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11th March 2014

Time flies when you are having fun...
and obviously you are. I pleased you are getting to know the real Thailand and not the tourist one. And it's great to have a fun circle of friends. Thanks for the status report. Mango season is about to start so have a mango and sticky rice for me...with a picture.
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24th February 2014

I'm a Hardy Boys fan, myself...
so could understand your nostalgia. I got up to #41 before I was too old to read anymore...somewhere about middle school. I transitioned to historical fiction...James Michener and Leon Uris...indeed, am reading Uris's "The Haj" right now. As for the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew, I did go back recently to read one to see what enthralled me, just their simplicity and innocence . I also went back and read me favorite book from middle school "Lorne Doone"...written in 1850's English which I was amazed I could comfortable understand. One of our cats is named Lorne Doone...and not the cookies!
4th January 2014

You make me hungry right now, eating is the best way to welcome a new year, specially with those spicy flavours, good job.
30th December 2013

Small changes in pronunciation
We were sitting having drinks with some Vietnamese university students in HCMC and one of them asked Neil if he liked penis...took us both a while to realise he meant peanuts; it still makes us laugh today thinking about it! We especially liked the po-po comment from your student :)
23rd December 2013

Merry Christmas and Best wishes
Just a brief note to wish you the very best.
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26th November 2013

Just don't visit Vietnam where the dong is over 20,000/$...
Initially it feels nice to be a millionaire, but then spending hundreds of thousands for a meal feels very, very expensive. I like to review The Economist's annual Big Mac Index which converts the local price of a Big Mac to US$, thus calculating Purchasing Power Parity. This gives me a good idea of which countries are over or under valued relative to the U.S. Then I know to avoid Switzerland and Norway and visit Vietnam! They haven't taken the next step to calculate how many minutes or hours the average person in each country has to work to earn the Big Mac.
From Blog: The Value of 100
27th November 2013

I visited a few years ago, actually, and kept my ATM receipt showing I was a millionaire. I actually didn't have problems in Vietnam because the numbers were so far removed from what I was used to. I knew I was paying tourist prices, but I never really felt like I was overpaying and I definitely never had guilt by numbers!
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12th November 2013

Nice post!
I really enjoyed reading this - it seeme to give the Thais such pleasure when we embrace their culture.
From Blog: The Flag
12th November 2013

I completely agree.
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3rd November 2013

I have started paying more attention to flossing since I read your thanks for that. Samuel
31st October 2013

Wow – that is a glamour shot! It definitely reminds me of all of the retouching that happens to official portraits in China. I’m enjoying your photos and stories of life in Thailand. Hopefully it’s sunnier in Bangkok than it was in Guangzhou. If I remember correctly, we had roughly zero days of sunshine in Guangdong province last November - I never did get used to the long stretches of dreary, overcast days there…
31st October 2013

You forgot utilities...
or was that included in rent? What about cable TV and cell phone? Thanks for the great advice. As for visa runs, since one has to fly into the country to get a 30 day visa, my son found it most cost effective to fly to Penang, and get the visa in one day. Of course, one could go to all the surrounding countries for a few days as a combined vacation.
31st October 2013

Utilities and other varying costs
Utilities are a pretty small fraction of the overall costs, unless you're running your AC non-stop. My apartment adds it to my rent, but some make you set up your own accts. In my mind, it's part of your monthly rent, just like internet or renting a fridge. Mobile phone plans vary widely. Just like prices for phones. Which is why I didn't mention it. No expat I know watches TV here because it's all in Thai; most stream/DL TV shows on the internet for free. You can do visa runs to neighboring countries (there are tours for this) and get your 60 day visa. You need to have at least 30 days left for processing time of the Non-B visa, so that's why you need to start with 60. If you start with 30, you'll run out and have to do another visa run. Or worse, maybe. This is, of course, assuming you want to work in the country legally. My main concern was that none of the forums posted anything about how much general costs are for immigration and that adds up to be much more than many will anticipate. Ditto for apt costs. Those are easily the two biggest costs a person faces up front and can't avoid.
28th October 2013

Good one
Well written. Riveting!
24th October 2013

Great personal experience...
I had a front tooth capped in Chiang Mai in 1974, which was replaced by a Canadian dentist at their air base in Baden-Sollingen, Germany in's still doing well. I was born at BNH on Convent Rd near where you took the CELTA course. I took my kids to see it in 2007. What a change! I agree that medical treatment in Bangkok is first class...and you know the complete cost for any procedure up front...try that in the States! By the way, my son finished teaching in Bangkok and is now in law school in the UK. Glad to hear you are enjoying Bangkok.
6th September 2013

Happy Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday!!! We envy you that you have taken this exciting Adventure, teaching English in Thailand. Your pictures take us on a journey With you. Have fun,enjoy and be safe.
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5th September 2013

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday From Kangaroojack
From Blog: The Big 3-5
4th September 2013

The big 4-0
Yep, dear daughter, with 35 in the rear view mirror, you're closer to 40 than you are to 30. Enjoy the trip! PS: what's with the bird?
From Blog: The Big 3-5
5th September 2013

the bird
Was one of the the gifts I received.
From Blog: The Big 3-5
4th September 2013

Congratulations! My girlfriend is turning 35 in a few days and she feels the same. She will have to celebrate it with dreary old me in dreary old Sweden though. ;-) Have fun on the rest of your adventure!
From Blog: The Big 3-5
4th September 2013

Happy belated birthday!
Happy birthday, and it's even better to do it on the right day!
From Blog: The Big 3-5
21st August 2013

From Blog: 5 Years Ago ...
21st August 2013

Are so glad that this has worked out so well for you.
From Blog: 5 Years Ago ...
19th August 2013

Congratulations on getting your Type B visa...
my son had to do a couple visa runs to Penang and KL (where he met Ali the founder of TB and Michelle, now hos wife) before his finally came through. They wanted a copy of his diploma that takes months after graduation to get printed, and didn't want his transcript which is the official record of his degree. Anyway, it was all sorted out.
13th August 2013

So beatiful
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