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Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 24th 2010

...like we decided, our last day of the expo we visited the rest of the Best Urban Practices area, again being very comfortable to visit compared to the crowds on the other side of the river and again, giving us a lot of good stuff! I was amazed by all the different info I got served here literally "in the face": 80 projects from around the world that demonstrate innovative solutions to urban issues, such as water treatment, energy conservation, transport, social interaction, and bring residents into closer contact with nature. To say again, both zone D and zone E are mostly set inside the area that has four factories that once belonged to Jiangnan Shipyard and Nanshi Power Plant. They have been renovated and converted into pavilions for the Expo. Afterwards, they will be converted ... read more
Japanese Industry Pavillion
Japanese Industry Pavillion
Japanese Industry Pavillion

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 19th 2010

The Pudong Expo Area on a second day we gave it a try, with high hopes to wait in lines as little as possible and to see as much as possible... Discussing how much time we are actually ready to wait for a single pavillion, while some of them really have queues of 3h waiting time ( China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Saudi Arabia pavillion ...), Emi was approached by a woman, asking her if she could pose for her, cause she's looking for most fashionably dressed visitors of the Expo for some chinese fashion magazine. So, we have one fasionable person with us! =) This side of the river is much more crowded than the Puxi site and here's where the real crowds are. UK Pavillion Estimated waiting time: 3 units of Forever Time waited: 1h ... read more
Portugal pavillion
a cork facade
Bosnia and Herzegovina pavillion

Asia » China » Shanghai May 17th 2010

GETTING IN... was not really the hardest thing ever =) Actually, I usually have to wait longer at my hometown cinema! However...it wasn't really a weekend-day today and we did decide to cunningly enter the Expo site from the Puxi part of the town, where less crowded corporate pavillions and urban best practices area lie. Since we're giving the Expo 3 days of time, we decided that it's not going to be all just queueing for the most reknown sites. This basic plan was a good plan, cause we waited for about 40min for entering the Space Home Pavillion and it was the only waiting we did in the whole day! URBAN BEST PRACTICES AREA is a part of the Expo where cities, towns or even villages can participate by presenting their positive practices cases that ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong May 16th 2010

Evo nas na kitajskem! Po pritanku nas jetakoj doletela vonja s sper hitrim Maglevom in dobesedno 300na uro smo oddrvele v center do svojih hotelv, ki so vsem izpolnili pričakovanja. Vlakec je superca, sicer nismo šli do konca hitr, ma ko se nagne je res dober filing in ni ti slabo, kot pri našem domačem pendolinu =) Ne boste verjel, sam na poti proti Shanghaiu tale vlakec šibne tudi mimo prav tisih blokov, od katerih se je lani eden prekucnil in smo lahko gledal po vsem svetu fotkekako to gre...da piloti ven pogedajo, medtem, ko so vse šipe ostale cele. Takoj sem prepoznala mesto zločina! ...upam da ga nazaj grede uspem ujeti v objektiv. Ko smo pri objektivih...takoj na vlakcu smo bile seveda atrakcija! Na nas so se spravile prov simpatične enske srednjih let, kitajke_vesele turistke, ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 11th 2009

This post is architectural... So basically just photos of a certain building complex in Yangshuo. This project by Standardarchitecture architects that was finished in May of 2005 left me a bit dissapointed. It is located in the centre of Yangshuo, on the west bank of the river Jiang. The building complex was easy to find, cause it really stands out in a good way. From what I knew from the photos and the year of completion of the project, I expected it to be partially under cover, hidden under some basic layer of neon and ever present advertisements that nowadays come in all the shapes and sizes in China. What a surprise: the buildings are practically empty (therefore easily recognisable)! Nothing big inside besides one restaurant in the ground floor and maybe some other smal occupated ... read more
the building complex
the building complex
the facade

Asia » China » Guangxi » Longsheng » Pingan October 4th 2009

From a touristic MUST SEE STOP that I made in Yangshuo, I headed up north to see the famous Longji rice terraces. To avoid time killing with transfers I took a direct "onedaytrip" from Yangshuo ...just one way. So by noon I was already feasting on sticky rice, steamed in bamboo stems. What a taste! Soon (by the evening, when I of course went for another one) I learned that it's essential that the bamboo is fresh, from a clean areas like all around up here and that the dish must still be served hot (wasn't really the case with the evening dish). Anyhow...it's the gentlest taste a rice can have and hope to have another opportunity to have it some day soon! After carrying my backpack totally to the top of the village, where the ... read more
up the hill
into the village
that is all going up the hill

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo October 4th 2009

Because Yangshuo was so hot and humid it was impossible to live, I decided to spend my days on the water, kayaking and canoeing. I did a kayak descent on a Li river and an air canoe descent on a Yulong river. So I gave my camera a rest and it was in a room for most of my stay there (what a relief for my back!) Scenery is impresive! A bit less impressive however is all the trash that is flowing on both of the rivers surfaces.I mentioned it to my water agency guide and he explained it was just a result of too many tourists. There was a lot of non tourist stuff floating in both Li and Yulong rivers. I agree its a same problem in all touristic areas, but here, they don ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Chengyang September 14th 2009

...so finally, after leaving the rice terraces behind in the morning mist of a rainy day... after some 3 hours of a bus ride I got to the place I wanted to visit and discover the most on this trip- the land of the Dong minority. With huge huge expectations! A small (cca. 2.9 - 3 million) nation known for it's special talent of carpentry wich results in amazing own architectural styles: two special public building types and very own construction principles for residential building. My first Dong area to stay at for three days was the Sanjiang County, with the famous Cengyang wind and rain bridge and about seven small Dong villages around. the Dong Wind and Rain Bridge A type of bridge got it's name from the fact of being such strong and secure ... read more
...to one of the biggest and most magnificent wind-and-rain bridges of the Dong minority
2 pedestals + 3 piers = 5 towers on top of them
the monumental entrance to the Ma'an village area

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang September 14th 2009

A very common discussion you hear while traveling in Yunnan among visitors is whether they prefer Dali or Lijiang and there is always defenders of both destinations. Here I would be a definite fan of Dali, cause whats going on in Lijiang is madness. It was all there, everything that has been promised to me: the meandering cobbled streets with oh so many channels, three pit wells, water wheels, flowers (cause it IS Yunnan!) and weeping willows to go with that. But besides this super charming formula there is just about a million of tourists to go with that. And impossible conditions are created. (Its not even possible to be alone on the streets in the early morning....to get good shots, cause all the photographers come out ...with the same goal). If the old town will ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming September 14th 2009

...Government square in the centre of Kunming... Every evening! To me....they seem happy!... read more
...under the flag
everybody in motion
the night fountain

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