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It’s been very lazy over the last 3 days. The perfect vege-out weather -- cloudless skies, still waters, long walks along a long beach, catching lots of rays, chatting with fellow travelers and lots of locals, both indigenous and expats (lots of Canadians and Europeans) , and reading a book….like really lazy!!!! Last night was a special treat. Amongst the expats there’s lots of musicians, and group of them put on an amazing Southern Blues music concert, quite professional, more than just a jam session. It helps that restaurants here support these groups and that their food and tropical atmosphere is great. So much for loafing around. Today was a bit of a local shopping expedition to be better equipped and resourced (per local advice) for the next week out on Glovers Atoll Resort, one of ... read more

So we went to Hopkins planning to spend a couple nights to see the beaches we heard were beautiful and ended up staying a week (of course). We didn't even know at the time but it turned out that the weekend we were there was Hopkins Day weekend. So this usually sleepy town was bustling with people. We stayed at Lebeha, which is the drumming center. We actually ended up making friends with the guy who runs it, Jebar. He is totally crazy, but in a good way. Bryan got some drumming lessons from him, I tried, but quit after not very long. For actual Hokins Day (Saturday) we went to the old school and ate bbq, hung out with the adorable local kids, and listened to the drummers. Sunday was my favorite of all. We ... read more

Hopkins Village near Dangriga, Belize After a rather exhausting week of jungle adventures, our 5 final days at the beach were just what the doctor ordered. Hopkins Village is located 15 miles south of Dangriga on the coast of Belize. The Hotel We stayed at Hamanasi Resort, which was wonderful! Every employee of the hotel had your name memorized and were the nicest people. Chi... read more

i just wanted to jot down my memories of Belize before i forget.... belize is a small beautiful country. i stayed there for about 8 days. we were at a resort named jaguar reef in hopkins village. there is not a lot of people there. hopkins is barely even a town... the main thing i noticed how the poverty... to me, it seemed like there was no opertunities... the main, most stable business was tourism or involved tourism. i mean, there was not much to do and most of the days people would waste it away doing nothing, sleeping or laying and talking in the shade (becuase it was so hot). the scuba, diving was great. kali and kendra saw a nurse shark. i saw so many sting and bat reys, fish, barracuda, coral.. i hate ... read more

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