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26th June 2019

I also miss your posts...
how about an update of what you've been up to since your last blog when you were taking a break?
27th June 2019

I'm still here!
Hi Bob, Thanks for saying hi. I'm still overseas, taking a break that's turned into a very extended break. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging again, but it might be a while yet. I'll let you know if and when I do :)
31st July 2017

I really miss your blog posts...
Hi Kris, I hope you're doing well. Are you still living and teaching in Asia? Any chance you might start blogging again? :D
31st July 2017

I'm still here!
Hi Seth, Thanks for reaching out. I'm still here, just working twice as much as before. Lots of stories to tell. Hopefully I'll get around to sharing some of them soon. Cheers
27th April 2016

A slow pace
Enjoy your time off and please blog.
27th April 2016

Will do
I'm working on getting caught up, so probably going to skip a few things. Only 5 months behind now!
27th April 2016

I agree completely, we let the rush of daily life stop of us from doing things that we wish. Glad you get that time off to slow the peace and enjoy :)
21st April 2016

What do you mean by "One LAST Get-Away"?
Are you leaving Malaysia?
22nd April 2016

Don't worry. It's one last get-away for 2015, before heading to the US for Xmas.
23rd March 2016

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday - love following your travels, looks like you had a lovely evening !! I tried to put a happy birthday comment on your latest blog but it says "you can only comment on published blogs"? Laura :)
24th March 2016

Thank you!
Thanks for the warm wishes! I don't know why you couldn't comment on the blog directly, but hopefully it's just a kink and will be worked out soon.
29th February 2016
Family photo

So hospitable!
I love the way the Malaysians extended this holiday into a month--brilliant. So sweet the way the Muslim families welcomed you into their homes, fed you and laughed with you. The feast were incredible and the children in the schools adorable. How could you not fall in love with this country. And then on top of it, the Sultan has an open house. OK, you've come to Nirvana--thanks for taking us along.
From Blog: Happy Hari Raya!
29th February 2016
Family photo

Nirvana... yep!
That's pretty much how I felt. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride!
From Blog: Happy Hari Raya!
28th February 2016

How did you decide which houses to go into? Did you get a formal invite or were they just open for anyone who wanted to visit? Malaysian football = soccer(?)
From Blog: Happy Hari Raya!
29th February 2016

You can probably go to the home of anyone you know, but I only went to homes where I was specifically invited.
From Blog: Happy Hari Raya!
28th November 2015

Thanks for the tour...
minus the heat and stairs.
14th November 2015

Maybe you should update to the current Myanmar flag (horizontal yellow, green and red tricolour with a large white star). Looking forward to reading about Bagan!
14th November 2015

The flag is generated by my host site and there's no way for me to change it. But you're right, it should be updated!
26th October 2015

What will you call your book
Dear Kris, I so love reading all your blogs---yes I do want to pack my bags and go anywhere--but who wouldn't after reading what you have been up too!!! So glad you are doing what you want and where you want. Is there anything more? Write a book---but include all your glorious pictures
27th October 2015

Book? Photos?
Aww, thanks, Barb! I haven't thought about writing a book. The blog will have to do for now.
1st July 2015

Glad you are OK. Scary enough in your own country, much less in a foreign country with a different language.
From Blog: The Accident
30th June 2015

Glad you are okay!!
From Blog: The Accident
30th June 2015

Glad to see you are safe...
and that insurance took care of everything.
From Blog: The Accident
12th May 2015
The tea plantation

So funny!
Glad you survived the relaxing hike, and so good of you to recommend it to everyone. Loved when you were "one with the mountain" after your "exciting" experiences. Happy to read you had a good sleep--you deserved it!
11th May 2015

I went to high school in Tanah Rata...
and hiked the jungle many times. One of our teachers was lost for three days. We also combed the jungle in search of the missing Thai silk king, Jim Thompson...who was never found. Once we played fox and hounds with the elementary students. I was the fox laying the trail and they were the hounds following the trail a half hour later. They were strung all the way down the mountain to the Boh tea plantation. Luckily no one got lost. So thanks for the memories! I'm pleased you are enjoying the Cameron Highlands.

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