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May 17th 2010
Published: May 19th 2010
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was not really the hardest thing ever =) Actually, I usually have to wait longer at my hometown cinema! However...it wasn't really a weekend-day today and we did decide to cunningly enter the Expo site from the Puxi part of the town, where less crowded corporate pavillions and urban best practices area lie. Since we're giving the Expo 3 days of time, we decided that it's not going to be all just queueing for the most reknown sites. This basic plan was a good plan, cause we waited for about 40min for entering the Space Home Pavillion and it was the only waiting we did in the whole day!


is a part of the Expo where cities, towns or even villages can participate by presenting their positive practices cases that improoved their people's living standards. All participants here are internationally recognised and together provide a platform for exchange different positive urban development experience. Themes are: Livable Cities, Sustainable Urbanisation, Conservation and Utilisation of Cultural Heritage and Technological Innovations in Built Environment.

Most of the buildings are built on an existing site of some industry and docks area, so many times pavillions are set inside or around a previously existing construction, again being in context of the themes presented here...

Already when passing first few participants of this area it was clear to us, that here is where the essence lies if you're more into the true meaning of the Better City, Better Life. Places where you can not just pass by and check it on your 'visited' and 'stamped in the Expo Passport' list.

The pics...there are many! I just posted a few....there could be a photo story for half of the pavillions that we visited today. We definately are giving another afternoon to this area, cause it's worth it!

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