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14th October 2016

ı love you antalya
From Blog: Enjoying Antalya
4th June 2015

Last night I read to my 4 year old grandson...
the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Today I showed him your pictures of the actual cathedral and the close up of the gargoyles. Now he understands. Thanks!
From Blog: Spring in Paris
26th April 2015
Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque
Beautiful combination of mosque, flowers, fountains and sky! Best, Monique
1st April 2015

Montserrat Tour
We are from Stoney Creek, Ontario and have enjoyed reading your blog. We will be in Barcelona end of May for 3 days, pre-Mediterranean cruise. You have provided us with lots of sight-seeing options, but wondered if you could give us a link to Jose that was your tour guide for Montserrat. If not, no worries...enjoy the rest of your travels
3rd April 2015

Thanks for reading our blog! I totally enjoy writing about our adventures. We are from just Meaford, Ontario, which is near Owen Sound. Being in Europe for 3 months, it is an easy way to keep a journal of our experiences. Jose was awesome and quite honest when he said for us to give people we know his email if they are coming to Barcelona ! If you want the Montserrat tour it is through a tour office right on La Rambla and is called Castleperience Wine Tours and Activities. Otherwise Jose's email address is jcherrojo@me.com. He only has one day off a week so you should probably get a hold of him soon. I hope you enjoy your cruise and your time in beautiful Barcelona!
1st April 2015

Montserrat Tour
We are from Stoney Creek, Ontario and have enjoyed reading your blog. We will be in Barcelona end of May for 3 days, pre-Mediterranean cruise. You have provided us with lots of sight-seeing options, but wondered if you could give us a link to Jose that was your tour guide for Montserrat. If not, no worries...enjoy the rest of your travels
29th March 2015

Your pictures look like post cards! Such beautiful country! AND I love your commentary of your daily treks! Enjoy!!
29th March 2015

"Making Connections"
Now that you are in Italy, I really think you should take a sidetrip to Reggio Emilia! See it in action in its purest form! :) Enjoying the travels through your blog!
24th March 2015

reading your blog
We are heading to Barcelona at the end of the month. I would love to know the travel company you used for the wine tasting. Jose would be a nice view as well! Enjoyed your blog and took notes for things that we need to see and do. Especially looking for good Paella. Enjoy your travels!!! Ruth/Seattle Washington
25th March 2015

Beautiful Barcelona
Hi Ruth, You will love Barcelona! Thanks for following our blog. It is such a great way to let people know of the wonderful places we have been able to visit as well as a means for us to keep a journal. On La Rambla there is a booth set up that is dedicated to offering different tours as well as selling FC Barcelona soccer tickets. We made our arrangements there, paid, got our tickets and were told where to meet the tour guides (out front of the Hard Rock Cafe at the Plaza Catalunya). We are not huge fans of doing organized tours but we really wanted to get to Montserrat and it seemed to be difficult to arrange by trains so we opted for this tour (and since we love wine as well!). Anyway, there is a brochure at the booth that is called Castlexperience Wine Tours and Activities. You can google it and see all the different ones they offer and the cost. We decided on the 1/2 day Montserrat, wine and tapas tour. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure any of the ones they offer are great. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, speaking impeccable English. We were fortunate to be in a small group, perhaps because of the time of year and you may be lucky as well. The wine part takes place away from Montserrat at a castle winery. In our opinion it was worth the money. Hopefully if you decide to go you will enjoy it as well. They offer another one that includes a Catalan meal at a restaurant. Might be worth a try. My best advice to you is that, depending on where you are staying and you are physically able, walk around the city as much as possible. This is how you get the true feel for Barcelona. The couple on the wine tour with us had been there as long as we had and took the Metro to places they wanted to see. Metro is great but you miss so many things in between. We love walking along the streets, map in hand. The beachfront and Port Vell is worth a visit. You have to try the Gazpacho too. It is delicious, along with the paella. The restaurants on La Rambla offer good prices for meals but heading down the sidestreets is where you really find some wonderful spots to eat. Enjoy Barcelona!!
14th March 2015

Sounds like a great time
I can't remember your name, but your face rings a bell....
From Blog: Exploring Cuenca
4th March 2015
He is Done!

OMG ... cannot believe your story! lol ... I would have been so rattled that I would not have been able to think or laughing uncontrollably! Hope your trail gets smoother!!
25th January 2015

Happy birthday Curtis!!
Enjoying the posts, thanks - have a blast, woooooooot!!
From Blog: Indiana Jones
24th January 2015

Happy Birthday
Leah waited on me at Christine's and told me it was her Dad's birthday. Your trip sounds amazing! Just off for a snowshoe! Q and Mark ran in kilts today for Robbie Burns. We are starting to toss things in our suitcases for Samara! Love to you both!
From Blog: Indiana Jones
15th January 2015

Hot hot hot
I'm feeling it -21C...
10th January 2015

Jungle living
I love reading your daily blogs and seeing the photos. Your home in the jungle looks quite quaint ..beaches, animals etc. and just the culture of Costa Rica appears to be extremely interesting.
From Blog: Lazy Day
8th January 2015

So, so glad you liked Samara. You ate at more restaurants in 5 days than we have done in 5 months. Montezuma sounds very interesting. The roads in CR are interesting. The best road is the one from Liberia to Samara. I will choose to stay in Samara and use our one speed bikes! Enjoy the rest of your stay..... Pura Vida.. Love you guys! Karin emailed us to say how much she enjoyed having you.
From Blog: The Leaving Day
8th January 2015

Lovin it
Living vicariously through your blog and lovin every minute of it.
6th January 2015

Starting the New Year off right!
Had our first no bus day of 2015 ... had 15 students come ... we were expecting 4 new ones today - 3 showed up for the day plus we also had 2 more walk-ins this am ... 225 now ... maybe our enrolment will grow and you will be asked to come back and share the P role lol ... enjoying your blog ... keep them coming!!
5th January 2015
Dive Bombing Pelicans

We're loving (and jealous) reading about your wonderful adventure in Costa Rica, a place we'd like to visit sometime too (we'd better hurry up! We're getting old fast! :) ) Rick & Roberta Offord are here with us for a week to 10 days so I'm copying your blog and photos and emailing it all to them. Hope that's okay with you. They'll be leaving here to head to Manzanilla, Meh-HEEE-ko where they'll park their RV on the beach for the rest of the winter. Curtis, you look pretty awesome on that surf board, but you're going to have to grow your hair and get some dreads to really play the part. Maybe a career change after you retire??? Susan, you look beautiful as ever. Your smile couldn't get much larger! :) Keep enjoying and sharing your story. You deserve every minute. Hugs, Judy (and Terry who's currently looking online at RV's....sigh! :) )
From Blog: AAAHHH!
5th January 2015

White guys (from Meaford) can't surf... I'm impressed! You guys sound like you really are in Paradise...Enjoy.
4th January 2015

surf lessons and Choco's mum's restaurant (soda)
Hope you have time to go surfing at Choco's! Remember to get directions to his mum's restaurant -it is memorable. By the way, snow, cold, and freezing rain here. Have an Impérial for me. .. Q
From Blog: Samara
4th January 2015

All Over It
Hey Q, I was at Choco's yesterday for 2hrs. Going back today. I am meeting Mumfred today, who instructed me yesterday. He said he was going to join me with his board. Susan starting taking pics but camera went dead. We will get photos today. I will blog and send pics later. Hope all is well. Cheers, Curtis
From Blog: Samara
4th January 2015

Samara sounds HEAVENLY! I'm sure Terry will have something to say to, but right now he's wrestling with a water heater problem. Since I want a hot shower, I will NOT interrupt him. :) So far, you holiday, although just beginning, is truly becoming an adventure of a lifetime. Lucky you two!
From Blog: Samara
3rd January 2015

Happy new year
Enjoy the jungle. Missed you guys at party here and runs since then .... Look forward to any and all updates and photos Happy new year.

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