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8th September 2016

Love the photos and people in them
7th September 2016

August 27, Saturday entry
Your day sounds difficult. Today here is September 7 and I hope things there are flowing better! I received Karen's kind postcard from Fatima. Thanks so much!
7th September 2016

August 25
It must have been a terrible feeling to be separated. You two managed the challenge quite well. I like Karen's "Don't talk for five minutes" rule!
5th September 2016

Buen camino from Iowa!
We eagerly look forward to reading about your adventures! Sounds like there are some challenges compared to Camino Frances. Thinking about you and praying for your good health and a safe trip! Thanks for the stories and great pictures!
3rd September 2016

Ouch what a bad experience on the trail for you all. Then to have bad fish!!!! Labor Day Weekend lots of pool and fun family time. Just back from Fenway Park this week and Fargo for football next week Thinking of you all
1st September 2016

Thanks for sharing! No way to anticipate all the glitches. Yet so rewarding to hear about helpful persons all over the world. My beautician recently returned from pilgrimage to sites in Portugal, but not the Camino.
Wish I could massage your feet!
31st August 2016

Vibes from SCA
So good to see you on the Camino. Hope you liked Lisbon as much as we did a few years ago and glad you got to experience the FADO music. Harlan and Jo's day trip to Cascais and Sintra brought back some beautiful memories from our travels there. Karen I was glad to see you including some museums and sights in your extra rest days. Hope it gave you the time you needed to refresh and re-vibe so you will enjoy all the amazing people and experiences along your Portuguese Camino route.
24th August 2016

God Speed
I will travel with you in spirit on your second pilgrimage! Thanks for including me on your blog.
22nd August 2016

Be Safe
Like your postings. Have a great time and be safe!
22nd August 2016

American Pilgrims on the Camino...
Yes, I joined them in January 2016. They are very supportive and give great information although everyone has their own ideas about shoes and socks and backpacks, etc. Whenever I post a question I get a dozen immediate answers.
21st August 2016

I received your post card of Las Vegas...
and will deliver it to Antonio when I get to Navarette. I also plan to have the pilgrims' menu at his restaurant!
22nd August 2016

American Pilgrims
Have you joined this group? Lots of good info. Plus customized passport. We needed two for each of us.
21st August 2016

Post card for Antonio
Thank you Bob. We are now enjoying Lisbon.
17th August 2016

Will be with you in thought
We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with you and hope you have an amazing Camino. We will be watching for your updates.
16th August 2016

So happy that I can imagine I am with you guys by reading your next trip.... I really enjoyed the one last year! Take care and stay safe!
15th August 2016

Bon Voyage!! There you go again! Best wishes for another fun and safe journey. Blessings and Love, M & M
10th April 2016

Did your church video your talks?
If so, were they posted on You Tube or otherwise made available? I would love to see your presentations.
10th April 2016

No, unfortunately they did not. We have only the power point of presentations.
10th April 2016

Wow, that's great!
I'm glad we can connect in Santiago! I will contact your hotel late afternoon of 4 October.
10th April 2016

The gift of giving...
I would love to meet you in Santiago. However, I start walking from Pamplona on 7 September and arrive in Santiago on 4 October 2016. I will be staying at Saint Martin Pinerio for three nights before heading home. I will probably blog once a week when I stay at my "recovery" hotels...with a computer/business center. It looks like I'll miss you this time. I look forward to reading your blogs about the Camino Portugal.
10th April 2016

See you Santiago
We will be back in Santiago from our walk to Finisterre so will try to connect on 4th or 5th of October. Ask for Harlan or Karen Sager at Hotel Pazo de Altamira and we will do the same at your hotel when we get back in Santiago. We fly out the 6th of October.
12th November 2015

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for sharing your trip. Loved the pictures of stone arched bridges; and modern sculpture and relief.

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