Sarteneja & Corozal

Published: December 31st 2009
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Three days here now. We’ve spent the day/night in Corozal at the top of Belize. Was a picturesque town, with plenty to see and do. Also had a large market where stocked up on fruit and vege at a really good price.
We gave ourselves a treat of a nice room to stay in and a meal out. We figured if we treat ourselves once a week or two, then we won’t feel too down and out, and we can stay in cheaper places for longer in order to treat ourselves down the line. So it was a great night sleep, a declisous meal and a few beers in a bar later on overlooking the sea.
For a town on 9000, there were no backpackers which intrigued us, and made us quite hopeful. There were plenty of tourists around, and the cheapest accommodation about $BZ60 a night, could leave us quite a nice gap in the market.
When we got back to Sarteneja, after much effort of everything operating on ‘belize time’ (water taxi meant to go twice a day, only going once, buses not leaving at all) , we had a chat with the owner of the backpackers paradise, bout how she did it all (she’s from france and brought land here to start setting things up). Was nice to chat to her about it and made things sound quite hopeful and possible for us.
There isn’t much to do in this village, but is a good spot to go visit other areas. We went to the Shipstern Nature Reserve yesterday - famed for having Belize’s 5 cats, 300 species of birds and along with the tapir, Belize’s national animal. We had a jungle walk which ended with us walking up a very high watch tower. Gave us the most amazing views over Sarteneja, Corozal and across to Mexico.
made tortillas for the first time. very easy and actually tasted nice. we were pretty impressed with ourselves.
We’re going to give ourselves a day of tomorrow, just staying round the hostel, do washing etc. There’s a real nice bunch of people staying here at the moment so is a nice way to spend he day.

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31st December 2009

Looks like you guys are having a ball. Happy New Year!

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