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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Fife » Kirkcaldy June 17th 2012

Well folks that is the 2012 Peru trip officially over :-( I am safely back in Scotland after my >36 hrs journey travelling back, note to self: in future I need to think more carefully about the return travel! My bus trip from Arequipa to Cusco was uneventful....however my taxi driver in Cusco did try to charge me an extortionate amount of money for a 3 min journey....thankfully I had my wits about me that morning and very little currency left, so I told him what the fare was going to be (I still gave him more than he deserved after his cheek) and he just accepted it, never let your guard down! At the Cusco airport I had the pleasure of having all my luggage inspected by 2 police officers (in their thirties), trying to ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa June 14th 2012

Last few days in Arequipa have been really nice and relaxed....did some walking round the various parts of the city and spent some quality time sitting on park benches and people watching. The weather has continued to be sunny and hot during the day, so have made the most of basking in the sunshine! There have been a couple more demonstrations in Arequipa over the past few days (I am going to miss all this passion), as well as Arequipa's answer to Kurt Cobain making a public appearance and there was a music video being shot near the tennis courts a couple of days ago (unfortunately I didn't have my camera for that one). With sadness I will be saying farewell to my hostel drinking buddies....however my liver is looking forward to the no alcohol for ... read more
El Misti from a different angle
Pay phones
second demonstration

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa June 9th 2012

Thursday 7th June Last day in Cusco...following the early rises from the previous days, I thought I was going to get a long lie chance! I was up at 6am, so decided to tackle the packing ahead of my departure to Arequipa later this evening. So rather than putting my dirty clothes to a laundry, I have instead re-packed everything so that the clean clothers are easier to access...I am sure my new washing machine back home can cope with the Peruvian dust no problem. Today is an unexpected surprise, there is a local Christian festival. So I arrived in the town square at 9:30am and got a prime spot to watch the parade and listen to the sermon and beautiful signing (what a turn for the books considering my lack of christian faith other ... read more
Cusco 2 of 5
Cusco 3 of 5
Cusco 4 of 5

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu June 7th 2012

4th June - Day 2 Last night's excitment of having my own tent was short lived since I did not consider that the lack of another person's body heat would mean I would be freezing during the night, despite the 4 season sleeping bag, thermals, north face jacket, gloves and socks yes I was wearing all of that... So the 6am wake up call was almost a welcome distraction! In an unfortunate turn of events, my luck improved in the sleeping arrangements for day 2. One of the younger group members took ill over night and had to return back to the village we started off at (good news she joined the group again at lunch time on day 3), which meant I had a sleeping buddy for the night! This was ideal since we were ... read more
Day 2 - Me after lunch
Day 2 - My favourite mountain view
Day 2 - Placing a rock at the highest point 4500m

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco June 1st 2012

1st June Last day before the Big Birthday (thank you for all the wishes). It has been a chilled out day, went for a leisurely walk up a small incline to ensure my legs will handle the trekking tomorrow and it went well. Not too many stops were needed other than to admire the scenery...views down to Cusco! First thing this morning I stumbled across what appeared to be a practise run of some form of ceremonial sequence in the grounds just round the corner from my hotel. The majority of participants were school children....what a great way to spend a morning away from the class room! In addition there were several public displays around the main squares with traditional Peruvian dancing and music, where the participants were in the local costumes....very colourful. Later in the ... read more
2 of 3
3 of 3
lama or alpaca?

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco May 31st 2012

Well I survived the 20.5hr bus journey, the first 15 were ok. Thankfully the scenery on the last 5.5hrs made up for the turns and twists and the not so great road surface...needless to say I survived and I am looking forward to walking for a couple of days before having to venture onto another bus. Checked in to the hostal I will be meeting my trekking group tomorrow evening to save moving my gear around. The owner recommended I catch a couple of hours sleep before venturing out to help with the acclimatisation....very wise words indeed. Only mild altitude symptoms: sore head, dry cough and feeling thirsty. The coca tea is definitely helping as well as the nurofen. Having stuck to vegetarian meals over the past couple of days I decided to bite the bullet ... read more
sand dunes with family names on them
wake up to sunrise over the mountains
another scene from the bus

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 30th 2012

Well my time in Lima is almost up...just when I was becoming an expert road crosser it is time to say farewell to the traffic, noise & pollution (not sad about the last one!). I took the opportunity of an early rise to go and visit the local park and pick up some supplies for the bus journey. Peruvians do like their plazas and parks. They are always well utilised....lots of school / college kids seem to frequent them either before or maybe even during their classes...I guess there are worse things to be doing other than bunking off! This park had lots of water features that I was truly tempted to soak my feet is another scorcher of a day and my skin is still feeling rather hot after yesterday´s baking! But due to ... read more
A quiet spot in the park
Demonstration of nurses
Hostel & traffic

South America » Peru » Huánuco » Huánuco May 29th 2012

Before commencing this trip, my plan was to use local transport in order to gain the real Peruvian experience.....however as all you guys out there know too well, every woman has the right to change her mind up until the very last minute! So I am no exception to that rule... After taking safety records into account and the advise of the hostel staff I opted for the higher end of bus travel....Cruz del sur to be precise. Reclining leather seats, toilet on board (however only no 1's allowed) and food provided, tv with films and not forgetting the fleece blanket (an absolute must for the chilly air conditioning)...and pillow. After the Air France flights this truly felt like first class!!!! So my original plans were to get the bus from Lima to Cusco and on ... read more
Bingo on the bus!
pink banana
SEPA would have a field day!

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 27th 2012

Well my sleep pattern has returned almost back to normal, had 7.5hrs uninterrupted sleep, which is great....obviously all the walking is doing the trick! My 10 bed dorm had only 4 of us in it last night, so it was less stuffy than the previous night when all 10 beds were occupied. I am getting used to the luke warm water in the showers and remembering to avoid flushing the toilet paper down the loo....progress! Observations 1. Constant traffic noise, the amusing bit is that a number of vehicles have an ambulance / police sounding horn / alarm in a vain attempt to get through the traffic.....not sure how successful that is proving considering how many vehicles have exactly the same sound system! 2. Very few smokers on the streets....which is making walking in the centre ... read more
Tattoo shops every where
Is it a zebra or a house pretending to be one?
Plaza de St Martin

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima May 27th 2012

First major milestone met, good start to the trip, despite the delays in both Air France flights. Even though the weather was great in Edinburgh on Saturday morning, there was delays in Paris CDG airport, so we had to wait 30 mins before taking off from Edinburgh, then we made up the time by the time we arrived in Paris only to be faced with a 30 mins for the bus to come and pick us up....and they say the Greeks are laid back & unreliable, the French are just the same! (don´t mean to offend but everyone on the flight going for connections was rather annoyed with the French this morning). I on the other hand had every confidence that I would make the connecting flight even though it was due to depart by the ... read more

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