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8th August 2013

Kris, I've been meaning to write you. Your new apartment is wonderful. I love all your colors - sure makes it all look cheerful and happy. I have always liked bright colors and that is reflected in my quilts and most of my clothes. So continue on!!! Love, AC
From Blog: Home!
8th August 2013

The little coconut thingies are called...
kanom croque (like the French word). It's one of my favorite treats, the others being mangoes and sticky rice, sunkaiya (a greyish custard over sticky rice), and salim (clear sweet noodles in an icy coconut based juice). Just try some of everything!
8th August 2013

It's hard to ask someone, "What is this called?" when they don't speak English. I love the "coconut things" but I think I ate too many and had an allergic reaction. Maybe next time I'll just eat half--they're sooo good! I've had the mango sticky rice (love it) but will be on the lookout for the other two.
31st July 2013

MR Kukrit played the part of the Prime Minister in the movie...
"The Ugly American." Perhaps you can download it. You seem to be visiting many old historic homes, the architecture of which I love. I even have a book on Thai architecture. At some point I'm sure you'll visit the Jim Thompson House. My Dad helped him find silk villages, and I helped look for him when he went missing the the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia at Easter 1967. And if you ever pass the Sam Sen railway station...the first stop north of the main station, we lived in the little Thai style house across the a restaurant. perhaps you can even have lunch in our former home!
1st August 2013

I went to the Jim Thompson house a few years ago and it was lovely. I think it's what got me hooked on the traditional architecture. I'll go look for the restaurant when I have a bit more money. And I'll be sure to get a snapshot for you, too.
31st July 2013

Looks like you've made the adjustment to Thailand
Great that you had a bit of a private tour.
27th July 2013

Drooling while reading.....and we just finished eating breakfast.
25th July 2013

Interesting that regular SB coffee costs more than a SB mixed drink in BKK while in the US, its usually twice as much or more for a latte or other specialty drink. What do you pay VAT of 7% on?
25th July 2013

As far as I can tell, the coffee is the expensive part. Everything else can be produced locally. Anytime an item is imported (including Starbucks) there's a VAT. I paid a VAT on my sunscreen since it's from France. One on my phone. Some foods in supermarkets and restaurants have them as well. I'm still figuring it out. But it's an incentive to buy locally when I can.
8th July 2013

You can change your "My Travels" map for Thailand to green...
welcome to Bangkok! My son also took the CELTA the Bangkok school off Feb 2012. Anyway, I look forward to hearing your perspective of life in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.
From Blog: The First Week
20th July 2013

Changing the map
You're right, I can! And I took the same CELTA course last year. It was quite excellent.
From Blog: The First Week
2nd July 2013

Lovely observations on the food-culture of China! "At first I was disappointed it wasn't how I'd expected [..]; now I embrace it for what it is and am glad for what it isn't." I get tired reading my fellow American's complaints about how there "Isn't any good Mexican food in Mexico" or "good Chinese food in China." But it really does all come down to expectations, doesn't it? So while you might not find a good version of what you were initially looking for, "good food" is certain to abound. Thanks for sharing!
30th June 2013

Sounds like a nice way to transition to the next stage of your life in BKK. Having all your luggage helps, too.
30th June 2013

Glad you made it safely. I bet that Singha tasted amazing. Jessica
29th June 2013

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all during your interesting and challenging five years in China. We appreciate your work in educating us about a different culture. Good luck in your next pursuits. We look forward to hear about your next adventures.
29th June 2013

Sweet! We have enjoyed all of these over the past five years. Hope you'll be able to continue them from Thailand.
29th June 2013

Five years in the Middle the Kingdom of Thailand...should be quite a change...enjoy the ride
29th June 2013

It means: Handling (normal)posts, EMS emergency posts, Newspapers/Magazines(i.e. "the press" aka "news press" hence "newspapers", "mags", etc. well, use your imagination... :Sigh: God knows what 1-dimentionally conservative English vocabs could have become without glorious and vigorous Chinese input whenever possible) subscription service. BINGO! ^-^
29th June 2013

The mystery is solved!
Thank you! It's been driving me crazy for five years!
28th June 2013

Spot on...
but not much different for a man trying to buy shampoo, etc in the States. I saw a pie chart recently for the factors that women use to select a shampoo...just like you said above...a dozen different factors. The man's pie chart showed one color...that the bottle said shampoo. Anyway, I also had problems away from the tourist towns to identify restaurants from the street. We are so used to marketing where branding is prominently displayed. Not so in most of China. As for food, I usually looked at what others were eating, and if it looked good, I said I'll have some of that. Of course, looking good and tasting good can be very different. And my son got sick for several days, ending up in the hospital and I only threw up. As for the positive...I agree that the Chinese that I met on a personal basis were "genuinely kind." Amazingly helpful and friendly, and willing to take the time to converse in sign language, in my case.
27th June 2013

Kris...Your father gave me your link and I am delighted. Your Blog is most fascinating. I look forward to more. Wishing you good health and much success as you continue your "journey". Claude Roleff
From Blog: The Memory Album
27th June 2013

China has had an impact
Love these summary blogs. Great stuff. Looking forward to Bangkok.
27th June 2013
I just wanted to buy soy sauce.

This is hilarious!
Great photo! Made my morning :)
26th June 2013

ACDC challenged
We have not been to China yet but thanks for the warning on the noise level. Interesting. I'm with you the loud music makes me flee, even in the U.S. The complexity of the food sounds fantastic. Love the hot pot photo. Great blog and photos

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