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July 25th 2005
Published: July 25th 2005
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congress buildingcongress buildingcongress building

my residence is locatd next to the congress building
hey guys. as i am writing this, i feel guilty becuase i have not seen much of the city. i waste all my energy going to school and going out at night. i think once the brazillians leave (the end of this week) it will die down. it is hard to get a good night sleep becuase the mattresses are so thin and nobody really goes to bed until at least 3am. then i have to wake up around 8 15 for school. last weekend was coldest it has been this winter. i ended up going to a bar´and disco called sahara (egyptian theme) in the recolata. I definitly recommend. it has two floors the main one is samba latin rythm music while the top is current dance music.

okay, here is my really embarrasing story. ... during the night there was an entertainer who made a stage out of a couple tables. he was singing and having the audience follow his dance moves. very fun. then, he asked where everyone is from.. he would say brazil and all the people from brazil would cheer and then he would pick someone from brazil to come up on stage. well, i
the doorthe doorthe door

this is the door
got picked from the united states. it turns out that i was to represent the great, invincible USA in an ass shaking contest. i was so embarassed. i had to shake my ass solo enfront of the entire bar... probably about 150-200 people. needless to say i did not win, but after lots of people wanted to talk to me... basic conversation was ¨hi were are you from.... you like argentina... do you like bush becuase i dont like him...¨

then saturday night my residence went to one of the best dance clubs in the city called opera bay. outside it kinda looks like the sydney opera house. it was a huge fun club... probably about 8 salas. everyone had so much fun becuase we all stayed together and danced together. we left around 1 am and i did not get back home until 7am.

after catching up on my sleep, some of my friends and i saw this show called de la guarda. they are internationally recongnized. it was a great show. it is audience interactione.. no seats and most of the show are people on trapeeze above you,running up walls swinging, dancing, . they also play
view from the windowview from the windowview from the window

the view from the window
live music and sing and dance with the audience. with the special effects and lighting it was very entertaining. think of it as a combination between blue man group and circe de sol ..

not much more going on... i dont understand how everyone stays in shape. they eat so much and it is mainly bread, carbs, sugar, sweet stuff. the dinners and lunch are huge. someone told me that argentina is the second highest country with anorexia ... that does not make sense. it is impossible to not eat here especially if they live here and the family dinners..

i am going to a tango show later this week.. hopefully i will face the cold ( its not bad today and it should get warmer) and see more of the city.

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my room, right next to the living room so even if i want to go to bed early, i better turn my music up loud
my comparno de cuartomy comparno de cuarto
my comparno de cuarto

my roommate jodie from texas

the guy is named max. he is crazy. he quite his job to travel and is going back to school in london. he knows dutch, english, some spanish, german, polish and something else.. world travelor hero

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