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We left Monteverde to stay in San Jose for a couple of days. It is our base to explore the central region. First stop is fantastic Poas volcano. It's a very popular park and for good reasons. The road(s) to get there from Alajuela or San Jose, slowly climb through various farms landscapes and showing superb views. Close to park entrance, there are a couples of farms growing strawberries. All in the car agreed they were as good as ones in Canada!!! Visitor center is well designed and has many interesting displays. The road leading to the crater builds up your expectations... and at the crater itself, you are not deceived. The crater is more than 1km wide, and the view is spectacular! The trails in the park brings to a special forest with short trees, ... read more
endemic poas squirrel
trail in forest

Due to my current hectic travelling schedule, I’m a bit behind on the blogs but have found a few days in the country to finally try and catch up with some of the outstanding ones. Rewind to February and after a cold January (especially my week in Finland) it was time to jet off to find some winter sun, it’s a hard life sometimes. I was going to be away for most of the month, the main part of my trip was to be in a different country but the first week I decided to pop into Costa Rica since I was headed in that general direction anyway. I’ve visited a few places in the North and a few places in the South of America but this was to be my first sojourn into the central ... read more
Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica
Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

This is the second part of the Combo Tour we took in Costa Rica. After the visit to the Doka Coffee Estate our party of 13 with our guide and driver, continued to the Poas Volcano National Park. Again, the journey was mostly uphill along winding roads. I thought to myself at that time that I wouldn't want to do this on foot! On the way we stopped at a store where we were offered free samples of the local wine and fresh strawberries. Although I am not much of a wine drinker I opted for it. It was quite good but didn't really slake my thirst as they were served in tiny cups! Anyhow, after the usual restroom visits we got back into our van and reached our next destination, the Poas National Park in ... read more
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Costa Rica
Alajuela, Costa Rica

I was starting to feel sad that the final part of my Costa Rica journey was now drawing closer. Even though I had accomplished so many great things on this trip I still was was not ready to be heading home. On the way back to San Jose, Walter and myself experienced a scary bus journey for the second half of trip as we had a crazy driver who would be constantly speeding, getting annoyed with other drivers on the road and often talking on his mobile phone whilst driving. It certainly felt that road safety was not taken so seriously as it is back in the UK. After surviving the bus driver to San Jose, we arrived at the Raddisson hotel. The rating of this hotel is 5 star and, although it looked nice and ... read more
Botos Lake
Toucan and myself
Pretty Butterfly

Today I'm on my own again and sadly don't get a lie in. I have to be ready for my tour bus which is picking me up at my hotel at silly o'clock (5.55am!). I find that I'm the first to be picked up and we go on a tour of San Jose's central and outlying hotels picking up a full bus by the time we get to the last one - a huge and very posh looking hotel near the airport. Unfortunately it's raining which doesn't bode well for a good view of Poas volcano, but it's early yet so the weather might change. I get chatting to a few of my fellow passengers. There's one guy from the UK who is going on a 5 days per country trip around all of Central America ... read more
Melvin explaining the coffee plant's growing cycle
Coffee plant
What to do in case of Poas volcano errupting

Costa Rica 2013: Day 15: Alajuela Day 2: We verified where we were supposed to pick up the bus to Volcan Poas and headed out. I don't think the map the hostel gave us is quite accurate, as the block where it shows the bus terminal for Volcan Poas is located seems to be at least a block or two off. Oh well, we found it. Also, according to what I read on the internet, and what the hostel told us, the bus is supposed to arrive there from San Jose and leave at 9:15am, leaving San Jose at 8:30. When we found the bus, it had been siting there a while and had no passengers from San Jose. It did leave at 9:15 however. The trip costs 1,165 colones, one way and takes about an ... read more
Alajuela & San Jose
Volcan Poas Park Entrance
The path up to the main crater

Costa Rica for the Weekend Time was limited so we hit the touristy spots near Costa Rica's central valley.... read more

Dag iedereen, Vandaag zijn we naar de tweede vulkaan gegaan die dicht bij San José ligt. Volcán Poás is ook nog steeds een actieve vulkaan. Het water in de krater is op dit ogenblik 40graden. Jammer genoeg was er weer heel veel mist en deze keer was er geen mirakel waardoor de mist voor 1 minuut wegtrok. Er was ook een tropische regenbui want de vulkaan ligt deels in een bos en dus waren we ook nog kletsnat. Een beetje jammer dus. Het bos was wel zeer mooi. Hele grote bomen en af en toe een klein vogeltje. Daarbovenop heeft mijn camera het een beetje begeven en wil hij geen foto's meer trekken. Ik hoop dat dit morgen opgelost is want anders zal dit toch een zware dobber betekenen voor mij. In San José is het ... read more
On the road
At Volcan Poas
Volcan Poas (clouds)

Alarm set for 6 am. Woke up at that time. Completed morning duties by 6:40. I rushed upstairs to get some coffee and oatmeal. I am ready for the "Poas Volcano and La Paz waterfalls" excursion($91 - includes entry fee, breakfast and lunch). I was at the lobby by 7 am with poncho, umbrella, backpack etc. The tour van was 10 minutes late. Tour conductor is "tropicale excursions"? I met a couple, mom and daughter (Maria) from Marriott signed up for the same tour. I did not get a window seat. I sat next to a tall Mexican guy (Beliendo). Our first stop was an overlook, that gives an excellent view of San Jose and neighboring areas. Beliendo graciously gave me the window seat after we got back to the bus. It seems he has done ... read more

It is really a relaxing excursion. Fresh air, lake-blue sky, glittering grass with water drops, and cotton-like cloud, they all appear. From Grecia to Poas Volcano National Park, it takes almost three hours. There is only one bus from Alajuela heading to the Poas Volcano at 9:15 am, and returning from the volcano at 2:30 pm. It is said that Poas Volcano is the most visited one of the others in Costa Rica. I think that's partly because it is easy to finish the Park and see whole. But, truly, there were a bunch of people on the bus that day with us. Oh, that was Sunday by the way. However, Costa Rica is the country that posseses most national parks to preserve the forests. Moreover, here you can see not only tropical rainforests, cloud forests, ... read more
My friend Juan and I
It's me and the Volcano

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