Published: July 27th 2005
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i just wanted to jot down my memories of Belize before i forget.... belize is a small beautiful country. i stayed there for about 8 days. we were at a resort named jaguar reef in hopkins village. there is not a lot of people there. hopkins is barely even a town... the main thing i noticed how the poverty... to me, it seemed like there was no opertunities... the main, most stable business was tourism or involved tourism. i mean, there was not much to do and most of the days people would waste it away doing nothing, sleeping or laying and talking in the shade (becuase it was so hot). the scuba, diving was great. kali and kendra saw a nurse shark. i saw so many sting and bat reys, fish, barracuda, coral.. i hate snorkeling but i actually enjoyed it. the whole coast is very carribean influenced. if you travel west towards the border of guatamala and mexico, it is more hispanic... the mayan ruins were neat to look at. it is hard to believe that they are over 2000 years old and still standing. other than that, i would not reccomend belize city. take a hike in the

the hike in the jungle
jungle and then stay by the shore. it is so scenic and great for vacations... but lots of bugs and very humid. overall i would say that i enjoyed my week in belize...

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