Photos from Bahamas, Central America Caribbean

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Fishermen in Governor's Harbour
Fresh Conch Salad
The Bight of Acklins
Lever du soleil en mer
Warderick well's
Norman's cay
365 îles
Pipe creek
That's a big burrito...
More RED
Haircut on the Beach
Last Sunset
Kona The Salty Dog
9 A halo around the sun. An ominous sign.
Lone tree
Many shades of blue
Horse race arena
Horse race arena
Sailboats lined up
Lone tree
Guy on a boat
Fort Charlotte
Paradise Island
Getting Some Sun
Drinks on the Water Taxi
Ginny and the Golden Creature of Some Sort
and cool
Absaroque tout seul dans la baie rouleuse de Pigeon Cay
MC, Claudia, France et Danièle
Pink Sands Beach Again
Pink Sands Beach Sunrise
Great Stirrup Cay
Loving Life
Jimy and his Ladies
Our New Monogram (backwards)
bahamas 093
Quelle  paix !
Sharks on the Deck
swimming pig
They call them Curly Tails
Moorings at Wardrick Wells
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