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Wow, it goes so fast, On January 19th Vicky had her first puppy at 5 am, the second one came about an hour later and around 9 am we had 5 puppies. Martin stayed with them and I went to the shop, when I came home at 1 pm I went upstairs and there was one more. 6 little rottweillers....................ohhh, but now 3 weeks later they are already walking, man it goes too fast, 3 more weeks and then 4 have to find a new home, so hard to pick 2. We have picked one already, cuz he looks exactly like his papa, we named him the same as well tiburon (tibu) (Shark) haha, so big and strong enjoy the pictures................................... Wow wat gaat het snel. 19 Januari is Vicky moeder geworden, haar eerste pup kwam ... read more
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After Masaya we headed to Granada where we walked around all day exploring a reconstructed colonial city. We checked in to a seemingly empty hostel right across the street from the main market, however the whole scene later livened up a lot. The hostel keeper lady struggeled with me in English, until i answered her in Spanish, and she asked me if i spoke it. I, of course, responded yes, Bless your Heart! She exclaimed. From her we got a great map and directions to lots of helpful places. We dropped our stuff and headed out along the market up the street and hung a right toward the central park. We took refuge in the shade while talking about what to do. We decided to check out the town museum a few blocks away. It was ... read more

First stop in Costa Rica, Playa del Coco in Guanacaste for a 3 days diving & fiesta adventure Costa Rican style! Actually the fun started when I took my first Sansa flight (local 10 passengers’ plane) from San Jose to Liberia! The bird view of the inland with his volcanoes, rain forest and mountains was absolutely breathtaking, and so were the frequent “drop” as our tiny plane encounters colder air…a nice yoyo exercise to start this trip & add some adrenaline to it! Was greeted on arrival by Leigh the owner of the bed and breakfast I was staying at in Coco, with who I would have lovely conversations during my entire stay. She made me feel at home the moment we headed to Coco, telling me more about the area and Coco and sharing with ... read more
School of fish, fascinating!
Catalina Islands
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I hope everyone had a great X-mas? We had a great time. We organized a bbq and everyone made something, so there was loads of food. Then we had a quiz. 5 teams competing for a bottel of Tequilla. The town is very busy and we have 4 boats out today. At the final moment we had our 2 new boats in, so loads of stress, but once again we managed. Have a Great New years party, we have open house, so if you wanne come and join us????...............See you next year! Martin & Brenda.................................................. Ik hoop dat iedereen een gezellige Kerst heeft gehad? Wij hadden het reuze gezellig. We hadden een bbq en er was genoeg te eten want iedereen moest iets mee brengen, super gezellig. We hadden een quiz georganiseerd en 5 teams waren ... read more
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Just out of the blue I hear on the dive shop radio, hallo Brenda?? It was coming from my shop, I was working at home, so I guess they need me. But no, it was Dutch, who is it? I had no clue. After a few hints I figured it was Bo, a vistitor from Holland! Wow what a surpirse. Haha , You should have seen Martin's face when he arrived home that evening! Besides being busy at work we managed to put in some fun time, Martin did the canopy day with Bo, and we had Martin's B-day, and a new......kitten! yes, one more. I am still very busy trying to get everything ready for the high season, hopefully we are putting the new boats in tomorrow.but as they say here Pura Vida, or poco ... read more

So the IDC is finished and we can start to organize for the new shop. We are still waiting for the approval of my demands, so, lets hope it's soon. The boats are waiting for the paperwork......................pura vida, things can't be done over night here in Costa Rica! Staff members are droipping in on a regular base and in a few more days we should be complete. I did not have time to take pictures but I did take some of hte staff for our website, so I'll give you a pre-view, and ofcoure.......................our zoo expanded again. Hopefully we will have puppies in a few months as well. The dogs have been practising! haha, this is just a short news update, so you guys know I am very busy and once everything is rolling I'll post ... read more
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Wow! Yes this is my word for this month. What has happened?? Well let me just tell you about last week. We just bought a new dive company and Rich Coast Diving is expanding. So you know how that goes, lawyers, meetings, and a lot of out of the office time. But I will focus on that in our next blog. This blog will just focus on our last week. We adopted a littel puppy, sweet littel thing we called PADI. Then Padi was screaming a lot and we found out she had distemper so we had to put her down. Sad day, but at least she is not in pain anymore. Then we had Dino (one of our dogs) in the hospital, appearetly he has a heart condition and we have him back home again, ... read more

Hi People, Yes we have finally moved away from our little house. We found a great place with ocean view. It is up a hill and 2 stories high, we are slowly getting used to running the stairs again, man, did we have soar calfs the first 2 days. haha. We are enjoying every moment, waking up with the sound of the ocean and the monkeys howling and the birds trying to win from the monkeys. Our zoo, is as happy as can be, no more cage for Jippie, she climbs that mountain like it was hers sinds day one. Now that we have setteld in and feeling alot better, (we actually don't mind the rain anymore) we are getting ready to prepare for the next IDC. The course will start on Septmebr 15th instead of ... read more
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What's new?? Coco has a new supermarkt! excited??? YEAH, now we can buy almost everything (except Dutch tea and peanut butter) But eh, one can't have it all, right? What else is new? I have a new gate with a wall and a new floor, all this to keep the water out! Does it work you ask? NO!! For the last 2 days we were flooded again! UGGGGGGG, I think we need to move. What else is new? Devil (one of our kittens) was a Dino victim, but that same evening somebody put Fidel (a new kitten) in front of our door. Then we have another new family member. Tico. Tico is a baby mapache that I still have to bottle feed. so CUTE! ............................................................... Wat is nieuw? Coco heeft een nieuwe supermarkt! Is dit leuk? ... read more
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We had a little Curacao reunion this month, Jean Paul came over to assist in the IDC as well as Gerben (both intructors who used to help us out on Curacao once in a while) then Tim, Jill and their son James came over (customers form Curacao) and now we have Paul Tielemans here for 3 weeks (former Dutch marine;bloys boy and regular customer from Silent) As you can see, people are not forgetting us! World Ocean day was 1 day before we started our first IDC, lots of excitment, but Carlos Hiller managed to finish the great mural on our wall. Together with volunteers and local kids we are proving a point that we are against the shark finning. Well after hard work we finished the IDC and Rich Coast Diving has 2 new instructors ... read more
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