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25th September 2014

KL or Bangkok
I guess I need to catch up on your blogs to see if you are living in KL or Bangkok now.
25th September 2014

Quite a saga. Never a dull moment, eh? Glad you arrived safely.
19th September 2014

I'm going to miss your stories about Thailand...
but look forward to your wrap up blog and those about Malaysia as I have fond memories of that country too. I went to high school in the Cameron Highlands for two and a half years. You will have to visit there for cool weather...a former British Hill Station. The school, Dalat International School, is now on the north end of Penang Island, another wonderful destination. Where will you live and what is your job?
31st August 2014
I love truth in advertising.

Truth indeed!
That's our kind of biscuit...more chocolate than biscuit! We agree completely that sometimes it's the small things that make you smile and a lot of the time when you leave a country, it's those same small things you remember most.
31st August 2014

Your anecdotes...
capture the essence of the Thai people. Thanks for sharing...keep them coming.
30th August 2014

Definitely the people everywhere who make life great
27th August 2014

I'm glad it's worked out for you...
some people never find where they can be happy. Probably them and not the place.
27th August 2014

Were you teaching in Bangkok?
How was it to work with local Kids? Are they eager to learn English? How does it compare to teaching in China (assuming you did so)?
27th August 2014

Yep. Kids are the same everywhere. Some want to be there and are eager to learn, some wouldn't care if you're a character from Frozen, they're still not going to pay attention to you.
13th June 2014

Congratulations! You've just been through a Thai coup cycle...
not too bad, huh?
29th May 2014

Good to know!
Thanks for keeping us up to date. This helps me inform my clients too!
From Blog: Quick Update
29th May 2014

I'm glad to hear that my info is being passed on--that's what it's there for!
From Blog: Quick Update
22nd May 2014

Glad to hear all is OK!!
Thinking of you Kris and glad to hear your are doing well -- you have definitely been in my thoughts lately! Hugs to you -- Vic
9th May 2014

Great News
Congratulations on your great speaking skills. You certainly didn't get that from your Uncle Bill, did you?
7th May 2014

Congratulations on your win! Great organization.
5th May 2014

So many beautiful doors. I must have a hundred photos.
28th April 2014
Coconut ice cream with mango and sticky rice

Oh, that looks good!
Now you have to try your name, it's a greyish custard...once mango season is over.
From Blog: Chatuchak
27th April 2014
The National Museum

Glad you enjoyed the museum and the timeline put things in perspective for you. Thailand is rich in history and it takes a good bit of time to absorb all of it.
26th April 2014

"Don't Remove Shoes"
Hey there - you'll also see similar signs at Wat Saket (Golden Mount).
26th April 2014
The National Museum

Giving up the 9 to 5!
How wise that you gave up the killing routine and went off on adventure! I love your photo of this room that seems to go on into infinity. And what a great visit to the larger history museum to have a better understanding of the country in which you're staying. I hope you find a sangha that fits you. Theraveda is fab, and as the I Ching says, Perseverance Furthers. Enjoy finding your right place--happy hunting.
9th April 2014

I'm so jealous...
I have mangos and sticky rice here, but the mangos are never as good as the Thai ones.
From Blog: Mangos
28th March 2014

Good one
I do not know what I like about it, but it was a short and good one.
22nd March 2014

I recall a news item here this past week that the results of the early March elections in Thailand had bee thrown out. What's next?
22nd March 2014

Let me get my crystal ball. No one knows. But there are elections tomorrow and I believe next week as well. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

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