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Ahhh . . . the pre-COVID travel days. I’m so happy that I was able to sneak this one in. I took the opportunity to get away during our spring break from March 10-15th. Any later and I wouldn’t have gotten any international travel in for 2020. In fact, as we were sitting on the runway to return on the 15th there was talk of cancelled flights. I didn’t know his name at the time but the guy sitting next to me on the plane happened to be David Dembroski, president of the company that runs the Property Brothers TV show. When there was a delay while we were sitting on the tarmac, we just sort of looked at each other and said ‘well, if ever there was a good place to get stranded . . ... read more
Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera
Flying In

Good morning from Princess Cays – a privately owned beach on one of Bahama’s southern islands. We got up and met the Seibert’s for a breakfast in the Dining Room at 8:00. Today was a leisurely paced affair so we had plenty of time for breakfast. Janet was able to get her favorite meal – Eggs Benedict. Today is our first port call, except there isn’t a port and we anchored off the island. Then a series of shuttles transferred everyone ashore who wanted to go ashore. We didn’t have to get into the usual life boats but instead there were larger double-decker boats taking about 200 at a time. Jim, Kathy, and David went ashore and Janet stayed on the Regal Princess to visit with the Knitters and Knatters. The three of us got our ... read more
View of Princess Cays from Shuttle
Some small fish swimming near the dock,
Regal Princess

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau February 9th 2019

Be sure you have your Sea Card ready again. We are now at the Port Of Nassau. Remember our final port was changed from Labadee, Haiti to Nassau. No big deal because we have been to both before. Actually, we prefer Nassau over Labadee so all is well.....good and dandy. As I crawl out of bed and flop out onto our balcony......just like a fish out of water as I hurl myself through the sliding doors....I watched another cruise ship smoothly and slowly come along side ours as we are docked in Nassau. It was The Independence of the Seas by Royal Caribbean. Looks like a beauty. Soon after, a Disney ship, a Carnival Ship (Victory) and another cruise ship all docked in a row along with us. Think of the thousands and thousands and thousands ... read more
Independence of the Seas docked next to us
Disney Cruise Ship
Cruise Ships lining up

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau January 16th 2019

Sail away from Fort Lauderdale was lovely.The ship’s horn sounded and we slowly pulled away from the berth. I picked out my dream house as we sailed by; small by beachfront standards but with a pool. Would love to able to watch the marine traffic from my deck. A Coast Guard cutter escorted us our, keeping other boats away. Folks waved from shore and blasted air horns to see us off. Decided to eat early. Happy Hour is no more. This was always a good time to meet people but so goes the industry. We were about 1/2 hour out when the Captain announced that we had a critically ill passenger and we would be turning back to Lauderdale to meet a high speed boat. Not even four hours into the cruise. Hope the person is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau October 4th 2018

The ship rocked & rolled last night while the thunder and lighting and rain pounded the ship all night. We slept great. We sailed into pouring rain in Nassau, Bahamas around 8am. By the time we were off the ship the rain had stopped and the humidity was all that remained. It was hot today. We took a tour to Nassau’s “Top Ten” spots. We liked about three or four of them. We agreed no more ship tours for us. We should have learned our lesson years ago. Regardless, we enjoyed spending time walking around the Atlantis Resort on our own. We bought a souvenir in their gift shop. We went to a rum cake factory (so-so) and to a rum distillery (awesome). The rum distillery tour was outside and self-guided so we skipped the tour ... read more
Sailing into Nassau
A resort on Nassau
Wet hair, don't care

Kamie woke-up at 6:02am this morning. He was awake, lights on, and out of bed before 7:30am yesterday. I cannot get this man out of bed before 3pm sometimes at home and this is what he chooses to do on vacation?? Eh. We arrived in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas today. Half Moon Cay is Carnival’s privately-owned island so it’s only Carnival employees and Carnival cruisers on the island. It’s one big beach party. Sand like flour. Aqua waters. Beautiful. We put on our swimsuits, lathered and sprayed 100 proof sunscreen everywhere, and caught one of the first water shuttles over to the island. I swam a lot more than Kamie. It was the kind of place I could stay all day if I had some sort of floaty and Kamie would stay with me. However, within ... read more
Half Moon Cay (the tip of the island)
Our Ship - Carnival Victory
Pirate Ship (Bar and BBQ) on Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas White, white, white, clean powdery sand in a crescent moon shape with palm trees ringing the beach. The sky is deep blue, the waters warm and turquoise. The perfect Caribbean island right out of Robinson Crusoe. We are spending the day in a fairy tale. The beaches are groomed, there are young, strong lifeguards every 400 feet, and our clamshell cabana awaits us. This island is owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Lines which also owns the Veendam, our Holland American ship. We settle in spreading our towels on the lounge chairs, shed our beach cover ups and head for a walk to the far reaches of the beach. As the small waves lap at the shore, our feet hit what seems like cold water, but that’s just because we are so ... read more
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas,
Sea Grapes

It's not the alarm that awakens us at 7. It's the whirring of motors and clanging of metal against metal that brings us out of an otherwise restful night's sleep. Just below our window sits a 50' commercial vessel, bobbing up and down, with a small crane swinging about. Several workmen are moving some materials on or off the ship through the access door on Deck A, two levels down. Now the alarm clock sounds and, while the commotion below is over, there is no return to "dreamland" so we're up. Our ship is scheduled to moor off Half Moon Cay at 8am where we have reserved another clam shell, the same thing we had last week. Since we're free to come and go to the island at any time between 8-4pm, we take our time ... read more
Welcome to the Island
Half Moon Cay From Our Ship
On the Ferry to Half Moon Cay

Today our stop is Half Moon Cay. Holland America Line’s Half Moon Cay was named for its long crescent beach. Both HAL’s vessels and Carnival Cruise Lines ships stop at this privately-owned paradise. Located on 55 acres of the 2,400-acre Little San Salvador Island, It is an international bird sanctuary in The Bahamas and only two percent of the island is developed. We've been here several times before and participated in some of the activities offered. There's a variety to choose from: horseback riding on the sand and through the surf, a stingray adventure,a visit to the Half Moon Lagoon Aqua Park, maybe a hike on a nature trail or simply relaxing in an air-conditioned, private beachfront cabana. That doesn't make sense for us at $500/day but a group could rent one complete with butler service ... read more
Sunrise Over the Caribbean From Balcony
On the Tender Toward the Island
Beach at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Today we are at a private section of the island of Eleuthera, which is part of the Bahamas. Princess owns full access to this section and most of their Caribbean cruises stop here. Columbus discovered the Bahamas by landing here on Oct 12, 1492 before continuing his voyage. The guide from our tour today (we’re getting ahead of ourselves) said this island is about the midpoint of the 700 islands that make up the Bahama Archipelago. There are roughly 13,000 full time inhabitants here. Where we are, it is only about 50 miles to the west before you come to the coast of Florida. You can use Google or maybe ask Alexa for more information, so we won’t duplicate that information any further. But it is a scenic location and the temperature this morning was about ... read more
Welcome to Princess Cays
Some of the many people
Regal Princess

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