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Happy Birthday Eddie! For whatever reason I have to wake up before the alarm goes off. I worry it won't go off & we'll miss our flight. So I woke up at 5:15. Up, quick pack & out front to catch a cab. We snapped some photos & caught a cab fairly quickly. I think we were a little overzealous on our arrival time. The airport is teeny tiny & we showed up 1 hour early. The check in counter wasn't even open but at least they had the waiting area open for us neurotic American types. Glenn & Carrie were on our flight & we chatted with them while waiting. We are definitely going to go visit them at their winery in E. Washington when we get home. They're big fans of wine & cheese, ... read more
Ready for takeoff.
Goodbye Corn Islands!
Fried chicken & rice in bags, ready to sell.

Voor Nederlands naar beneden scrollen We are back home after our 2 week trip to Holland and Las Vegas, Holland was cold and rushed, was great to see everyone even though there were quite a few short visits. We lost 2 days on trying to get everything ready to get Martin's drivers license in order. We thought Costa Rica was bad, but Holland loves paperwork as well! After 7 days we left for Las Vegas to go to the DEMA show (dive show) We had a great show, loads of seminars, learned a lot and met a lot of new people. Always good for business :) Back home things did not run so smooth. Just before we left we had a group of about 100 divers and we were all exhausted. Our Dutch friends referred to ... read more
day to relax at the pool
time to work

We have some friends over from Holland and the 5 of us volunteerd to be in the Hauted house!! The pictures tell the story! Enjoy. Vrienden over uit Nederland en met z'n 5en hebben we in het spookhuis gespookt! De fotos zeggen genoeg!!... read more
Photo 33
Photo 34
Photo 35

Hey hey, We have been in Costa Rica for a bit more than week now. Bart has finished his PADI open water course with my father at Rich Coast Diving Playas del Coco. He has had his confined lessons in the pool and has done some awesome open water dives as well. Eventhough he has some slight ear problems, the diving is going great. He told me another world opened up for him :) This is what we divers want to tell you all non-divers!! So if you ever get the chance... go for it!! Next t the diving we have faced our fear of hights (again) by going Parasailing. This was a great experience to all of us! We also went for the Costa Rica's ever famous Canopy Tour. This time a bit different then ... read more
Mobey likes banana

yes, people I a sorry but now a days with the facebook, it takes some time to post a blog. I received alot of complaints/reguest, so I am back on travelblog. What has been going on? Too much, so I will keep it short but you can enjoy the photos. We went to Orlando for the dema then to Amsterdam, My dad had his 65th b-day in November. Now we are back here, and last week had some friends over from Holland that we know from Curacao, so we took a little trip to Manel Antonio. At this moment Martin is teaching in Panama on isla seca, a private instructors course. Friday he will be back in town and then everything will be back to normal, and we will be getting ready for our next IDC ... read more
staff Rich Coast Diving
red eye leaf frog

A little taste of the underwater world in Playas del Coco, sadly not taken by us but by some of Yaz´s clients.... read more
guineafowl puffer fish
southern stingray
spot-tailed grunts

Here are some photos of our home here in Costa Rica and of a little bit of travelling to Nicaragua and the Costa Rica interior. lots of love Yaz and Jack... read more
Yaz and Jack
Rob and Isla
Yaz and Vela

The Adventure Begins It's 4:30 am, and I'm having my coffee. This is a good thing, though it follows the usual "night before" of going to bed late and waking up every 30 minutes to be sure I didn't oversleep. The limo arrives at 5:45 and thus our vacation will officially start. Every family has their traditions for vacations. Ours usually involve angst of some sort...when will Kate actually begin packing? (She was early this time because she started yesterday afternoon--before she went downtown and hanging out with her friends and came home at 10:04 pm.) Who will get into the limo first and sit in the most inconvenient spot so that everyone has to crawl over her? (Hint: It's NOT Mike.) Which of the cats will disappear into the exact middle under our bed as ... read more

Vandaag waren we vroeg thuis en hebben lekker een filmpje gekeken. Om half 6 is Martin de honden gaan lopen. Ik kijk hoe hij met de boobers de heuvel af loopt richting strand, ongeloofelijk hoe groot de pups worden, het gaat echt hard. Ik zet de sproeier aan en ga de tuin water geven. De zon is langzaam aan het verdwijnen en als ik richting de zee kijk geniet ik van de rode gloed die van de boten af straalt. Het is echt een super avond. Het regen seizoen is in aantocht en het brengt rare dagen. Gisteren was het de hele dag bewolkt, een verademing na 39 graden. Vandaag was het wel weer erg warm, maar nu is het heerlijk. Links en rechts hoor ik het gebrul van de apen, ik kijk om me heen ... read more
the beach
Max on the beach

Wow, it's been awhile. So much has happened, but not all good things so no reason for too many photos. First of all some of you already know that I (Bren) was not feeling too good. After a few doctor appointments in Spanglish (believe me, medical terms is not my specialty in Spanish) I decided to have the operation in the US. One of my good friend is a docter specialized in my problem and I have to say, he did a great job. We left for Houston on March 3rd and then moved on to Beaumont for the surgery on the 8th. We stayed a few days for recovery and shopping and then back to Costa Rica. I would like to thank the family Pieternelle for their great hospitality. Back home I was slowly getting ... read more
Fishing trip
Gerben en Martin

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