a zoo or whatsoever. Everything we have seen here is in the wild and you had to look for it carefully to spot. We don't want to make you guys jealous but this was amazing. We were staying at Villa Kristina which was a very nice apartment in the middle of paradise I would say. Including an infinity pool in the jungle, viewing squirl monkeys and loads of birds, and a neat realxing area with hammocks ... read more
On the road
Roadtrip view
Road viewpoint

The blogging spirit has left me, I'm sad to say! :) We wore ourselves out yesterday and while it was awesome, recovery time was necessary. Here's our day, just a bit delayed. We got up in Quepos, had breakfast and caught the bus to Manuel Antonio National Park. It's $10 for foreigners (and like $3 for Costa Rican which I think is brilliant! A way to get locals to use the park (make it affordable) and have tourists take on some of the costs of conservation.) and you could follow a guide around if you wanted. Rachel and I opted to go it alone. What followed was a three hour nature hike on the muggiest day we've spent here. Not complaining, just saying. In the photos where I'm near water, it's safe to assume I was ... read more
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

So remember last week when I told you that we went on a long hike to look for waterfalls that didn't exist? Well yesterday there were waterfalls everywhere; on the streets, all the gutters, on the stairs, on the hills.... We had thunderstorms the 2 nights before but didn't think much of it. During the day yesterday it kept sprinkling but nothing happened so we knew we were in for it. It started pouring really really hard and then all the sudden the thunder started going crazy- or so I thought. For probably 10-15 seconds we had an earthquake! I was in a classroom with my teacher and a student waiting for a class to start. All the sudden, it got really loud, the trees went crazy, the windows shook, the building shook, and outside the ... read more

So this weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday we went out to Bambu Jam to see live music and just get away from the school. It was a group of 5 teachers (all girls). We did dinner and drinks which was a ton of fun. I met a guy from Norway who was telling people we were twins becasause we were both blonde haired and blue eyed. He was funny. Saturday I slept in and did laundry and then went on a Mangrove tour. That was pretty cool. It was the group of girls again, and then 4 guys from the U.S who were just backpacking through. Karen and I met up with them later for drinks and between the guys (mostly from Colorado) and 2 Canadian girls, everyone decided that I had the ... read more

Hola! We are officialy in Costa Rica! What a beautiful country! I picked an excellent hotel (somehow) and have loved every minute so far. Yesterday we went to Manuel Antonio National Park and had a guide take us around. His name was Joshua and he spoke excellent English. He also had uncanny ability to spot animals from really far away and high up in trees that we woul have never ever been able to find by ourselves. Today we are going ziplining in the jungle at 10:00 a.m and my mom (who is afraid of heights) says she is going to join us. We'll see what happens when we get there. I'll update more later. My brother needs to eat, (go figure). Thanks to my new subscribers! I miss you all back home! ... read more
Costa Rica

My next tour was riding on friendly horses with my friends on the beach near Manuel Antonio. We traveled a bit away from the Mirador del Pacifico, the hotel we were staying at that night to a place in Parrita, about 30 min. away. I would have never known about this town if it weren't for this tour. We stopped to get a bottle of wine for our inclusive dinner after the tour and then headed to this farm area. Along the way we stopped with Diego our tour guide to show us a baby horse only a few days old, really cute. The tour was about 2 hours along the beach with stops along the way including one where Diego brought down coconuts which we drank the milk with a straw direct from the source. ... read more
Sunset @ Beach
Sunset Dinner

Today, I had the privilege of snorkeling for the first time with Snorkeling Adventures. A group of tourists and I traveled to Playa Beisanz on the company tourist van. The day was perfect. Not too hot and not too sunny. The water was calm at this beach and more private, this is probably why many locals would rather be there than the crowded beach at Playa Manuel Antonio. A nice boat was waiting for us to climb aboard for our snorkeling adventure. The anticipation of the sights in the mysterious ocean world was getting to me. The tour was for two hours, beginning with a 40 minute stop where many fish are typically seen. Everyone was given masks, breathing tube, and flippers while being explained procedure. Jumping into the warm blue Pacific waters, there were hundreds ... read more
Path to beach
Playa Biesanz
Snorkeling Boat

After 2.5 hours in the car driven by Corlos (Phone#88199451) who was our private driver, we arrived in downtown Quepos. Sam's shop was right in town on the main street, next to Best Western Hotel. We called Sam earlier, and he met us at his store. Sam drives a moped scooter. He led the way for Corlos, our driver to the Condo/house (Villa Casaloma). It was already late, and we unpacked our suitcases. The temperature was above 80F, and it was hot and humid. The villa was very spacious and clean. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms with one inside the master bedroom, a living room with TV, and a kitchen. I would like to make some comments about the place. I looked up the place on It asked for $180/night with a minimum of ... read more
Whte faced monkey

We awoke at 7 on Sunday morning... we had breakfast at La Colina and converted twenty US dollars to colons. After renting two beach mats from the hotel office we were ready to hit the beach! This is the one thing that up in rainy Portland we saw pictures of and were ready to experience first-hand! The water was so clear that I could see fish swimming next to my legs... the water was like a very warm bath and the salt was intense. This is where, for the first time in a long time, I really **GOT** how hypnotic the ocean was... and why so many surfers flock to Costa Rica... the waves are predictable and got "perfect" around 10:30 the day we were there. Between going into the water and reading in the shade ... read more
Manuel Antonio Beach
Marketplace Near Beach
Marketplace Near Beach

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