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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 29th 2009

After playing Indiana Jones till 1am last night we woke up a little hung over from too much screen staring and clambered sleepily to our Xbox consoles..... yes this is very sad. At midday hunger forces me and Kerri out to forage in a food hall somewhere. Felina has long since left the house to have lunch with some other friends. Kerri not quite the consummate host like Felina leaves me to my devices to order, and it is then that I discover my Hokkien after many years of remission. Kerri and I move through the back alleys of............... near our other Ah Chor's house, which is now being renovated as a national heritage site, pretending we are in a computer game and laughing and my weird Hokkien. Tonight me Felina and Paige catch the plane ... read more
Lor Ba
Po Pia
Or Kuai

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 28th 2009

Had breakfast at the local market with Flea then off to Gurney Plaza to watch Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D with Paige. Me and Kerri have been sucked into a weird vortex of computer game mania where we need to play computer games every single moment that we are not specifically required to interact with society. Somewhere in between level 4 and 5 Ah Khoo took us out to an amazing seaside restaurant where we had crocodile tales and mantis prawns. Today has definitely been a day of monsters and aliens........ read more
Felina & Kerri
Me & Kerri

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 27th 2009

Morning Practice 6:30am - 8:30am My final day with the dentist. I have seen her every day since I arrived and shall miss her as a part of my daily routine. My teeth are looking great! Our mission today is to hunt down the best PAN MEE on the island AND buy Chinese Herbs for Mum and some special dietary supplement powder stuff for my Bro. Later Ah Khoo takes us out to dinner of frogs and eels.....the best I have tasted yet too. enjoy........ read more
PI-WEI Penang May 2009 306
PI-WEI Penang May 2009 307
Spam and Eggs

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 26th 2009

It all started with a mammoth 2 our yoga practice at 5:30 looking out to sea as a storm slowly approached from the horizon and arrived just as I was getting into my final savasana. 8:30 b'fast atthe Market wtih Felina 10:30 sort out Felina's phone credit in town - bump into Chris who owns a beauty salon 12:00 Dental appointment the drilling begins! 1:30 Wonton Noodles in the Kopi tiam (coffee shop) near the Dentist 2:00 manicure and Pedicure at Chris's 4:30 Ah Kim's place to pick up Paige 5pm: back to Felina's for a swim in her pool Kerri comes over 6pm dinner at home 7pm play Indiana Jones lego game with Kerri and she gets totally addicted I escape to bed at 10:30 and Felina take my place till midnight!... read more
Bureacracy Penang style la

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 25th 2009

Got up and did a yoga practice this morning for an hour. Lots of leg stretching after that long plane ride. I totally forgot about my dental appointment that I had teed up in Australia with Dr Khoo. I am going to get all that amalgam they stuck in my teeth as some kind of preventative filling technique way back in the 70s. I haven't seen the dentist since I last saw her when I was last out here 4 years ago! After I get picked up by Kerri Felina Grandma and Paigey to go to Salamat Lorong to eat Cha Kuai teow from the red beret lady. Off to Plaza Gurney because that's the thing you do in Penang (go to the mall) Padang for Laksa Back to Ah Kim's to hang around a bit ... read more
Kerri shooting Snuggles
PI-WEI Penang May 2009 . Konica 012
PI-WEI Penang May 2009 . Konica 015

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 24th 2009

Well here I am in Jakarta writing about Penang..... I've really enjoyed my visit in Penang and wish I had more time but I guess that's the best way to leave a place. I stayed with my cousin Felina and her daughter Paige in her new beach side appartment which she has just finished renovating. Penang as always has been about family and food and this visit has been no different except that I have moved along the family tree somewhat and have more autonomy of what I want to eat! a quick explanation of family connections: Kevin is Felina's hubby, Kerri is her sister, Ah Kim is her mum, Ah Khoo is her dad and grandma is Ah Khoo's and my mother's mother. OK enjoy the photos~!... read more
Goreng Pisan & tee kwai psian
Kevin & Paige
tofu fa

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong May 23rd 2009

About to leave for the airport in an hour after I eat something. This time I'll be going to Penang, Jakarta and then Bali for a yoga retreat. I't s going to be a very relaxing holiday, sort of the antidote to India which was just ssooooo jam packed full of India India India. Will be visiting family for the Penang and Jakarta bit which already puts me into the blase tourist category. And Bali will be mostly in a yoga retreat with Carole Bailargeon of Darwin Yoga Space. I actually first met her in my last trip to India. The plan? RELAXATION, massage, pedicures, spas, self nourishment, indulgence, hanging with family, and lots of focused yoga practice. This is the 3rd hoiday I've taken my yoga mat to....lucky little thing eh?! Please drop me a ... read more
flat magpie

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra December 2nd 2008

First lets just get one thing straight......we are not blown to smithereens and do not intend to be, in the past present or future. "incidentally do you know that there is no such thing as a smithereen? the word only exists in plural......" if you know where that quote comes from you will also know the paper back travel companion I am traveling with. The Taj Mahal like the Taj hotel is a famous landmark of Indian history accidentally left over from a previous occupant. I did not ever intend on visiting either but it seems I shall be visiting both on this trip. Our arrival in Delhi was unanimously shunned as all the guest houses and hotels were filled with hindu and Moslem festival goers as well as voters. Of all the dates to enter ... read more
Agra Fort
Photo 1
Dad in Jaipur

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Wollongong November 23rd 2008

I'm on the verge of leaving teetering on the edge of something not quite here not quite there ........................................ I have packed ridiculously light and may suffer hypothermia along the way as well as very bad fashion. I've not booked much in advance just the plane tickets and one internal flight form Delhi to Mumbai, which I think I'll try and change when I arrive. I have also booked online a train ticket to Varanasi from Delhi as I just want to get our of Delhi as fast as possible once I arrive. the Indian rail site is really great and even though I haven't booked my train journeys I have looked up the times so I have a good idea of what trains I do want to catch. And I've put all that info into ... read more

Oceania » Australia October 15th 2007

"what you've got I don't need and what I need you don't have," she said to him and he got into his clothes and into his car and drove down the streets of night thinking, what I got I need; in fact, i need it more all the time he parked outside the bar went in had a whiskey with beer- chaser then went to the phone dialed the number. "hello," she said. "hello," he said, "I won't be back." "What about your clothes?" "throw them out." he hung up went back to the barstool for refills. "how's it going?" asked the barkeep. "about the same," he answered. "nothin' new, eh?" "no." the barkeep walked off as he looked down at the whiskey and thought, old friend, you may kill me but you've got what I ... read more

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