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Sunday July 14 - Today I took a day trip to Barbuda, the other main island of this country. I woke up before 5am, and got up a little after, about the same time my roommate came back from her night out. Apparently they start Carnival here earlier than the official dates, so that is probably where she was partying. I want to sleep later. I had breakfast, talked to Jeroen, watched tv and got ready for the day. I met Ale at 8:10, as she had my ticket and was going to take me over to the boat. I’m unclear why she was involved, since the boat just met us at the beach here. I wonder if she made money on the ticket? The boat was supposed to pick us up at 8:30, but it ... read more
Dickenson Bay
Yellow-crowned night heron eating crab
Yellow-crowned night heron eating crab

So, where have we been since our last blog entry? We left Jolly Harbour, Antigua on Sunday, May 13th (Mother’s Day) at 7:30AM and put our anchor down at Cocoa Point, Barbuda at 1:45PM – what a lovely sail it was! Yes, I know you may not believe it, but not all sails are lovely depending on the direction of the wind, the direction and size of the waves or the number of squalls you might encounter. Luckily this trip was a great one – we did see one squall coming so prepared for it, but luckily we only got some extra wind and a few rain drops as we skirted the edge of the squall. Barbuda is a very flat island with its highest point 125 feet above sea level, therefore difficult to see until ... read more
Net Fishing
Postcard or Reality?
Tsamaya at anchor

We arrived back in Cusco from the Inca trail saturday night exhausted and ready for bed. Jane's birthday was the same day Lucille & I start Spanish lessons & volunteering so we made Sunday the bigger birthday celebration. We met friends from the Inca trail at The Real McCoy's an English pub that served Sunday roasts, crumble and custard. It may not have compared to our mother's versions but it was very good! In the evening we met up with Aussy Mark and went for drinks and enjoyed some dancing at a local discotheque.    The Spanish classes were great, as Lucile had already participated in a week's school we had individual tutors after the first day. They were really good and we learnt a lot. One day my lesson went to a local food Market ... read more

Barbuda's 11 mile beach has to be one of the best in the Caribbean. The name indicates the length and the sand is the softest powder with a hint of pink given by the crustaceans local to here. It's not that easy to get here, unless you make use of the local hotel's helicopter. To sail here, the wind has to have no north in it otherwise there's an uncomfortable swell. We left Antigua early in the morning to arrive in Barbuda before midday with the sun behind us to ensure that we could navigate through the reefs and shallow water. The photos help to give an indication about the place. The town doesn't seem to get tourists at all. To get into Codrington there's a two mile boat ride to get past, which was incredibly ... read more
Rainmaker at the beach
Kite surfer
Customs office

11th January 2010 We met a few of our friends in Jolly Harbour and had a good evening, it was fun to see them all. The next day we were setting off for Barbuda, Alan has fitted the chartplotter and it is working fine. Sailing from Antigua to Barbuda means some of the journey is in the lee of Antigua so relatively calm. When we set off yesterday the wind was blowing about 12-15 knots and the sea a fantastic turquoise blue. It was very hot, even with the breeze, soon we left the lee and headed towards Barbuda, it was an easy fetch and the sail was filling nicely. The island of Barbuda is very low lying and it was hard to see anything until we were about 4 miles away, then a few ... read more
alan mending the engine as usual
me relaxing at barbuda
me snorkelling

We have often been asked, “What is your favorite island in the Caribbean?” This is a very difficult one for us to answer because we love many different islands for many different reasons. Some islands have great cultural and historical interest, others have great shopping and restaurants, some are great for exploring because of the natural wonders both above and below the sea, and yet others are just a peaceful getaway. So we struggle to find just one answer. But for us, there is no doubt that our favorite beach in the entire Caribbean is Barbuda, a tranquil island that is 27 miles north of Antigua. You probably have never heard of Barbuda because in the latest survey, it was ranked as the seventh least known holiday destination in the world. There is literally no tourist ... read more
Rum Runner
Long Walk on the Beach

Barbuda Reefs, blue blue sea, white sand, a handful of yachts and a few wild donkeys. The wind on the reef is causing a huge roar, and the boats anchored close to it must be deafened. We are anchored back a bit amongst the coral atolls, and the last few days have been totally idyllic. We have snorkelled, the nearby atolls are amazingly rich in sea life, we saw a big ray fluttering on the bottom. Standing on the boat you can see the sand quite clearly in the translucent blue water. Barbuda is basically a desert island, it is inhabitated by about 1500 people but they all live on the other end of the island in a village called Codrington. Barbuda was originally owned by the Codrington family and was a slave farm, we cannot ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3

Well our trip has finally come to an end after a long day of waiting for one airplane to be fixed, shopping on Antigua and waiting at the airport for our Delta flight home! What a terrific trip with an incredible group of students and adults. The team was prepared for the task, but did a great job of trusting in God for strength and not themselves. We truly lived up to our theme: Souls Saved . Lives Changed Thank you to all who had a part in giving and praying for this trip. The blog has been updated with pictures if you want to re-read some of the entries and put pictures to the words. Also I have updated more pictures on the following website: May God bless you all and may we all ... read more
Joycelyn Henry
Barbuda Pentecostal Church

Around 4 we arrived at our camping site. It was different from the other beach we went to because there were more waves and rocks and stuff (pollution.) The boys set up the tents while the girls played in the ocean. Soon, they joined us! For dinner, we experienced true Barbudan food :roti, fried chicken, and bakes. Roti is a burrito- type wrap filled with curry chicken and potatoes. After dinner we split up into boys and girls to have a small group service. Before we went to bed, we took a beautiful walk on the beach. The moon was full and the sky was so clear. You could feel God's presence especially during that moment. It's amazing. Then we "slept" but it was kinda challenging with just a sheet on the ground and random moments ... read more

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