Today is a sad day...

Published: January 4th 2010
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Today is a sad day. Anna, please don’t cry. Today the heat and practicality won over my own desire to have pretty shoes. Today, as I have repacked my bag to head to Orange Walk Town tomorrow afternoon, it is with great sadness that I leave my shoes out to be picked up by some lucky other traveller one day along the line.
I knew this day would come. I knew that carrying a heavy bag in such heat would win and my shoes would go. But after only 6 days, this I was not expecting. I will even proudly admit I kissed them goodbye. They were damn pretty shoes…

New years eve was good fun. We headed down about 3pm to the local grocer to stock up on some good local rum - One Barrel. The nights debauchery started around 4pm when we were joined at the backpackers by the rangers & workers from Shipstern National Park. They had ended the year on a high catching a bunch of men illegally taking bay leaves (long leaves that they use to roof cabanas etc). The rangers in the reserve have the rights of police officers, so they arrested the 5 men, took the leaves, their machetes, bags, vehicles, anything and everything used by the men to get the leaves out, and took them down to the local police station. So these guys were ready to celebrate in the new year.
Not too much to say about the night. Just good rum, good fun, good music good conversation and great people, new friends, to bring in the new year with. Was one of those new year celebrations I have long been wanting - nothing planned, no expectations made by anyone that this will be the best new year ever. Just relaxing and dancing with like-minded people. The next morning, or afternoon really, we’d all agreed it was one of the best new year celebrations ever.

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9th January 2010

My heart is breaking
I can't believe you are leaving your babies for a stranger to pick up

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