Closing out and headed back soon


Well guys this is probably the last blog of this trip that I will be posting. I have 1 more day to chill and another of travel back to san Jose to prepare for my journey back to the Good Ol USA. I am by far not ready to leave this amazing paradise that I came to. Although I need to head back.

Mytrip has been the best thing that could have happened to me. I have met people from Iran, Germany, Holland, Several parts of england, scottland, all over the US, austriallia, russia, costa rica, spain, panama, nicaraugua, and of course Canada or Quebec.

I have made friends that hopefully will last long into my lifetime. I have done things and seen things I would have never imagined.

I have seen the beauty of the most wonderful waterfalls in the world, I´ve sat at the foot of one of the most active volcanos in the world, I´ve bathed in hotsprings of a volcano, I´ve hike the foothills of the rainforest and into the rainforest, I´ve seen animals and birds that I´ve only read about in national geographic, I´ve traveled to some of the most obscure places by some of the most obscure means of transportation, I´ve surfed some of the best waves I´ve been on, and I skinny dipped on top of a 100ft waterfall(who can say that).

This has been a great experience and traveling on my own has offered me a bit of Solidarity that I have been missing. In a sense I have seen who I used to be, atleast I can say that my eyes have been rediversified into the world.

A couple words of advice...
The bus from Tamarindo to Monteverde does not go to santa cruz first.
Bus schedules change on sundays so check with your local towns schedules
just because it is the cheapest place doesn´t mean it is the best choice...regardless the budget
A 6km hike to Nauyaca waterfalls is not recomended...take the horses
watch out for the taxis that you get into
learn more spanish then I did...which was none
Ive grown accustom to pilsen, imperials is good but not as strong
Take your time, take plenty of pics, and be openminded
patience is a VIRTUE
Plan your schedule not to get stuck in Punteraneas
Do not stay at Hotel Tucan in Montezuma
Keep american money with you if you go to La Fortuna
make sure you have your exit tax
and if you are in Manuel Antonio stay at vista Serrena and eat at either bills BBQ or Angels for some good ol fashion Casados

Thanks for reading my blogs and hope you enjoyed....



24th June 2010

I have had an amazing journey with you. Your free spirit amazes me. The fact you are my son and so independent and beautiful is such a wonder. I thank you for taking the time to write your travels and sights down so that others like me can go far away in our mind as our bodies will not.
30th June 2010

Red blooded
There are tons of amazing places. You can journey to some of them just by closing your eyes! I have to say, though, ole Dorothy from Kansas was right: "Theres no place like home." Welcome home. Give me a call and give me the quick, uninhibited, unrated version. Until then...

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