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12th November 2015

Reading about your pilgrimage to Santiago has been a blessing to me...
I especially liked that someone in your church gave you $100 to help others along the Way. I don't think someone will give me $100, but hope to be on the lookout for those who need help when I walk the Camino next September. I look forward to reading about your forthcoming trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica.
12th November 2015

Father Joe was the priest that was giving the pilgrim service when we were there. He has been there for some time or just keeps coming back. Sounds like you had a great Camino. Bob
1st November 2015

Great trip
Am enjoying all your blogs!,
28th October 2015

I plan to complete my Camino...
a year to the day from this date. Now I know what weather to be prepared at the beginning of September and cold/wet at the end. Thanks for providing such a complete account of you walk thus far.
24th October 2015

The trip through your wonderful narrative and pix. Continued safe journey! Hugs, Celeste
13th October 2015

I've just finished reading all your blogs up to this point...
and am left hanging! It's 12 October 2015, two weeks since you've resumed the Camino and no blogs. I hope you start writing soon. I will be walking the Camino next year at this time...from 4 Sep to 8 Oct, so am very interested in your experiences.
24th October 2015

Late Blog entries
Hi, yes it is much more time consuming to write, edit, attach photos than expected. Cell phone to cloud to chromebook to blog is tedious. But we think you will see a few more days now.
5th October 2015

Subman Blog
Harlan/Karen: Great comments. Enjoy them all. bob & LaRae
3rd October 2015

Wonderful journey🍷🍷❤️🌴 Port Lincoln Love xx
27th September 2015

Really enjoying your blog and the pix are so nice! Thanks for your efforts and safe journey.
27th September 2015

Karen's blog
Great job Karen!
21st September 2015

your trip to Spain
I finally started reading your blog today (MOn. Sept. 21) and it is fascinating! (I found it on fb last week and saved it to read later). I have also sent it to former or resent staff from SCCS (Marlene, Ruth, Susan, Aida, and Raquel). lease can I get on your email list. Take care, hugs, Nancy
18th September 2015

Windy Ridge Cutout Sculpture
Thanks so much for posting this picture of the pilgrims crossing Windy Ridge. It's an image I remembered from the movie 'The Way'. I was hoping we could take a day walk up to it last year when we were in Spain......but it didn't happen. I'm glad to see you've passed this landmark. It sounds like you are really enjoying all the different 'walking companions' you've been meeting along your path.
2nd September 2015

El Camino
What a great write up. Definitely remember the forest and the awesome bridge. Did you encounter any bikers on the trail headed down to Zubiri? I had lots of them and the almost ran over several people. Glad you liked Hotel Akerreta! Look forward to reading more of your blog!
31st August 2015

Enjoying the blogs
We are enjoying your blogs & adding our prayers to yours that you will be united with your luggage! We love vicariously being part of your adventure!
31st August 2015

Your blogs
So appreciate being able to read your blogs & follow your adventure! Thanks so much!
22nd August 2015

Love your blogs. Nothing like losing luggage. Have been through that so you have my sympathy. We miss you two but hope all has turned out good. Keep the blogs coming.
19th August 2015

OMG, I think you are definately Pilgrims already!!! We hope Harlan won't have to start his Walk wearing a burlap robe and monk's sandals!!, we hope to hear better news tomorrow. In the meantime, the power of those darling wrist photos should bring a smile to your faces once you can get on the Path to start your Trek.
17th August 2015

Bon Voyage and Happy Trails
We wish you two a wonderful experience. Sorry we won't be traveling with you this time BUT we will be with you in spirit! And will be eagerly awaiting your updates. We can identify with the 'oops' of those unexpected last minute "Decisions and Revisions" and we trust things will settle down once you are on your way. Happy Birthday, Harlan, I'll bet you never imagined a walk of this magnitude would be the birthday present you'd be giving yourself in this decade of your life. May the good karma of your SCA friends go with you both.
4th July 2015

Safe travels
So glad you are on your way. Sounds like fun already. Be safe and have fun!!
26th June 2015

Camino de Santiago de Composteal - The Way
Can't wait to for you to begin the El Camino and to read your posts. Hope you enjoy the trail as much as did! It is truly an amazing experience.

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