The final days of relaxation

Published: January 23rd 2008
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Hopkins Village near Dangriga, Belize

After a rather exhausting week of jungle adventures, our 5 final days at the beach were just what the doctor ordered. Hopkins Village is located 15 miles south of Dangriga on the coast of Belize.

The Hotel
We stayed at Hamanasi Resort, which was wonderful! Every employee of the hotel had your name memorized and were the nicest people.

Chillin Out
We spent almost every day at the hotel relaxing, but we did get a chance to go into town once. Since most of the roads are dirt and difficult for cars to manage, the main method of transportation for most of the country is by bike. Therefore, we road bikes to town. We also were able to spend an afternoon kayaking on the ocean.

The Monkey River Tour
One day trip we did was up the Monkey River. This tour took up 8 miles upstream where we were able to view all the wildlife from our boat. Wildlife included insect bats, crocodiles, iguanas, howler monkeys, all kinds of birds and manatees.

Our 3.5 weeks in Belize were completely amazing, or as they say in Belize, "UnBelizable!!!"

Our final sunrise...


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