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28th February 2012

Rice Terraces...
Great Pics! :) I live and work in China and had visited Guilin only once but did not have the chance to go to the terraces. It would have been nice. However these terraces being 650 years old is not the oldest in the world. The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines is over 2000 years old and still in use, not sure whether it holds the record but it sure is not Long Ji Rice Terraces. That of course does not diminish the charm of the Chinese counterpart. Cheers! Potsky
21st February 2012

What Beach? Was it good for diving etc.?
Any info on great beaches and do you recommend renting a car or buses are okay? thank you for any info.
14th March 2012

beaches and driving
all the beaches in sihanoukville were nice and we just took a moto everywhere... it was cheap! you can rent them for the day as well! All the roads in sihanoukville were fine for driving!hope this helps! :)
3rd January 2012

Happy New Year!
I wish you fun and happiness in 2012! You are on the right way, right. Kiss from France.
4th January 2012

hi Haïdie, Houari & Sélym
HAPPY NEW YEARS to you guys too! :) we hope you had a great xmas! xoxo
14th December 2011

Thanks for the reply!
Your reply showed up on my email on Monday! It's never done that before. That's kind of cool. Just wanted to let you know! Went to Government House with Eileen and Andrea on Saturday. The weather was perfect. Just cold enough to enjoy it. No 40 below weather, so the place was packed with families! Sleigh rides, hot apple cider, cookies, Lieutenant Governor Gordon Barnhart reading Christmas stories, Santa Claus and that beautiful Victorian house decorated to the hilt. Does Vietnam have Santa Claus? The cocktail party on Sunday has led to another cocktail party tomorrow open house for Downtown Regina on Friday...the Sask Express dancers on Saturday...opera and dinner out on Sunday with every evening filled next week (nope, my mistake, I have Wednesday free!). My girlfriend and family from Colombia had their Canadian citizenship ceremony on Monday at the Royal Museum. That's the first one I have ever attended. 73 new Canadians from 27 countries! Our booming Saskatchewan economy is very grateful to have people who want to come to Canada to live, and work. Yes, work! In December I need to squeeze a little bit of that in, too! I love it when the husbands call to have me wrap a little something up! I love wrapping! And men are more concerned with the right gift idea rather than price. You may not get any turkey dressing, or runny butter tarts in Vietnam, but I'll be interested to hear what kind of traditions they have for Christmas. Stay healthy & happy, Nancy
4th January 2012

HI NANCY (jan 3)
hey nanc, sorry for the late reply, that is awesome it showed up on your email.. it is supposed to do that, so i guess it is finally doing it hahaha glad you had such a great xmas season!!! we are going to do a big update blog so everyone can hear what we have been up too! miss you and love you, Randi and Quinn xo
4th January 2012

HI NANCY (jan 3)
hey nanc, sorry for the late reply, that is awesome it showed up on your email.. it is supposed to do that, so i guess it is finally doing it hahaha glad you had such a great xmas season!!! we are going to do a big update blog so everyone can hear what we have been up too! miss you and love you, Randi and Quinn xo
8th December 2011

Nice Weather
I was just thinking that all the pictures have been sunny. Do you ever see rain? I was visiting with a client who is moving to China to be with his Asian wife. We were talking about some of the foods...I don't think I could be as adventuresome as the two of you! Many blessings, Nancy
9th December 2011

HI NANCY (dec 9)
Hey Nancy, So glad to hear from you and that your having such an amazing holiday season! You deserve to be having all this fun, when your usually so busy with work and projects! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH! :) 50 year old text books hey... i bet those would be so interesting, especially to see what they used to teach! Speaking of rain, its raining here now.. hahah! but even when it rains it is very warm! :) The Food we have tried is for sure weird.. and sometimes really gross, but others it is awesome. We travel with the saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans" and take that to each country... we have met amazing people going off the tourist path into rural areas eating street side food and tasting the local beverages.. both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.. and some are good and others are just plain disgusting hahah .. were glad your enjoying our travels through the blog, watching us have the time of our lifes.. getting even closer :) we love hearing from you! Take care and write back soon! lots of love and hugs, Randi and Quinn xoxo
7th December 2011

Hello travellers
Mom & Dad were over to have me type their Christmas letter today. Dad just got back from Ottawa representing the Western Wheat Growers. They are busy dealing with (training) that cute little puppy, Taylor. Don, Cyndy and I were at Ross & Eileen's for dinner on Sunday (Ross was cleaning out the attic and wondered if we wanted all the school books from Hooverville that have been saved for 50 years)! It's Leah's birthday today. 36! Am updating her on all the cousin's travels. Harv's birthday on Thursday. Marilyn had a big party for him this past fall. It was a blast. I'm loving the Christmas season...I'm at one or two social functions a day!! Could life get any better? How courageous you are to eat anything! Love ya'
24th November 2011

25th November 2011

Hi grandma and grandpa, so glad to hear from you. we are missing you guys alot. That is weird about the computer.. they never work properly..we have trouble all the time hahah. Why is Grandpa getting tests? He is ok right? :) Right now we are in Nha Trang Vietnam, its on the south east coast of vietnam. We are meeting great locals.. even tho we cant really talk to them we smile alot, and have some of their local foods and sometimes some of their local draught beer. Both the food and beer are pretty good. We have tried a bunch of weird food like dried fish, and you eat the whole thing, wild boar, weird meat cured and wrapped in banana leafs, and lots of good sea food. We really like the people here, and the weather of course! Well let us know about how grandpa is, and keep in touch.we love you both so much and miss you! Take care! xoxoxo Randi and Quinn xoxox
23rd November 2011

We enjoyed meeting you!
We really enjoyed meeting you during that Cruise. We found a nice fisherman (who didn't bring so much to eat!) and a wonderful nanny for our little Sélym! Take care and keep sharing about your trip. Kiss.
25th November 2011

hi Haïdie, Houari & Sélym
we also really enjoyed meeting you guys!! Keep in touch and keep us updated on the lil one in your tummy! :) give Selym a big hug from us! Take care! xo
30th October 2011

Incredible mountains, incredible sunset (did you have to walk down the mountain in the dark?). Your courage in walking those many miles straight up (and down) the mountain, and experiencing the interesting food gives me a whole new respect for the 2 of you! What a 'once in a lifetime' experience! Yes, live in the moment. We'll be wanting to hear all the behind the picture stories for years to come. Tomorrow, Mom is taking Cyndy and me to the Symphony Brunch & Fashion Show at the Hotel Sask. I'm cleaning and de-cluttering for 25 gals coming over on Tuesday to do some taste testing of some East Indian delights, networking, and having a certified health coach from Colombia speak on what her courses entail. Another brunch next Sunday, the election on Monday, a Christmas party on Wednesday and then I decided I wanted my friends to see what fabulous deck work Benn does, so I'm having my own party on 11/11/11 to show off my renovations. That takes care of the first 2 weeks of November, and Christmas entertaining hasn't really even started! I love my life! Stay healthy & happy. Keep those pictures coming!
4th November 2011

Hi Nanc, its so god to hear from you and all about what your up too!!! Busy busy... but busy is fun!!! Hope you have a great time with Cyndy and Grandma... that should be great!!! Your party sounds awesome and were sure Benn will love the publicity for the deck! Thanks for the compliments... we love traveling and we are having so much fun and learning so much!!! As for the mountains, we stayed on top of the mountain so we didn't have to climb all the way down, just about 10-15minutes from our secret spot :) How did you like the east indian food? We really like Indian food... Mmmmm :) Well now we are in Vietnam and we have a whole new adventure to start! This is our 19th country of this trip, and our 22 that we have been to together! :) We had our 6 year anniversary in october, what a way to spend it! :) Again it was so great to hear from you and when your busy 2 weeks is over you should let us know how it all want!! Miss you lots! Love, Randi and Quinn xoxoxoxoxo
25th October 2011

Soo good! Quinn doing yoga in the mountains.Wow.
4th November 2011

hahaha ya Yoga haha we just like different pictures sometimes, and we were being silly haha miss you and love you!
25th October 2011

great stuff
Wan says that the baby chicken on your plate was a little bird. The French eat the same little bird. the mountains are really nice, different than our mountains. Very colorful markets. Awesome.
4th November 2011

awe poor little bird... Boooo haha were pretty sure thats what made Quinn sick! :(
21st October 2011

U pdate, Avitar mountains and Tunxi city with new friends
Randi & Quinn...You must be in very good shape with all the exercise you get climbing walls & mountains. All of your pictures are fabulous, and we keep checking on you most every day even tho we do not write back. We liked the part where you found a secret place to be by yourselves in a part of the world far away. It reminded us of ourselves . So pleased you are having a good time. Love to you both. Grandma
22nd October 2011

Thanks! We also enjoyed our secret spot! :) Great to hear that your enjoying the blog! Hope everything is going well there and your not sick anymore! Hopefully Taylor is being a better little boy hahahah We bet he is very cute, for you to still love him so much! :) We take a train tomorrow (23) and go to a place called Guilin, this will be our last place in china before going to vietnam! we will be there about a week, there are lots of things to do in and around that city! We will keep you posted and send pictures whenever we have them! Hope farming is going good too and that it has been a nice fall so far. Miss you and love you very ,much! Quinn and Randi xoxoxo
20th October 2011
huangshan mountains 091

miss you guys, im starting to have a concern though, hah why must the dingler be associated with the perv face that quin has on display here hahah
21st October 2011
huangshan mountains 091

hahaha, oh buddy, were you not aware thats what you look like when you do the dingler??? hahah just kidding, thats all quinn! :) its funny because when this pic was taken, he was alll confused about what the face looked like, apparently its not this one hhahah... Face book is banned in china, so all we have is hotmail and the blog right now lol. Were still in china for about a week and a half, and then into vietnam, where we can keep in touch on face book again lol. How is everything on your end? We miss ya lots and hope its all going great! :) ps... planned where your going to meet us yet? lol :)

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