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Europe » France » Île-de-France September 22nd 2014

Apologies to John Lennon but it will soon become clear. Let's start with the Air France pilots strike! That would be the one that caused our flight to Biarritz to be cancelled 23 hours before departure. That set off a chain of action, not to mention stress, in order to go south to fulfil our plans. After numerous searches and attempts at finding a replacement , Easyjet was booked and confirmed . They must have decided, with their main competition out of the sky, that they were not a 'budget' airline for the time being. In fact, while waiting for the payment confirmation, a message came through with another price rise and would I accept it. My question to them is, do I really have another option. Anyway it was booked and I just had to ... read more
Breakfast by the Seine
Croissants and Chocolate of champions
Wide range of bread and pasteries !

Europe » France » Île-de-France September 21st 2014

Let's start off with a little question; why do airlines subject economy passengers to the 'walk of envy' past the vacated first class seating on planes. After spending 31 hours in the company of fellow 'Eco' (sounds better doesn't it) travellers, mainly in the cramped confines of your seat watching movies and TV shows that you have never previously chosen to watch, the last thing you need to see are the ample lodgings of the folk up the pointy end of the plane as you try to walk from the plane. Don't get me wrong, this is not a whinge, just an observation. I will add it's one of those rare occasions where being shorter than average is a bonus. God help the guy on the plane who looked about 195cms. I must also add that ... read more
The Arcade
The Ladies Domain - in any language .
The Saint-Leu-Saint-Gillies Church, dating back to 1235

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley September 20th 2014

We have arrived in Hong Kong a little ahead of schedule to find our 0040 departure to Paris has stretched to a 3am departure. As compensation, Cathay Pacific allows us HK$150 for use in any of the airport eateries. Now before you get as excited as I did with my limited knowledge of the local currency, this equates to 2 single waffle cones, 2 bottles of water and a 3 biscuit pack of Oreos. The phone issue was dealt with at Melbourne Airport through the purchase of 2 SIM cards, no frills, no data, top up on line, and usable in every country we visit at reasonable rates. A small problem put to the side. You've got to love Victorians and the passion for Aussie Rules football. Within seconds of being allowed to turn on phones ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bacchus Marsh September 14th 2014

Well it's pretty tough working out what to take, what is important and what has importance but is just too heavy. I have read blogs, books and scanned guides to try and decide my load, but in the end it is up to me and I have just finished the packing....for now. It could change. The total weight, including camera, chargers, power pack and iPad peaks at about 9 kilos and I'm reasonably comfortable with that. My final list contains: Backpack, sleeping bag, silk liner, flip flops (for showering and at the end of the day), boots, 3 x underwear, 3 x woollen socks, 2 x trousers with zip off legs, 2 x shirts, 1 t-shirt, a hat, waterproof jacket, poncho, thermal top, down vest, and walking poles. I have also packed very minimal toiletries , ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bacchus Marsh September 3rd 2014

Three Weeks To Go....... Well, it's only 3 weeks to go and preparation and training are going well. Sue and I have been training twice a week at Royale Fitness ( ) with Matt and his team, and aside from the health benefits, this sort of thing helps with maintaining motivation and is also just good fun. We have been walking regularly and have recently added the packs to this routine to make sure they are comfortable, and to become used to carrying the weight. Where we live on the edge of Melbourne allows us to train on country roads with little traffic and a variety of surfaces. We have just arrived back from Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road where we put in a few big hill climbs with packs, and Tim and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Bacchus Marsh September 3rd 2014

Getting Started Hi, I'm Steve and I am walking from St Jean Pied-de-Port, France to Compostela de Santiago, Spain starting on the 24th of September 2014. I will be accompanied by my wife Sue and joined in Puente la Reina on the 27th by my son, Tim. The home front will be attended to by my son Andrew and daughter-in-law, Ciara, while good friends Greg and Debbie will mind Dinc, the fearless shih tzu. I first learnt of the Camino through the movie The Way and immediately became interested in finding out as much as I could about it with the view to walking it one day. What initially was a solo endeavour, in my mind at least, soon grew into a group tour, and planning and preparation was underway. Physically, we had to get fitter ... read more

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