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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo November 21st 2012

Oslo city centre is a combination of old and new buildings. The older buildings reminded me of Denmark with the darker stone colours and the new ones were huge metal boxes with windows. In a strange way it reminded me of Glasgow however not as pretty. My hostel was a dump, in this case it just proved that having a central location compromised on everything else (atmosphere and comfort) and it was the most expensive one I have stayed in throughout my travels to date! Glad I was only staying 2 nights and a massive lesson learned on my part, if the hostel world rating is less than 80% do not touch it with a barge pole. The high point of my stay was walking along the tramlines and seeing some lovely buildings outside the city ... read more
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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Voss November 19th 2012

I know that an 11 hour bus journey is not everyone's idea of fun...but I loved every minute of it. The scenery was spectacular and the change in weather between the west coast (low misty cloud cover) to the high midlands snow everywhere yet everyone continued as normal (not like in the UK a bit of snow and we come to a standstill) and the east coast drizzle and grey was beautiful. The trip involved a ferry crossing that lasted 25 mins which went without a hitch....that is 2 boat trips now that I have almost enjoyed, so feeling rather confident for my Irish road trip later in 2013! There were lots of tunnels through the mountains, that reminded me of my childhood journeys via old Ygoslavia. The Norwegian bus system is different to long haul ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen November 15th 2012

Best way I can describe Bergen, it is a picturesque city (however it looks and feels more like a small beautiful village) inundated with mini markets every few metres (kiwi, rema, rimi, 7eleven, coop, spar to name but a few). In light of my previous city breaks in October, it would be fair to say I should have expected the weather to be similar, i.e. wet....but the naive optimist in me tried to hold on to the notion that October was not the Scandinavian wrong can you get! Locals in Bergen wear head to toe gortex / waterproofs and look prepared for anything the elements throw at them. I on the other hand was only semi-prepared, so I was totally relieved I brought extra clothes, that way I remained dry throughout the trip. Due to ... read more
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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen October 22nd 2012

Day 4 Monday 22 October 2012 Another early start to catch the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Rewarded with a dry walk to the train station, a great way to say farewell to beautiful Stockholm! The train journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen was pleasant enough – a lot of forests and small towns however not as comfortable as other train journeys – the trip was uneventful until Lund....then an announcement stated there was a malfunction with the train so we were to transfer to another train in Malmo...low and behold 10 mins later we arrived in Malmo and a replacement train was already waiting for that is efficiency to be truly admired! As soon as I arrived in Copenhagen so did the rain! Today I decided to embrace this rather than ... read more
little mermaid
Photo 32
opera house

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm October 19th 2012

Day 1 Friday 19th October 2012 Despite the early start (up at 3.30am ouch!) it has been a great first day. Flight left on time and was early on arrival as the announcement stated, I can't recall if this was my first Ryanair flight, but certainly was impressed! The bus journey took an hour and a half which was pleasant enough giving me the chance to see the countryside before heading into the city. First impressions were abit iffy....the outskirts looked rather depressing and grey, the light drizzle did not help. However within minutes the scene changed and you could see old buildings with real character. It took me a couple of detours and 45mins to find the hostel (which considering previous experiences was pretty good going), but it was certainly worth ... read more
I had to ask a non Swedish passerby to take a photo
Photo 22
Muffin heaven...certainly puts my baking attempts to shame!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dunbartonshire » Loch Lomond September 17th 2012

So let’s set the record straight….the first 39 miles of the West Highland Way (WHW) is no walk in the park…it is BLOODY HARD! The 3 days walking on the WHW have definitely been the most physically hard & exhausting for me considering all the walking I have done in 2012. A fair description would be HAVEN & HELL on earth. The scenery is amazing, however the weather can be cruel (rain, wind & sun) and the terrain gives your whole body a complete work out. My experience has brought about a new found respect and admiration for those prepared to complete this walk in between 5 to 8 days & in particular those staying in campsites…now that is truly hardcore! My mind fails to comprehend how my uncle and so many of his friends are ... read more
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Day 1
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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William September 2nd 2012

One way to remember a walk is to be faced with challenging weather conditions, a great sense of occassion and good company! Pleased to say that all three were amply met during our walk up Ben Nevis on Saturday 1st Sept 2012. Well after two and a half months of anticipation and planning, Grace & I, finally made our way on Friday 31st August to Fort William via the scenic route….following 4 small de-tours (all part of the adventure!) we arrived at our hostel “Chase the Wild Goose”. There were several events taking place on Saturday 1st September: a) the Ben Nevis hill runners race, where aprox 500 hill runners head up & down BN via the quickest route…my uncle Derek was one of them (his time on the day was 2hrs 30min)! b) the 3 ... read more
Almost 1/3 of the way up and Grace is still smilling
We made to the top!
the half way lochan views on the way down

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Glenshee August 5th 2012

No idea why but from a motivational perspective it sounds much more impressive saying exceeded by 10% rather than by 1, despite them being exactly identical. So for those of you keeping count, I am now ahead of my 2012 target of 10 Munros. It will be interesting to see how many more I manage to rack up before mid October…. Before I continue I should clarify for all of you wondering ‘how on earth can you sleep in a mini let alone want to?’…easy if you take into consideration the following: 1. I am only 5ft 4in tall (i.e. short) 2. I am an expert in how to strategically pack a mini (I have had 10 years of practice and the saying “practice makes perfect” definitely applies in this case!) 3. And most importantly the ... read more
second burn crossing
half way up first hill
first top is just after the 2 small ones

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Kinloch Rannoch July 15th 2012

That's another 5 munros off the to do list! Still have not used the tent though :-( But it was another great weekend away and the sun did come out both days, so did the rain, the wind and the crowds...but you can't have it all!!! Saturday 14 July 2012 Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg and Meall nan Aighean (from Invervar near Glen Lyon) I met another fellow car sleeper at Invervar car park. At last I don’t feel as weird anymore, there are others like me our there :-) Glad to report I did not get lost on the way up this time….however managed to do so on the way down thus adding another 1.5hrs to the day and 1 mile hike on the road back to the car in Invervar. I guess it ... read more
carn gorm
meall garbh
views from carn mairg

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Killin July 1st 2012

In preparation for my Ben Nevis walk on the 1st Sept, I am keen to maintain my hill fitness levels and cross off some more munros from my to do list. My target for 2012 is 10 Munros and this weekend I can score off 4 from the list. Despite all the rain we have had over the past few days, I was feeling optimistic for the weekend, so took my new tent along for the ride! On Friday night I headed up to Killin. Due to the arrival time being after midnight I just headed to the Ben Lawers car park for the night. The drive up and spending the night in my mini brought back fond memories of my 2008 road trip to Lisbon J which got me started thinking of my next road ... read more
peat mud moorland
cairn on Meall Corranaich

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