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28th October 2008

nice done!
Nice done!!! There is a lot of flavor of dumplings. And this type "Wan zhai ma tou ~Ô4" , maybe one of the best, of course it is expensive one. And, soy sauce, hehe .Really . There is various soy sauce. But usually you should know two type of it. That's ok . That is light soy sauce which labled "sheng chou ½" is used to dip and dark soy sauce which labled "lao chou ½" is used to cook. The previous one is more delicious, salty and light. The other is more heavy ,dark and ... and Brown Sauce. hehe
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28th October 2008

That is a busy week
That is a busy weekThat is a busy weekThat is a busy week
26th October 2008

»™/† GoodGood Chinese
20th October 2008

teaching outside the box
I think I have to give extra points to the teacher for thinking up an interesting way to learn. Having fun while learning is like finding a job you like. If you do, you never work a day in your life.
20th October 2008

a description of Cheetos
Cheetos (in the States) are a cheese flavored snack food found next to the potato chips at the market. They are made of puffed corn. There are Cheetos "Puffs" which are light and airy in texture, and Cheetos "Crunchy" which making crunching noises when you eat them (like a potato chip). They are covered in orange, sweet-ish cheese flavored powder that turns your finger tips orange when you eat them. They are my favorite snack food and highly addicting.
20th October 2008

what is Cheetos ?
like some Inflated food?
17th October 2008

Your not alone
I read your blog and will continue to. I love the way you write it and enjoy every word. Worlds apart but I can relate to what your going through. Fan from Canada.... :)
6th October 2008

Cheetos Trick
So my friend taught me this trick: If you want to eat cheetos without getting orange fingers just use chopsticks!
26th September 2008

I am enjoying your blog!
Hi Kristin: I am a friend of your Dad's from Westfield High School. He sent me the link to your travel blog and I just wanted to let you know that you have more than a sole reader - assuming he is one, I am another. I thoroughly enjoy the whole thing, especially the trip to the tailor - great directions! Try a hammer and screwdriver for that beer. All you need is one hole big enough to get a mouthful! deb
16th September 2008

Confucious say: You will receive box of goodies from far off land soon. And somebody miss you much.

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