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Day 25-the 2nd time that the landowner has knocked on to give us mangos. beginning to think hes up to something. Amelia (who hates kids) saw a kid who she considered as cute and actually smiled at him!!! Loz had got food poisoning and was too weak to pick up a bottle of water. Went to the beach later and loz collapsed on the side road and the diva couldnt move for an hour. Day 26- A pigeon had a soft spot for nat, followed her downtown and wouldnt leave her alone. Went to the ice cream parlour after work and Nat came out with blue teeth and lips. The landowner came round twice in the evening and brought us mangos. Wondering if lozzas food poisoning is from the landowners generous fruit giving. Loz and amelia ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 10th 2012

Day 20-went to work, Loz came out of work unexpectedly to be greeted by the major peri Gomez and was interviewed for Bahamian news. Came home from work and got caught in the heaviest rain, thunder and lightening. The road turned into a river. That evening popped the news on to watch loz searching for her 100cc normal saline on tv. Day 21-Went downtown nassau to get drinks in the supermarket, Nat found a shark postcard, knowing loz has a serious phobia of sharks she decides to chase her round the supermarket with the postcard and have her screaming. Went to see Nadine at the craft cottage and drank coconut water. Amelia drank watermelon juice and was told that it was a natural viagra. Later Nat got robbed outside senor frogs and cried. Went into senor ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 5th 2012

day 17- Tried conch for the first time, as all the bahamians havn't shut up about it. Not much to comment on it. Excessive sweating at work today. dived in the sea when we finished. Nat came home and slept like a baby. Amelia and loz watched Miss America and slagged all the girls off for their fake smiles and tacky outfits. day 18-Woke up a million times in the night being bitten alive. Went to work, got a lift off tyrone on the way home. Tyrone being the 'relationship expert' gave us the big talk....think we all had our disagreements with him about men. Loz went for a run. All feeling pretty homesick that evening, sarcy pants Loz tries to cheer to girls up with watching the most exciting man on the planet sir james ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas June 1st 2012

day 14- loz cleaned the whole of the apartment. The apartment itself was pretty much a beach with the amount of sand we had brought in. Later ditzy nat realised she had lost all her documents from the day before and ended up finding them later in the supermarket. Nat and loz went to Dominoes, ate a million lava cakes and were almost sick in the process. Mart went back home to manchesda. Day 15- Went to Sandyport, heaviest rain along with thunder and lightening. Roads were flooded. Nat and loz thought it would be funny to push each other in the flooded road. Arrived back at the apartment like drowned rats. Scrubbed up good and proper and got ready to go downtown. Before we headed out, had a competition..who could do the most embarassing dance ... read more

day 11-For legal reasons, we can't include info about our jobs on this blog. Loz has kept a diary which can only be described as outrageous and is bound to shock people back home. With our bikinis on underneath our clothes, we head straight to the beach on paradise island after work. watched the final of americas bets dance crew. That night the island had a powercut, no water and no electricity. we were not impressed. day 12-Couldnt see much whilst getting ready for work. Nat fell over everything. Headed to Atlantis resort on paradise island in the evening with nadine. We were definitely in the right place to find a hot wadded hunk. Went to the aquarium and saw the biggest stingray which resembled a space ship. Able to touch the starfish, loz put her ... read more

Hello folks. When we started our trip in 2009 a good friend said something to the effect of, "Don't spend too much time reporting back home. Just enjoy yourselves." Guess we're there now. Sorry for neglecting our 'blogligations'. The first part of this year has slipped by in sunny, tropical way. Thanks to finding a peaceful marina at Bahama Bay by Xanadu Beach, we've been fully occupied with warm breezes, great beaches, fish fries and fine new friends. Our tentative plan when we arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island was to zip around the corners of the Bahamas, like proper cruisers. But instead, we found an opportunity to do all the things that we love and staying was not a decision. Being able to participate in a vibrant community and to be included in day to ... read more
Economy on hold
Frank jamming on Sunday
Catch your own

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas May 26th 2012

Day 8-Woke up to the sun shining in our bahamian crib. Discovered more bites on our body. Nat did all the ironing..her favourite hobby. Went to Cable beach to tan our tushes. Came home and skyped friends and fam. Rach was well impressed with lozzas and nats skype dance. Drank a bottle of rum and went down to Senor frogs. Had the biggest fajita platter along with 3 yards each. The yards went straight to lozzas head and the karaoke man got her up on the karaoke with him. The graduation yanks arrived, the worst dancers ever may i add. Headed home in the early hours of the morning and continued the party back at our apartment. Day 9- Went to the beach for cat naps, hottest day so far. Loz and Amelia got woke up ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas May 25th 2012

Day 7- Turned on the news to be warned that a tornado is heading our way. Nothing stopped us going to the beach that morning for a swim. Came off the beach later and spoke to a man who told us that there are hammerheads and tiger sharks in the sea and no nets are in place. The monsoon rain didnt stop all morning and we headed to Nassau International airport to meet Mart 'Stephenshon.' On arrivals a man was standing with a board with 'Micheal Douglas and celebrity friends' written on it. Micheal Douglas and Morgan Freeman were to arrive to host the celebrity golf tournament in paradise island. Later Mart arrived and introduced us to his many mates that he had met on the plane. Went to Marts hotel, the sandyport beach resort. The ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau » Bahamas May 25th 2012

day 5, Woke up to find that amelia had slept with a knife next to her bed for safety. She had also put a chair in front on our apartment door 'just incase anyone decides they wanto to kidnap us.' Nat had a fight with the recliner chair and broke it and also broke the tv. Went to the bank twice in the day because were big business women. On the way back, went to the liquor store for some rum. The man asked if we wanted to try rum, so we had 10 shots of rum each to test. Went out later with 3 bottles of rum and Loz fell off the kerb. Went to subway and then went back to meet one of the landlords, clinton. On greeting him, he told us that there ... read more

Day 3 we met the landlord for the first time named miss rowles who looked like she was from 'sister sister'. We then headed to the beach and the sun was beating down on us. The immature kids in the group nat and loz decide to do a twizzer on the sand, only for nat to let go of lozzas hands and for her to go flying into the sea. After 4 hours on the beach we head back to our apartment and Amelia resembled a lobster. sunstroke right there!! We later then walk to the supermarket, a 15 minute walk. The sun was out and nat couldnt look more like curly sue and loz looked liked a little jewish boy. blessed with the frizz. Arrived at the supermarket and loz stocked up on her peanut ... read more

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