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October 7th 2016
Published: October 7th 2016
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Another early start.Another early start.Another early start.

The sun rising, moving through the clouds, is really something. I think when you travel this slowly you notice and enjoy elements that otherwise fly by. The clouds are amazing fading from crimson, to pink , through to white are well worth the effort.
We have arrived in Terradillos de Templarios after a long walk across the Meseta. No breakfast, or opportunity for food for the first 17kms; nuthin' ! The walk was along nice paths with little to see except stubble and some trees in the distance. I chatted to Koreans, Canadians, and avoided some loud Australians, as I walked along today . Not a phillipino to be seen. Step up to the mark folks; you know who I'm talking about ! Last Camino it was a sole Phillipino priest, very disappointing.

My new boots are great and are the most comfortable Bestards I've ever worn; that's not a typo, they are Bestards. I won't go on too much today as the Internet is poor and I'm using what little is left of my own data. Dinner is here tonight and tomorrow we head to Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos, 27 kms away. A few pics tell a little more, adios Amigos. León on Monday; very well deserved.

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More Rejects

Someone gave these boots every chance; note the cut out toes. There's a painful story somewhere about these.
Just enjoying walking....Just enjoying walking....
Just enjoying walking....

.....and thinking.
Caldadilla de la CuezaCaldadilla de la Cueza
Caldadilla de la Cueza

A welcome sight after 17kms of nothing. That first bar on the edge of town would be a goldmine.
A Japanese BackpackA Japanese Backpack
A Japanese Backpack

Neat, organised , everything in its place.
My PackMy Pack
My Pack

Stuff hanging off everywhere; socks, bread, sandals, too heavy; just how I like it.
Our Alburgue Our Alburgue
Our Alburgue

Not bad. Handheld showers, cold water clothes washing on an old school wash board, very nice garden area, and it's the end of the day! People are still wandering in, exhausted. Masa Hiro, our ninja, is with us again. It's great to see him again. He's a professor of English and a very serene nice guy. John is his intern but Masa has had to pull him up for performing certain ninja duties before he is qualified. A very funny man.

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