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High 5

I finally left San Juan Del Sur after a week of loving it there. Made my way back to Costa Rica. I spent a day and nite in Liberia, which is just a city and not all that worth it, but it was a good day of rest. From there I bused to Playa Del Coco where I was hoping to meet a friend of a good friend of mine, Valentina from Chile. I got a hotel and went straight to the beach, which wasn´t as nice as San Juan Del Sur as far as swimming and laying out goes, but it worked just fine. Then I walked around a bit looking for the resteruant Valentina told me her friend Paula owned. I couldn´t find it and I asked a few people who told me ... read more
Paula and Kari
Emilia and Andrés
The coolest bar ever!!

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Martin & Martijn
Kitty & Martijn

Semana Santa comes with a halt in all bus traffic around the country for four full days. Where better to buckle down and stay for a few days than Playa del Coco courtesy of Brennan (thanks again), and thanks to Curt for getting us in touch. Playa del Coco is on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We arrived a day earlier than we had mentioned to Brennan, so we opted on a hotel for the first night. As we stepped off of the bus, there was an nice Austrian man recruiting us to stay at Hotel Austria about 1.5 miles from the beach. Private baths, two seperate rooms, and AC. We were living in luxury. Well there was the smoked fish smell, the sewer smell, and the random pictures of ... read more
Studying Hard
Bringing Sexy Back
Who says there is no free lunch?

So the time has come and I have moved away from Costa Rica, my home for the past 3 years. It was a hard decision to make, and even harder to get all of my belongings packed and onto the airplane. Luckily for me, good-byes were not said because in one month I will be returning for one more week in Coco. Prolonging the inevitable I guess (and who couldn't use one more week of diving, surfing and sun). Most of my best memories can not be put into words or described in with a photo, they can only be felt in my heart, I experienced many things and met many wonderful people in Costa Rica. When I first arrived there was only one thing I could say in Spanish, "Soy estadounidense. No como carne pero ... read more
Dive Site Mooring
Scalloped Hammerhead
Fire Dancing

Ian is vandaag op het vliegtuig gestapt, weer richting Nederland. We hebben echt topweken samen gehad, maar nu is het bijna over met de pret. De 27e zijn we teruggekomen van onze 20 daagse trip door Costa Rica. Ik mocht natuurlijk gelijk weer aan de bak, want m'n Divemaster is nog niet afgerond. Heb nog wat pittige examens voor de boeg over o.a. natuurkunde en uitrusting, maken onderwatermap blablabla. Nog genoeg te doen dus. Duikschoolhouders Martin en Brenda, waarbij ik eigenlijk al vanaf 10 december verblijf gaan overmorgen ook naar Nederland dus dan blijf ik alleen over met alle huisdieren en op de duikschool drie gezellige Engelse instructeurs. Ian heeft nog een paar dagen meegedoken. Terwijl ik hard aan het leren was (of beter gezegd probeerde te leren met die 35 graden hier..) zat Ian lekker ... read more

Okidoki, we finally bought our tickets to go to Holland for the dive show. We are leaving on the 3rd of February and coming back on the 14th. We have to spend a night in Miami, unfortunatly that's the only way. Just before we are leaving Carlos Hiller decided to re paint our shop. Carlos is from Argentina and is a specialized artist for the Costa Rica under water life. He is also coming to the show with us. I hope to see some of you at the show and otherwise in our shop this year. Okidoki, eindelijk tickets geboekt voor Nederland. We vertrekken 3 Februari en komen 14 Februari weer terug. Helaas moeten we overnachten in Miami, maar er zit niks anders op. We staan op de duikvaker in Utrecht, voor gratis kaartjes kijk op ... read more
Carlos at work
Shark with a smile

It's starting to get pretty busy again, the high season is here and the rain has stopped! We have same new members in our crew,and some new instructors are arriving at the end of the month. So we are totally prepared for the diving! Remember there is a deive festival from May 1st till the 6th. This is just a little update what happend here the last month. Of course Martin had his B-day and he received some original presents. Enjoy and have a great time during the holidays. Start off with a great 2007!!! Nou maar weer ff een opdate. Tegenwoordig is deze site ook gelinkt aan onze website, dus vandaar eerst in het Engels. We zijn hier wat aan het schuiven met personeel, maar verder gaat het prima. Gisteren de 13e maand betaald en ... read more
Mini me

Ok where to start.... I guess the biggest change for me in 2006 was switching jobs. I still work at the same resort, Ocotal Beach Resort, but I have now taken on the responsibility of being the resorts environmental consultant. Pretty much my job is to assist the resort in making appropriate changes towards becoming more sustainable. It's a bit boring for me sitting in an office, but I do get to help make lots of positive changes for the environment and community. I still help out in diving when they are busy so that helps get me out of the office and back in the water. Other than that, not too much else is new around here. I have posted some pictures from throughout the past years. Whenever something interesting happens, if I take a ... read more
From the plane
Playa Ocotal
At home with Pedro

Crossing the border into Costa Rica was a culture shock to say the least. The Latin American language, indigenous villagers, beautiful old colonial towns, small local ‘tiendas’ (shops), locally owned hospedajes (hotels) and intriguing cultural differences were instantly replaced by the North American language, sprawling rapidly growing towns and developments of condos only affordable to foreigners, billboards advertising further condos or land for sale, supermarkets stocking world tastes, shopping malls, and modern hotels. Our initial reaction to Costa Rica was of disgust at the degree of ‘Americanisation’ that had already taken place and was slowly creeping further throughout the country, transforming once ‘local’ places into a foreign creation devoid of any true Costa Rican culture or traditions. The Costa Rican currency also caused us some confusion (although th... read more
The Monkey's Head
More Surfing 1
More Surfing 2

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