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1st July 2015

Glad you are OK. Scary enough in your own country, much less in a foreign country with a different language.
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30th June 2015

Glad you are okay!!
From Blog: The Accident
30th June 2015

Glad to see you are safe...
and that insurance took care of everything.
From Blog: The Accident
12th May 2015
The tea plantation

So funny!
Glad you survived the relaxing hike, and so good of you to recommend it to everyone. Loved when you were "one with the mountain" after your "exciting" experiences. Happy to read you had a good sleep--you deserved it!
11th May 2015

I went to high school in Tanah Rata...
and hiked the jungle many times. One of our teachers was lost for three days. We also combed the jungle in search of the missing Thai silk king, Jim Thompson...who was never found. Once we played fox and hounds with the elementary students. I was the fox laying the trail and they were the hounds following the trail a half hour later. They were strung all the way down the mountain to the Boh tea plantation. Luckily no one got lost. So thanks for the memories! I'm pleased you are enjoying the Cameron Highlands.
8th February 2015

Hi Kris: Loved your pictures as usual. Any idea why the house roofs are almost all red? Keep Smiling :-) Ciao...Don
8th February 2015

Red roofs
Hi Don, Great question! Sadly I had no idea. I know homes in my area of Pahang also have red roofs, but no idea if there's significance. I'll see what I can find out.
6th February 2015

Guardian Angel
Kris, I am catching up on your blogs as I didn't read or see that one article you were talking about. I had no idea that this happened and 200,000 displaced is a lot of human lives changed by Mother Nature. Glad you are ok.
From Blog: The Floods
25th January 2015

love Melaka
I'm surprised you didn't take a pic of yourself striking a pose next to muscle man - everyone else does!
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25th January 2015

Not my new boyfriend
I can't believe I didn't think to take that photo. Though, I was on my own and didn't have anyone to help.
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11th January 2015

So Sad!
How terrible to think that 200,000 people were being evacuated and possibly losing everything! And yet some of these people were kindly helping all of you--humbling is a good word. Glad you were ok, and best wishes to your teachers, students, schools and all those communities. It's amazing the tragedy and devastation that occurs around the world, yet the western news media focuses on just a few things.
From Blog: The Floods
10th January 2015

So glad you are safe and your house is fine. It is always so hard to see this kind of natural disaster and the affects on the people who live there. Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: The Floods
7th November 2014

I remember seeing Batik all over Bali and loved it. That is a cool class that you took. Love the finished product. Our home is decorated in our art that we purchased along our travels and it brings back such great memories.
From Blog: Batik
4th November 2014

Love it!
Truly beautiful!
From Blog: Batik
4th November 2014

I had a great time! And had a lot of fun taking all the photos (these are only a fraction of them).
From Blog: Batik
3rd November 2014

Who's That Photo
I looked up the bird which Kris saw on her vacation at the beach, and it was an oriental-pied hornbill.
3rd November 2014

Thanks! I was wondering what it was. I'd guessed hornbill of some form, but that's as far as I could figure.
3rd November 2014

End of the school year already? Seems like you just got there!
3rd November 2014

I came in the middle of the year.
1st November 2014

Will go nicely with your grandpa's and the ones you previously bought.
From Blog: Batik
26th October 2014

I found the green ones grew on me after a while. Good with chilli salt if you can get that.
26th October 2014

Green ones
Yep, I've had that. Not a fan. I'll stick with the sweeter ones!
22nd October 2014

Happy that you can start to settle in. Having a home you feel comfortable in makes living abroad that much more enjoyable.
19th October 2014

Welcome home!!
Looks very nice. Is that your car outside the window in the last photo?
20th October 2014

It's white, it's tiny, but it speeds well. ...or so I've been told.

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