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Geo: 26.3654, -76.9853We made the jump from the top end of Eleuthera to the Abaco Islands! This involved a jump across a section of the Atlantic ocean. For several hours of the ten hour crossing we saw nothing but blue ocean 360 degrees around us. It was a beautiful day. Did my best to forget that there were MILES of ocean below me. :)I also learned that it is next to impossible to take a panoramic shot on the open ocean. Even though it was a calm day, the wave action makes the horizon look LUMPY. lol. Aug. 8th, 2014 - Abaco A'right!Hello all, We made the crossing from Eleuthera to Little Harbour Cut and are now in the busy, bustling Abaco Islands. Our days of peace and quiet in the 'out islands' are over! There ... read more
Underway (motoring) toward the Atlantic Ocean
Panoramic shots = VERY difficult on a moving boat
...but I tried to capture Ocean all around us.

Geo: 25.4926, -76.8883From Hatchett Bay we positioned ourselves at Egg Island to do the jump across a section of the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Abacos. We waited for a good day, and then exited the bay through the man made cut. It still doesn't look 90 feet wide...those rocks look like they are CLOSE! But we made it out very easily, and had a good sail up to Current Cut, but then the wind died and we motored the rest of the way to Egg Island. Egg Island had very clear, very pretty water. It was HOT with no wind. I dove on the anchor and then snorkeled around the boat for a bit to cool down. Finding a shady, yet breezy, spot on the boat can sometimes be a I wedged myself in by the ... read more
The entrance is 90 feet...seems smaller.
Those rocks are too close for my liking.
It just LOOKS scary. We were fine.

Geo: 25.3502, -76.4942Hatchett Bay calls itself the Bahamas' most protected harbour.... Well isn't that kind of ironic?!?Mother Nature took out her frustrations on the only other boat in the harbour. Protected from wind and waves...yes. From lightning? Nope.Since the lighting strike, we've become "good neighbours" with Mike. He's been doing a ton of work to his boat to recover from the strike (and fire) and move on. Yesterday after he spent the day in his engine well, we had him over for a big spaghetti dinner. Today, Tony hoisted him up his mast so that he could check for any damage - which thankfully he thinks is very minimal. Since the strike took out his auto helm, he gave Tony all of his spare parts for it (since it's the same one we have). We are ... read more
Front Porch, very pretty, good view. But too $$$
The fairgrounds / Playing field

Geo: 25.1962, -76.2467Governor's Harbour was the prettiest and most picturesque harbour we've been to thus far. We also were very happy to find a sports bar with satellite TV so that we could watch the World Cup. Bahamian cable was blocking the games - making them pay-per-view only. ... read more
Visitors: a mom and baby!
The rode our bow wave for a short time...
...and then said goodbye!

Geo: 24.8641, -76.1627We were in Rock Sound for the fireworks and celebrations. Interestingly enough, the party begins the night before so that they can have fireworks at midnight to welcome the 10th of July right from the start!Sorry if the first few pics are repeats. Bad wifi...the fact that I got pics uploaded is impressive!!! ;) July 6th, 2014 - Cat Island for 10 days and now Eleuthera!Hello everyone!From picking up our package in Georgetown, Great Exuma, we sailed over to Cat Island to meet up with Bliss II again. It was 40 nautical miles (nm) across the Exuma Sound to Cat Island (Hawk's Nest Point - the southernmost point of the island). It was a good day of sailing and we were there in nine hours. From there we made our way north, anchoring at ... read more
Arriving in Rock Sound after 12 hours
Ocean Hole.
Rock Sound

Geo: 24.8641, -76.1627We are now in wonderfully sheltered and heavenly calm Rock Sound, Eleuthera. We are back in "civilization" and I was thrilled to find an open wifi signal with my wifi booster. Cat Island was pretty remote and wifi was hard, if not impossible, to find.Rock Sound has everything we could possibly need...a HUGE grocery store, Napa Auto Parts and large hardware store, laundromat, and plenty of little restaurants. There is only one other boat here, "Agave" and surely enough it's a family (Alex, Avi and their two sons) we met while we were back in GGT for those few days before going to Cat two weeks ago. I visited the "Ocean Hole" on our first full day here with Alex and her two sons. I even swam in it! It apparently has 'healing properties'...Differing ... read more
Arrival in Rock Sound. Tired, but happy.
Ocean Hole.

Geo: 24.3546, -75.4816From GGT we hopped over to Cat Island to meet up with Bliss II again. We left the Conch Cay Cut (top of Georgetown Harbour) and arrived at Hawk's Nest Point (bottom end of Cat Island) nine hours later. It was a good day of sailing, even though the seas were a bit rough there was a good wind that allowed us to carve nicely through the waves.Once on Cat Island, we spent the first night anchored just east of Hawk's Nest Point. On day two we moved to New Bight to meet Bliss II. New Bight is the 'new' main town on Cat Island and is this island's regatta site. There are several restaurants and bars, a large hardware / grocery store, and everything that we could possibly need. Here, together with Rita ... read more
Similar to "mistletoe" only a boxing glove... :)
Cave exploration.
Enjoying a mango smoothie aboard Bliss II

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Geo: 23.5185, -75.7567Calabash Bay, Long Island to GGTWe made a quick trip back to GGT to pick up a package, stock up on groceries, swim with our favourite dolphin Nicky, and say our goodbyes to the locals we've gotten to know. Next stop, Cat Island!... read more
Grand Isle Resort, Great Exuma
Grand Isle Resort, Great Exuma
Grand Isle Resort, Great Exuma

Geo: 23.3076, -75.1087We've crossed the Tropic of Cancer!!!After anchoring in Thompson Bay (town of Salt Pond) for two nights, we turned northward to Calabash Bay where we anchored off the Cape Santa Maria Resort. Simply Beautiful!!! June 13th, 2014 – Georgetown to Long Island – Crossed the Tropic of Cancer!Hello all,We are "officially" in the TROPICS!!! Enroute from GGT to Long Island, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer. It must be warmer here...the water temp went up from 33.5 degrees Celcius at our beachy Stocking Island anchorage to 36.5 in Thompson Bay. The water in Thompson Bay almost felt too warm. Bath-like.From there we rented a car with our friends Dave and Rita (Bliss II) and toured the southern end of Long Island. It was a fun day and we saw many of the sights including ... read more
Beautiful day
GGT to Long Island. Absolute PERFECTION!!
Long Island Regatta "party" boat.

Geo: 23.3076, -75.1087We rented a car with Bliss II and traveled from Salt Pond (mid island) to the southern areas.Clarence TownThe old Salt Plant ruinsMANY churchesThe Long Island Museum and Library ... read more
Oldest Church on the island

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