Published: August 22nd 2008
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So we went to Hopkins planning to spend a couple nights to see the beaches we heard were beautiful and ended up staying a week (of course). We didn't even know at the time but it turned out that the weekend we were there was Hopkins Day weekend. So this usually sleepy town was bustling with people. We stayed at Lebeha, which is the drumming center. We actually ended up making friends with the guy who runs it, Jebar. He is totally crazy, but in a good way. Bryan got some drumming lessons from him, I tried, but quit after not very long. For actual Hokins Day (Saturday) we went to the old school and ate bbq, hung out with the adorable local kids, and listened to the drummers. Sunday was my favorite of all. We went to North Beach bar where a famous (supposedly the most famous band in Belize) Punta Rock band was playing. We made friends with this guy Louie and his brother Jacques (from South Africa) and danced the night away, so much fun! The rest of the time we spent just relaxing.


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