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October 11th 2009
Published: November 8th 2009
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This post is architectural... So basically just photos of a certain building complex in Yangshuo.

This project by Standardarchitecture architects that was finished in May of 2005 left me a bit dissapointed. It is located in the centre of Yangshuo, on the west bank of the river Jiang. The building complex was easy to find, cause it really stands out in a good way. From what I knew from the photos and the year of completion of the project, I expected it to be partially under cover, hidden under some basic layer of neon and ever present advertisements that nowadays come in all the shapes and sizes in China. What a surprise: the buildings are practically empty (therefore easily recognisable)! Nothing big inside besides one restaurant in the ground floor and maybe some other smal occupated places. I was free to discover it without anyone minding my presence, having access to all the parts of the building. A sad feeling about it, cause in just few years this good architecture is already showing traces of poor materials being used for many details of the building. Before the place will be sold to any good occupant, they will have to renew it again. Unfortunately I don't know about any stories about the building, but something doesn't feel right about it.

Additional photos below
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side buildings spacesside buildings spaces
side buildings spaces

Both side buildings are divided into workshop units that allow also a simple dwelling for a shop worker. It's still a very common thing that some people practically live where they work, so you can't be surprised if they sleep right there...in the shop itself!
middle building spacesmiddle building spaces
middle building spaces

the middle volume of the building complex has 2 levels of single open space and a roof terrace above it. All offering a chance of creating pleasant environments
side building spacesside building spaces
side building spaces

an outside corridor to the workshop units

8th November 2009

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