Published: May 26th 2014
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Our Arrival

The bus from Orange Walk dropped us at the bus station to the West of the park. It is a few mins walk to the middle of town.

Where We Stayed

Sea Breeze Hotel - B$60 for a large room with TV and bathroom with hot water. Free water, kitchen available for use and internet. Breakfast available for B$10 and there is a bit of a bar upstairs.

We also checked Maya World Guesthouse which was B$55 but didn't have internet.

What We Did

Not too much - the town is pretty quiet and hardly anything is open on Sundays.

Where We Ate

There are small stalls and restaurants selling tacos around town. Two for B$1.

In the market there are several small restaurants. We had chicken, rice and beans, fried plaintain, mashed potato and onions for B$6. There are also chicken and bean Fry Jacks for B$1.

There are lots of supermarkets around town, most of which were open on Sunday.

About Corozal

Again Corozal is just another small, quiet, dusty town with not much to do. I wouldn't recommend it as a specific place to visit but is somewhere to stay the night if required.

Where We Went Next

We crossed the border to Mexico (see next post).


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