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20th March 2014

Oh dear, hope you are okay now
This is terrible, so sorry to hear what happened to you. Don't let those idiots deter you from your future travels. So why did a dorm mate suggest you visit La Boca?
20th March 2014

Thank you
Hi Shane, thank you for your message! There is no way i am being put off future travels anywhere or in South America....i will definitely be back :) My ex-dorm mate suggested I visit La Boca to see the caminito but i did not ask any specific questions just assumed it would be safe to travel by foot and on my own...i now know i need to research or ask questions before just heading off the tourist track...it was just an off day :) Happy travels Tania
18th March 2014

Jesus woman, you need to be more careful and not go anywhere in that country on your own. Your family and friends (us and others) must be/are worried sick reading that. That is seriously scary, and you might not be so lucky next time. Please do not put yourself in situations where you have no support! Lecture over!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay xx
17th March 2014

checking in with you..
Hi Tania, after reading your blog and seeing the pics, I felt the need to check in with you n see that you really are okay?... what a shocking experience - you're certainly one gutsy and feisty lady - giving them a mouthful too while they're acting so despicably!! I know you'll be looking after yourself - sending love wrapped in a warm hug xxx
16th March 2014

I'm so sorry to hear about your mugging...
but am pleased you are feeling better and have a great attitude. The police could probably arrest all these muggers if they just followed you around for a day and watched as the flies were attracted to the honey.
14th March 2014

finally got onto your blog on the laptop, the iphone does my head in!! Looks amazing, and you look like you are having a lot of fun, enjoy xx
26th May 2013

Worst Chat up Line in History!!!
Gordy and I just burst out laughing when we heard about you declining such an unmissable offer, has he tried Internet dating? he should join up with the Scottish Internet Dating site "naechanceyanumptie.com" Have fun Margaret xx
28th October 2012

Nana Naps
Pleased to hear you had a nana nap, after such an early start!! Love your photos, brings back memories of my city break to Stockholm in 2005.
3rd September 2012

Our Day up the Ben
Brilliant blog Tania! looking forward to reading the rest of your blogs , My legs have decided not to play today, calf's are just a tad SORE! lol! But still smiling.......
15th June 2012

safe journey home hope the flights are smooth, hope to see you on Sunday,take care love mumx
14th June 2012

How jealous am I?!?
Hi Tania, it's my first day back in work after my hols and have just had a quick catch up on your blog.....looks amazing. I reckon the West Highland Way will be a breeze in comparison to what you've done in Peru! Enjoy what's left of your hols...look forward to seeing more pics once you're back in work.
12th June 2012

Great achievement!
What an achievement Tania, looks and sounds like you had a great time. The pictures are brilliant! Glad to see you are keeping the teams GCC average number of steps up really high!
9th June 2012

Looks amazing - wish we were there. Finally managed to get on this blog to see how you are doing!! Enjoy!!! xx
10th June 2012

Thanks, I am currently in a hostel called BOTHY (i can hardly believe it!) having drinks with a bunch of people I don't know, it is such a sureal experience....the measures are triples back home! Tomorrow is going to be such a quiet day....
9th June 2012

Tania the pictures are spectacular, glad to hear it was worth the long journey.I hope your knee is not going to cause you any problems with your walking .Kiki and I are of to another mad hatters tea party where you go for Karati ,Derek is picking us up at 1pmbetter go and get ready .Hope to hear from you soon.love mum x
9th June 2012

Well done you!!
Pleased to hear you enjoyed your trek and your photos are really good. The Quarry trek sounds fantastic, and a bonus that you only came across locals on the walk. Enjoy the rest of your time in Peru.
8th June 2012

Glad to hear you are having a great time ,the pictures are great .hope the next place is as nice ,waiting to hear from you again .love mum
4th June 2012

Sounds amazing. ))))
3rd June 2012

Birthday Girl!!!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Deirdre having problems with internet access which isn't fixable until sometime during week and so wanted to leave a message for you...so I'm doing it for her :) WE all hope you are having the most wonderful time Tania (I'm lookin forward already to an evening of photos and catch up! Lotsa love Birthday Girl
From Blog: Arrived in Cusco
2nd June 2012

Birthday Gal!
Happy, Happy Birth Day Tania in Cuzco! remembering how l loved it there and hoping you are too. Enjoy Machu picchu. clare x
1st June 2012

Happy Birthday!!
just realised I could access this T, and send you the happiest birthday wishes! You never mentioned anything there my girl...how like you! In that case the massage on your return is a birthday gift so you can't say no :) Photos and blog...what a brilliant idea...I look forward to keeping up with your latest adventures!!
From Blog: Arrived in Cusco
1st June 2012

thanks Rosie....yes still clinging on to my last day in my thirties, just a few more hours left before the forties commence...it has been a very chilled out day!
From Blog: Arrived in Cusco
1st June 2012

20.5 bus journey is massive....good on you for doing it, I would struggle on a bus for that long!!
From Blog: Arrived in Cusco
1st June 2012

I was obviously not slumming it....what with my reclining seat, foot rest, pilow & blanket! Having been in Cusco for more than 24hrs now, I am already planning another bus trip to Arequipa & Punto which are shorter trips but will return to Cusco, as my flight home starts here.
From Blog: Arrived in Cusco
1st June 2012

Map Reading Skills
There is nothing wrong with your map reading skills....it's just that Pacific rim nations have big mountains and ranges, so you have to go the very long way round just to get anywhere!!

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