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New travelers eager to see the world and all its treasures.

Saint Margret Mary's world youth day group is traveling to Madrid for World Youth Day 2011. Along the way there will be stops in Paris, Avignon, Lourdes, and Barcelona.

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 20th 2011

Well I am both relieved and sad to say that after two years of empty bingo nights and busy snow cone days, our trip is coming to its end. The day came to a start with a hecka tight Americans only mass which was filled to the brim with beaners, rednecks, cowboys, and gringos all singing and dancing in unison to the voice of John Angotti. Amidst the chaos of the crowds and the joy in the air, I think everyone was feeling as if they had had enough of Europe and were ready to actually get more than 6 hours of sleep. Its kinda funny how visiting a country with different customs and a culture which is uniquely unique can make you appreciate the little things in the U.S. of A such as free water ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 19th 2011

“Things are limited, God is not,” was our theme of the day. After waiting two days and many hours in the bursting heat, we saw the Pope! We were all very exhausted yet very excited when we were able to see him up close. Even though we were stuck in heat and massive crowds seeing him made our trip complete. There were people everywhere even hanging from trees. Some said, “I didn’t take pictures because I was star struck,” and others said, “I saw the Pope twice in one day, who can say that.” The Stations of the Cross were impressive! There were wood carved statues, some many years old. After the Pope went through all the stations, the procession with the wooden cross carried by pilgrims began. At each station the cross was raised by ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 18th 2011

Madrid is really hot. I woke up excited because the Pope was going to arrive at Madrid. There was over 500,000 people screaming, jumping, and singing to the Pope. It was really crowded. After waiting for several hours to see the Pope we got to see him through screens because of the massive of people. Tony Romas was our destinations for dinner. I had a blast. The food was delicious. After the dinner I had a surprise dessert, everyone in the restaurant was singing happy birthday in English and clapping. I got shy, but it was amazing cause after the happy birthday song I got like four more different country’s singing happy birthday to me. I enjoyed myself with everyone that came to this pilgrimage. I love you mom and Thanks for everything. I know your ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 17th 2011

Imagine a church much larger than Saint Margret Mary full of people of all ages and ethnicities; the countries present ranged from the USA and Canada all the way to Australia and Ireland. In that church we had catechesis and mass in English. When we had a break we met the population of Alaska, boys from an all boys catholic school, and some people from Pennsylvania. After catechesis we had a lunch that consisted of hamburgers minus the bun lettuce and tomato. Once lunch was done we fought through the crowds to reach Real Madrid Stadium where we sat for a good hour, so we could steal the Wifi. The adults decided to end the day early since we had a long day the next day so we got onto the train to go back to ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 16th 2011

seventeen years ago a man was born. and this man was named eric cabahug the second. fast forward to present day madrid, in the great country pau gasol calls espana, and you’ll see that the party rolls on. this party was called worLd youth day. our day startEd off by packing heat with our super legit wyd bracelets, you know, the green and blue ones. after we packed heat we went off. the train sTation was buzzin’. italianos, germanos, americanos, poliSh people…..they were all there. so many catholics in one place, it felt like one of joe voiGt’s sunday workshops, but with millions of foreign kids. after the train station fiesta we moved on to the streets of madrid. everyone had their own little chants, while we only had our little american flag, but it was ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid August 16th 2011

Hey Everyone. So I am really sorry that it has been so long since everyone has blogged. We have had a lack of internet since we left Paris. So here is the list of people that are uploading tonight... 1. Nikki ( August 11th: Avignon) 2. Andy (August 13th: Lourdes) 3. Grant: (August 14th: Lourdes to Barcelona) 4. Nick (August 15th: Barcelona to Madrid) 5. Eric (August 16th: 1st Day of WYD Madrid) I am backdating these for your reading convenience. Hope that works for all of you. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona August 15th 2011

The Memoirs of a Ginger Barcelona, Spain After another delicious yet rushed continental breakfast at the TRYP we were headed to an Italian mass around the corner. After trying our best to conquer the language barrier, we walked to the monument where Columbus had landed to meet the king and queen, after returning from the Americas. Pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures, Joe’s lecture of the monument, and shopping all before meeting back at the hotel to take a train to Madrid, which was my favorite part of the day….. It took around six hours to reach Madrid. The train had the leg room of a first class plane ticket and the comfort of a lazy boy found in living rooms around America. To top it all off, we were fed a vegetarian pasta dish with the ... read more

Europe » France August 14th 2011

Well it was my birthday on the 14th so at midnight, all of the boys were playing uno in the lobby and all of the girls came down with a sign and sung happy birthday to me. In the morning, we left on a bus to go to Barcelona on a bus. It took such a long time to get there. It was pretty boring haha. We finally got to Barcelona and we got to our hotel and there was no wifi. That was pretty lame but they had a bidet.(: we went walking around the city and went to a nice restaurant. I got free ice cream because of my birthday. We got back to the hotel and the boys watched the Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona game in the room. Then we went to ... read more

Europe » France August 13th 2011

Today was our day in Lourdes, France. The day started off with our group walking to this white ten. We were the first group to get to this tent, that was for all the youth going to World Youth Day that were in Lourdes today. Upon arriving people that were running the tent asked where we were from. Then they told us to get stickers and pamphlets. Then we were aksed if we wanted to led the procession to the grotto by carrying a huge cross. We then attended a mass for all the youth there in Lourdes. We got to sit in the very front and the site was beautiful. After the mass, we went to go touch the rocks in the grotto and take a few pictures, because it is a very peaceful place. ... read more

Europe August 12th 2011

After five adventurous days in Paris, it was time to say goodbye to this city we've fallen in love with, but not with out first stopping at the marvelous Notre dame. Before walking in to the cathedral ms. Kim mentioned that it was built with imperfections and because the only thing that is perfect is  God. After seeing the stain glass windows, statues, and such detailed exterior it's hard to believe it's imperfect. Having not known this one would probably never noticed the minor details that are not symmetrical. Like this cathedral we all have our flaws and imperfections and now with us on our way to Lourdes we have been given the opportunity to wash away our imperfections and offer up our prayers and intentions for those we love.... read more

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