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We decided to take a little tour of North Nicoya's peninsula. More than 10 years ago, I did something similar between Samara and Montezuma, and really enjoyed it. You pass through ranches, isolated forests, ford rivers,etc.. real adventure. This time, we would go from Playa Hermosa to Ostional and come back by a shortcut through the mountains. WE stopped at different little villages, looked for animals, and finally reached Ostional. Sadly, it wasn't the turtle 'arribada' season, but it's a beautiful place anyway. The big fun was to come back through the mountains. The first part of the shortcut is paved and okay. But then, it gets very narrow and seems more like a moto cross trail. At one point, you reach the watershed line and see lots of telecommunications antenna. Then you go down, first ... read more
green beetle

Sunday evening I ventured out to the pub in Punta Islita and met the owner, Miguel - a very friendly guy who is a genius chef! All the food coming out of his kitchen looks like it belongs in a 5 star restaurant. The previous week I had tried a bite of someone’s (a complete stranger’s!) hot dog and had been thinking about it all week long…so I finally went and got my own: yum. All sorts of sauces and toppings, including a slaw on top. So delicious. Totally made me ready to take on a new week. This week was slower work-wise as Sam and Maricela are back in San Jose, and Maricela is actually off for the week. My to-do list included wrapping up loose ends on site with Tom (site manager) and Chucho ... read more

An article in Travel and Leisure wrote about the places to see the bluest water in the world. I have my own choice, but here are theirs: Crater Lake The deep blue waters that fill the caldera of the sunken volcano Mount Mazama help make Crater Lake one of America’s most beautiful lakes. The deep blue waters are almost crystal clear thanks to the fact that there are no incoming streams or rivers to make the water turbid. All of this makes it ideal for scuba divers willing to brave the chilly water. Crater Lake, located in Southern Oregon, is also the deepest lake in the United States, plunging to depths of 1,943 feet, with sunlight extending 400 feet down. This is a lake that I have best seen from above, on a flight to or ... read more
Crater Lake, Oregon
Chapman Peak, South Africa
Torres del Paine, Chile

Rented a car and off we went and within 30 minutes we were lost! The road signs ( lack of) and the roads leave a lot to be desired. I know we read about the gravel roads and the pot holes, they were not exaggerating! We rented a little economy car and a few of the potholes could have sucked that little car right in! Day 1: With friend Mike in tow we headed east to visit the volcano Arenal. Although the actual distance traveled was not that far, it turned into a 12 hour round trip. (because of the roads, and traffic) As we left the coast line and started to head up the mountains, the scenery changed dramatically. I thought...."You're in the jungle baby" It was so lush, and green and over grown with ... read more
On the road again
Up up into the clouds and rain
Lush rain forest

¡Hola! (I really wish I would've started studying my Pimsleur Spanish months ago like I planned!) Well, we have been in Costa Rica for 6 days, and to call it "absolutely amazing" does not do it justice. We started our trip last Thursday by flying from Minneapolis to Liberia, CR, followed by a short car ride out to Peninsula Papagayo. We were lucky enough to join wonderful friends who helped us kick off our adventure in grand fashion! We've enjoyed great beach time, fun pool time, wonderful food and cocktails, great laughs, and amazing sightseeing. Truly a once in a lifetime experience! Our hosts were kind enough to offer their condo to us after they departed on Monday. So we've been doing more of the same, peppering studying Spanish, planning where we're headed next, and chasing ... read more

“This has got to be one of the coolest things I have seen,” writes Holly of her sea turtle sojourn on Costa Rica’s pacific coast. “Turtles are coming up from the ocean and literally covering the beach.” It’s true: the weeklong ... read more

After having posted my first impressions of Costa Rica, a month has passed by now. Two weeks of these four I’ve been travelling to Honduras and Nicaragua for my first field research phase (on success factors for collective marketing)- all by bus, which takes two days one way (Costa Rica – Honduras). It’s been an incredible amount of new impressions and information for such a short period, and I can’t give it justice in a blog like this. Just shortly, and rather on the organisational part: I’m glad that I’m a person who doesn’t need a lot of security (with regard to planning ahead), and that I’m a natural optimist. Every single time I started a new part of my trip (changed the bus) I didn’t know for sure where I would get off, and for ... read more
Puerto Viejo
Punk bird disturbing still life
More balcony wildlife

Hello Reader. I woke up at four thirty am and after only a couple of hours sleep I made my way to the bus station. I was headed to meet my next hosts in Nosara, Costa Rica on the Nicoyan Peninsula in the Pacific. I figured I’d sleep most of the six and a half hour bus trip, however once we were about two hours away, it turned from a pleasant countryside drive, to extreme off-road bussing. I clenched my teeth as the driver sped around mountain cliffs and bounced from pothole to pothole. With white knuckles I thought about how happy the cannibals, (that I would inevitably meet in the jungle) would be to have my innards pre-blended for them. They’d only need a spoon. Save on washing up. I got off just a few ... read more
Bus to Nosara
Bonfire #1
The Hostel

Five and half hours west from San Jose on a bus (seven and half on the way back thanks to a crash) is the town of Nosara. If you like surfing, exotic animals and feeling almost totally isolated then head on over because I can't imagine there are many more suitable places in the world. The realisation of just how remote a place it is comes during the journey when you notice that the road you've been driving on for the last hour is essentially a dirt track of the type that if you knew someone who was going to walk on a road like that, you'd tell them to be careful because it's quite bumpy and there's lots of potholes. Further realisation comes when after seeing this, you carry on driving down the road for ... read more
David the Vulture (probably not his real name)

UNA MÁSCARA CON MUCHA PERSONALIDAD, Y UN TRAYECTO DE MONTAÑA RUSA 9h20- Nos despertamos más tarde que nunca en Tamarindo. Será el efecto de haberse bañado en el océano el día anterior. Nos ponemos en marcha, listos para el desayuno. Sonia se levantó con ganas de comer un bagel con salmón y queso tipo philadelphia. Justo en la esquina de la calle que bajaba, había un sitio de desayunos "Olga's Coffee Shop", por lo visto, la dueña es una rusa que lleva 12 restaurantes en Rusia y que se enamoró de Costa Rica y de su café... allá que vamos. Sorpresa! hay Bagels de salmón! (a lo mejor el subconsciente de Sonia se fijó el día anterior sin que se diera cuenta y le entró ganas de comerse esto en particular... si no, menuda coincidencia!) El ... read more
sonia en la playa de Montezuma
Un tronquito de madera
Autofoto Sonia y Tamim

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