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Dear All Hello again, and greetings this time from Northern Belize – writing this one up from pretty much the remotest, quietest, most peaceful place on my trip so far – a small backpackers’ lodge just outside a tiny fishing village called Sarteneja, on the north-eastern tip of Belize. This really is off-the-beaten track, and it’s actually been pretty much this way for the last four days since I left Belize City. I feel like I’m exploring a part of the country which is little known to tourists, and this also being the low-season in Belize, it is especially quiet and remote. I have only met two other travellers like myself over the last four days, an English-Spanish couple based in Southampton, and they were on the same bus as me from Orange Walk to here, ... read more
Mennonite Boys

(Disclaimer: all animals in the photo's are NOT pets, they will be rehabilitated and released back into the wild) Definitely another great choice to be part of an amazing organisation to make the world better place, also for our endangered and furry friends. Or any friend of that matter who has been deliberately taken from their mother, been a victim of a boat collision, been mistreated mis-fed by their unlawful 'owners' etc. I applied to volunteer at Wildtracks, Sartaneja, Belize. Beautiful lush green surroundings and a huge lake to see stunning sunrises every single day! The start wasn't all happiness; the group of volunteers weren't very open and welcoming to new comers. It felt like Mean Girls meets High School-vibes when I arrived. So far for a 'warm welcome'. Luckily that changed quickly.. After the first ... read more
The property
Cas- play time!
Lexi- peccary

We got an ADO bus from Tulum to Chetumal. The journey took just over three hours, with very similar scenery (mostly trees, with the odd pineapple stand and a couple of small towns) with a bizarre selection of films on the bus. Sadly not Paddington this time, which we watched in Spanish on the journey from Playa to Tulum! Chetumal was a fairly sizeable place, but we only had to walk a few blocks from the shiny bus station to the market to catch our next bus. The buses to Belize are old US school buses that have been colourfully painted and a luggage rack hung inside. We managed to pay in Mexican pesos ($150 each) although for anyone reading this and planning the same trip, we realised as the bus pulled out that there was ... read more

Our Arrival The bus from Orange Walk dropped us at the bus station to the West of the park. It is a few mins walk to the middle of town. Where We Stayed Sea Breeze Hotel - B$60 for a large room with TV and bathroom with hot water. Free water, kitchen available for use and internet. Breakfast available for B$10 and there is a bit of a bar upstairs. We also checked Maya World Guesthouse which was B$55 but didn't have internet. What We Did Not too much - the town is pretty quiet and hardly anything is open on Sundays. Where We Ate There are small stalls and restaurants selling tacos around town. Two for B$1. In the market there are several small restaurants. We had chicken, rice and beans, fried plaintain, mashed potato ... read more

Woke up early today, with our first alarm yet, to pack since we didn't last night. Procrastinators for sure. It was still dark out. Weird! And raining! Awesome! Oh well. We took a cab to Tulum with our Montreal neighbors. They still have 10 more days of travel ahead. They are an inspiration for sure to travel with the little ones. It was quite the cab ride. We left at 7am with hugs from Sirena & Tina. After driving approx 50km for 2.5 hours we were all grateful to get out of that cab. It was a bouncy ride & rainy still but interesting conversation for sure. We arrived at the bus depot in Tulum & our bus to Chetumal was leaving right then, so we hugged our friends & caught the bus. After a 4 ... read more

Troebelachtig geslapen in een veel te klein kamertje, maar na een heerlijk ontbijt op de markt besuiten we besluiteloos dat we niet weten waar naartoe. Katrien wil graag terug naar Mexico. Tom wil de ielandjes gaan verkennen. Na een uurtje staan we opnieuw aan de grens met Mexico. Men roept oins om te melden dat ze de man hebben opgepakt en dat we naar de grenspolitie moeten. In het kantoortje zittern 6 8?9 politieagenten om ons te melden dat ze de dader hebben opgepakt. Ter wijl we in het kantoor zitten wordt de man, zichtbaar van streek, binnengebracht. Vreemde situarie. We worden verzocht buiten te wzhten terwijl ze de kerel fouileren tot op z'n ondergoed. Buiten wachten we samen met een andere vreemde ma, het vieze maffia-type. Blijkt dit de "vriend" te zijn van onze afripper. ... read more

Today is a sad day. Anna, please don’t cry. Today the heat and practicality won over my own desire to have pretty shoes. Today, as I have repacked my bag to head to Orange Walk Town tomorrow afternoon, it is with great sadness that I leave my shoes out to be picked up by some lucky other traveller one day along the line. I knew this day would come. I knew that carrying a heavy bag in such heat would win and my shoes would go. But after only 6 days, this I was not expecting. I will even proudly admit I kissed them goodbye. They were damn pretty shoes… New years eve was good fun. We headed down about 3pm to the local grocer to stock up on some good local rum - One Barrel. ... read more
new year 2
new year 3
 new year 4

Three days here now. We’ve spent the day/night in Corozal at the top of Belize. Was a picturesque town, with plenty to see and do. Also had a large market where stocked up on fruit and vege at a really good price. We gave ourselves a treat of a nice room to stay in and a meal out. We figured if we treat ourselves once a week or two, then we won’t feel too down and out, and we can stay in cheaper places for longer in order to treat ourselves down the line. So it was a great night sleep, a declisous meal and a few beers in a bar later on overlooking the sea. For a town on 9000, there were no backpackers which intrigued us, and made us quite hopeful. There were plenty ... read more
sarteneja beach
view from nature reserve

Well, first impressions of this place - it is incredibly breathtaking. I honestly don’t think I have sat and look at one lot of scenery for so long and not felt like I had taken enough in. We arrived into Belize City at 12pm local time and headed off to the water taxi to take us to San Pedro and onwards to Sarteneja in the Corozal district where we are now. It was beautiful down by the dock, the boat coming in and out, children jumping off buildings into the refreshing water, me and Chad in jeans from near freezing Kentucky weather swallowing as much water as possible. The boat was crowded on the near 1.5hr trip to the island of San Pedro, but we scored a great spot near an exit with the cool ... read more
Belize City Port 2
Belize City Port 3
Boat from San Pedro

Mirador Hotel sits right next to Corozal Bay, with a great rooftop veranda, complete with hammocks! Perfect! Mike, John and I ended up there after our long haul from Isla Mujeres the previous night. Great spot to enjoy my first Belikin beer (and work them off as it is 67 steps up to the veranda - yes, I counted!!!!) The Mirador appears to be the highest building in this garbage-clad town, and provides a great vantage point to watch the goings-on of the fisherman across the street. My room was very sweet, and I had slept like a baby the next before. Not much to this town I soon discovered. Spent my early morning (that darn rooster followed me here from Mexico) taking pics of run-down houses, Church, Clock Tower, etc, as well as watching the ... read more

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